Sunday, February 04, 2007

Iranian Shi’ites Nabbed Aiding Sunni Hamas

Palestine Authority President Abbas’ security forces have arrested Iranian agents in Gaza. One of the Iranian agents was an Iranian General. The accusation is that the General supervised the building of explosives for Hamas while advising Hamas on how to kidnap Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

If you know even a little about Mohammedanism, then you should understand the Sunni sect (roughly 90% of Mohammedans) and the Shia sect (roughly 10% of Mohammedans) do not get along. Indeed recently a
Sunni Cleric in Saudi Arabia of the Sunni Wahhabi sect has publicly called all Shi’ites heretics.

Hamas is part of the Sunni sect connected to the
Muslim Brotherhood (amazingly similar to the Wahhabi of Saudi Arabia). Iranians are Shia; indeed much of the ruling elites of Iran are of the extremist Shia sect known to the West as TWELVERS (Belief in 12th Imam will return as Mahdi).

This is huge for Abbas to have
caught Iranians aiding Hamas.

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