Monday, February 12, 2007

Jerusalem Grand Mufti a NAZI

Grand Mufti Amin al Husseini is known to Palestinian Arabs as the father of Palestinian nationalism.

Here is a little known fact about the old Mufti.

He collaborated with Hitler in the "Final Solution" to exterminate Jews. The old Mufti recruited Mohammedans in the Balkans as NAZI SS to seek out Jews and do the biddings of Hitler.

When Hitler lost, al Husseini fled to Egypt where he continued to entrench the hatred of Jews. The allied victors never did arrest al Husseini as a war criminal - which he was.

This NAZI/Hitler ideology was melded with Mohammedanism by al Husseini. Guess who became the old Mufti's heir to this ideology of hate? Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al Husseini had a nephew born in Egypt. That nephew was Yasser Arafat - the father of Islamofascist terrorism.


Margaret said...

It's amazing what many are refusing to recognize. :sigh:

Theway2k said...

This affects liberals as well as Conservatives in America. The tainted Left Mainstream Media has ignored the NAZI connection to radical Mohammedanism. If the MSM could get past polarized politics to report on a mutual enemy, things would be different.

alfassa said...

In 1945, liberated Yugoslavia under Marshal Tito sought to indict the Mufti as a war criminal for his activities in Bosnia, but with help from the SS the Mufti had already escaped Germany with other members of his clan.” The SS gave him a plane and helped him fly to France three days before Hitler’s suicide, hoping that he could escape to North Africa, where he had organized spy networks still in place,” says Yigal Carmon, [president and founder of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)].

S. Alfassa
Editor of: "Reference Guide to the Nazis and Arabs During the Holocaust."

Theway2k said...

The Nazi SS under a code name I cannot recall at the moment aided many war criminals to escape Germany. The sad thing is the version of the CIA of that day (I think OSS) was aware whence many of these war criminals went. For various geopolitical reasons of the day (many unexcusable) American Intelligence allowed them to remain in foriegn nations. Most went to South America and some to America.

American Intelligence did not go after the Mufti trying to solicite favor with oil enriched Mohammedans. Typically America played to the favor of Jews setting up Israel because of the horrors of the holocaust and played the Arabs for oil; all in the name of National Interests.