Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama and Israeli Left Join Forces to Israel’s Detriment

Caroline Glick has written an awesome essay relating to the political traps up coming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces from the Left in Israel (viz., so-called centrist Kadima Party) and the Obama Administration.

The Obama Administration in particular is trying to force the issue of booting Jewish residents from the West Bank to enable a psycho-Arab State to become sovereign right on Israel’s door step. Further the Obama Administration is bent on Fatah (of Mahmoud Abbas) and Hamas (of Khalid Mashal [Hiding in fear in Syria] and Ismail Haniyeh [Gaza]) forming a unified government. This would force Israel to recognize Hamas as a legitimate negotiator in the delusional Two-State solution. Also it would entail America adding legitimacy to a transnational terrorist organization that doesn’t even pretend to ever recognize Israel to exist as a nation. Adding American legitimacy to Hamas would validate Iran sending arms, training and money to Hamas to further Iran’s hegemonic goals which include the destruction of Israel.

Concerning President Barack Hussein Obama people should not be surprised.

Look at BHO’s Arab and Hamas supporting friends in his social and political fund raising career:

    · BHO (at least socially) hung out with Rashid Khalidi, the former mouthpiece for PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat.

    · Rashid Khalidi inherited his mantle from
    Edward Said (or Sayyid) that used pro-Palestinian/Arab rhetoric couple with his anti-Western Magnum Opus “Orientalism” to castigate Israel’s legitimacy to exist.

    · While running for President, one of BHO’s foreign policy advisors
    Robert O’Malley had to be fired for getting caught holding extensive talks with Hamas. Do you think O’Malley unilaterally embarked on those talks? Only a moron would believe that Barack Hussein Obama had nothing to do with it.

    · It has been revealed recently that
    Barack Hussein Obama intends talks with Hamas which is a certified terrorist organization by the State Department. This is inline with BHO’s history of hanging around anti-Semites and pro-Palestinian Arabs (who desire the destruction of Israel.

I am guessing a huge confrontation is developing between the Obama Administration and the government of Israel’s Netanyahu. Netanyahu will skillfully sidestep Obama’s weakening of Israel agenda, cave-in to Obama’s pressure concerning Israeli security and/or allowing BHO to form yet another hostile rogue Islamic sovereign nation to be formed next door placing Israel back into a 1948 position of Islamic invasions to slam Jews into the sea.

JRH 2/28/09

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Democracy or the Republic

As a teenager a common conflict resolution used to get parents to a consensus closer to the majority outlook of the family (i.e. the kids), the words “We are a democracy right? So majority rules.”

Weak parenting would fall for the intra-political family ploy. The wise family regarded the vote with consideration of the consequences of the end result; thus deciding accordingly even if the majority was not on board.

This is a microcosm of real politics for nations to determine their system of the rule of law.

A pure democracy sounds good but is it? Think about it: In pure democracy decisions (that can be critical) are voted upon by all that are enfranchised to vote. Is every enfranchised voter qualified to make a decision that affects national policy or the rights of individuals? Does a fry cook comprehend the intricacies of billion and trillion dollar budgets and where the money for the mongo sized budgets come from? Does an educated economist or politician that is wealthy comprehend the social intricacies of the working poor (or non-working poor) living a life of a small paycheck to paycheck where familial cohesion is based on the values or lack thereof?

I am trying to get you to visualize the extremes of a nation’s economic spectrum. The poor’s aspirations are usually centered on survival and whatever entertain their limitations can provide to make a mundane life illusory. The wealthy or upper middle class’ aspirations are usually centered upon hard work to maintain economic freedom with entertainment only being the reward of the accomplishments achieved. There is no concept of day to day economic survival for wealthy because more than likely they have received the education and/or mentoring to maintain at least a minimal level of success.

Then there is the group in between: Which are the lower middle class and the middle class. These guys look behind trying to muster a lifestyle in they do not slide into the working poor. These guys look ahead to emulate the wealthy to try and figure out a paradigm for an upgrade to the wealthy class. The beauty of America is that some succeed on finding the right paradigm. The tragedy of America is that more fail to find the paradigm and are blessed to maintain their status or cursed (in their minds) to slip into the working poor realm.

Really if there is any class bitterness I am guessing it would be found among the lower middle class and the middle class. If there is a basis of joy in achieving the rewards that come with money, a failure will most likely cause bitterness.

It is hard for the working poor to bust out of their lifestyle because it is an embedded cycle in their mind that is nearly allows assuaged by the illusion of entertainment and/or faith. In other words there is a satisfaction that forestalls the cracking out of the working poor cycle of life.

It is equally hard for the wealthy class to find themselves in a situation that permanently thrusts them into the middle class, the lower class or the working poor. Why is this? It is simple. The wealthy class has had the training, the education and the familial environment to reverse bad economic circumstances. The wealthy class mindset (as opposed to the working poor) is always to achieve in such a way that improvement moves upwardly or achievement reverses set-backs.

America is the land of opportunity and anyone that is disciplined enough can acquire the mindset that eventually breeds the success of the wealthy. Lack of a vision and satisfaction usually means an individual will maintain the status he was born into.

Now here is the thing about democracy. A pure democracy without godly values and the power of the mob vote is capable of forming a coalition and utilizing political power to easily force the wealthy to share the fruit of their labor with those who did not work for it. Fairness would be defined variously in a democratic mobocracy. The coalition with the most votes promulgates their definition of fairness over the minority’s definition of fairness.

Or the democratic mobocracy might be a coalition of wealthy, upper class and middle class versus the working poor and the lower class. The result is a differing view of economic fairness that could exploit the labor and taxation of the working poor and lower class.

Just like wise families,
America is not a democracy. America is a Republic. A political scientist may call America a representative Republic but I think a democratic Republic fits well also. Enfranchised citizens vote for various government Offices in which the Candidate represents the constituent. The elected Candidate then has to mull over what is good for his constituency vs. what the constituency wants. (Unfortunately modern American elections have turned into the money of Special Interests influencing the votes of constituencies – thus the term buying an election.)

With that in mind
here is a fascinating video I found on The Conservative News Intelligence Network (CNIN). CNIN is what many would call the fringe right so I am not so sure I endorse their form of Conservatism; nonetheless CNIN somewhat demonstrates the frustration of the possibility of the Left transforming America into something She was not founded to be.

JRH 2/27/09


I am on Anti-CAIR’s email list. Some how I missed checking this email dated February 14. It is such an awesome summary of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' lineage that it is a must to post.

JRH 2/27/09

Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations (Anti-CAIR)
In Defense of the Constitution

February 14, 2009


“My leader, Berlin is Jew-free”.

These words were spoken by Dr. Joseph Goebbels (NAZI Germany’s State Minister for Propaganda and Popular Enlightenment) to Adolph Hitler, founder of the National Socialist Party (NSDAP, shortened to NAZI) and dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Goebbels was referring to Hitler’s command to make European capitals “Jew free” as soon as possible following German occupation. Goebbels spoke these words almost 70 years ago...

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

These words are from the Hamas charter; a vile document that spells out in chilling horror the fate all Jews will suffer at the hands of the Islamists. The followers and supporters of Hamas are in fact the spiritual and political children of the Nazi regime.

University Of Maryland Historian Prof. Jeffrey Herf states that during World War II:

"A confluence of Nazi anti-Semitism and Muslim fundamentalism did take place during the war which was a mixture of ideological affinity and shared political interests. Though Nazi Germany failed in its military and propaganda advances in the Middle East, the ideas it conveyed to the Arabs found adherence,"... pointing to the charter of Hamas, which was established in 1987 and grew out of the Muslim Brotherhood...The history of radical Islam must include the history of the interaction between fascist Italy, Vichy France and above all Nazi Germany, and the radical Arab nationalists of the wartime years"

It is no accident that Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) is a popular best-seller in the Middle East. Hitler’s book reads like the Hamas charter for each is a statement of pure, unadulterated hate. Both use God to justify their despicable quest to make the world “Juden-frei”. Yet, in truth, the God of the Nazis, of Hamas, and yes, of the founders and leaders of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who advance the goals of Hamas, is an offense against the very essence of divinity.

Make no mistake, the “Allah” of the terrorists of Hamas and CAIR, the front group created by the Muslim Brotherhood, is a god of abhorrence; a spiteful, hateful and disgusting "being" that serves no other purpose than to justify the irrational hate of Islamist terrorists and those who support them. The Islamists perversion of God is nothing less than religious madness. Thus, is it any wonder that the majority of Muslims in North America came to our continent to free themselves from the religious disorder that permeates every Muslim-majority country on the planet? Is there a Muslim-majority country on Earth that even attempts to make a pretense to protect the “rights” of non-Muslims? Not really. What do Muslims in America know about the countries they left that we don’t?

CAIR claims to represent the “voice of Muslims” in North America. It does not. CAIR represents the voice of hate; the voice of Hamas; the voice of terror. CAIR is the representative of radical Islam in North America and has been from the day it was founded. This is why CAIR has never condemned Hamas. To condemn Hamas would mean condemning family.

CAIR-sponsored anti-Israel protesters displayed blatent [sic] support for Hamas and other terrorist organizations during recent rallies in America. When confronted with this behavior, CAIR-Chicago's Ahmed Rehab attempted to brush aside open support for terrorists by acknowledging that certain protesters should have been dealt with by the removal of their offensive banners and signs; however, Mr. Rehab then dismisses the disturbing events by attacking Israeli military actions against Hamas, adding:

"I find it appalling that some on the pro-Israeli side are better concerned with cardboard paper"

CAIR was founded following the notorious “Philadelphia meeting” in 1993.

At this meeting, attended by Muslim Brotherhood members, Hamas supporters and sympathizers, it was agreed “that a more organized and effective lobbying program was needed here to help their cause.” The FBI testified during the recent Holy Land Foundation trial that the creation of CAIR was one of the fruits of this meeting in Philadelphia. A meeting attended by Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad.

CAIR was formed the following summer by three members of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), Omar Ahmad, Nihad Awad, and Rafiq Jabbar. The IAP, in turn, was established in America to serve as the premier front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. A 1991 internal memorandum charged them, and others, with serving “the Muslim Palestinian cause on the American front in cooperation and coordination with the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) inside America and out of it…”

So much for CAIR being a responsible representative for North American Muslims.

Today, CAIR sends out its lackeys to deny CAIR's Hamas origins. Ahmed Rehab is on record making the ludicrous claim that:

"Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad have never been members of or associated with or tied to Hamas"

In truth, as the U.S. Department of Justice has stated, there is "a wide array of testimonial and documentary evidence expressly linking CAIR and its founders," Awad and Ahmad, to "the greater HAMAS-affiliated conspiracy" in the United States. CAIR's Corey Saylor recently attempted to intimidate Rep. Sue Myrick because she and other members circulated a memo to Congress warning members about meeting with CAIR after being exposed with ties to Hamas. Saylor's sophomoric letter to Rep. Myrick displayed the usual CAIR denials and used the pathetic victim of Islamophobia and benign civil rights group mantra that has long been discredited by the counterterrorism community.

The truth is clear. CAIR is a front group created for Hamas.

CAIR, standing with Hamas, condemns Israel for every defensive act the Jewish state rightfully engages in to defend itself, yet says absolutely nothing about Hamas using innocent children as props in Hamas “terrorist pornography”.

Hamas MP Fathi Hammad is on record boasting of using “human shields” in the recent conflict with Israeli Defense Force (IDF) troops.

Hammad, in a television broadcast, spoke of how the "enemies" of Allah:

" not know that the Palestinian people has developed its [methods] of death and death-seeking. For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry, at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land ...The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children. This is why they have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly, and the mujahideen, in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine... It is as if they were saying to the Zionest [sic] enemy: 'We desire death like you desire life.'"

There you have it. In the words of a top Hamas member in a public broadcast, children, elderly, and women “excel” at dying for Islamist ideology; an ideology that is in complete accord with Adolph Hitler’s philosophy of using people to achieve an end. What kind of people use their own children, women, and elderly as sacrifices to satisfy the blood-lust of religious zealots who profane “Allah” with their very breaths?

This is the Palestinian side of the conflict that CAIR will never reveal.

We of the West suffered a humiliating lesson at Munich when the “free world” sold out Czechoslovakia in order to achieve “Peace in our time” and avert World War II. Apparently, we haven’t been paying attention…but the Islamists have.

They know something we don’t…they can win by not losing.

We don’t have that option ...

This newsletter was a collaborative effort.

Andrew Whitehead
Director, Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations (Anti-CAIR)

References/other information for your review:,0,6513559.story


Joe Kaufman, founder of Americans Against Hate (AAH) is involved in a legal battle deriving from a peaceful protest he led in Texas against radical Islam. Anti-CAIR asks that you consider making a donation to Joe; any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Your donation will help Joe's legal team mount an effective defense and show Joe just how much we all support his past, and future, efforts combating radical Islam.

We invite you to visit Joe's website and see for yourself the great work Joe is doing:

Thank you!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama learns the Bush Lesson

Well it looks like President Obama has learned from one of President Bush’s mistakes. BHO is appointing (political rumor mill – not official) Charles Freeman Jr. as the Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC). The NIC is the group of spooks responsible for writing a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) to allegedly provide an unbiased report on the collected data of America’s Intelligence agencies.

The mistake President Bush made is that he failed to appoint Intelligence leadership that was inline with the Bush Agenda; thus
a hostile Intelligence community often leaked classified information to the press meant to embarrass the President or stall a Presidential strategy.

BHO choice of Charles Freeman Jr. is a choice for President Obama’s world view a Foreign Affairs agenda.

According to Gabriel Schoenfeld, Freeman is completely pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian. You know the guys that are so anti-Semitic that Middle Eastern Public Media and Schools actually propagandize racial hatred toward Jews.

Also according to Schoenfeld, Freeman is completely in the tank as a Sinophile. For example Freeman has openly been an apologist for the Communist Chinese massacre of Tiananmen Square protesters for democratic reforms in China.

The lesson that President Obama has learned is that if you have an agenda make sure you have like-minded leadership in the government bureaucracies to move the Administration forward with the least resistance.

Expect to read or hear Obama Administration news demonizing Israel’s decisions at self-preservation as oppression to the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.

Expect to read or hear Obama Administration news that China is not as great a human rights violator as perceived and the Chinese government’s efforts to literally persecute Chinese Christians with intimidation, violence and torture to be China’s business and the business of the Obama Administration that claims torture will not be practiced by Americans. Hello! What Obama has labeled torture of the last seven and half years by America’s military or Intelligence is laughable compared to the REAL torture the Chinese government does to its own citizens to mold thought and ideology of the Chinese Communist nation.

The hypocrite BHO is merely doing the very things he vilified Bush with except BHO is utilizing Leftist obfuscation to attain a Leftist and Secular Humanist American transformation.
BHO is using a crisis in which he and (then) fellow Senators actually laid the foundation. Bush’s complicity in America’s financial crisis is in not publicly battling fringe Democrats about coercing banks to allow poor people to accept bad paper loans.

BHO is the man that American centrists joined Leftists to place in the Office of President merely because the
Dems ingeniously made the War on Terrorism unpopular and placing the blame of bad decisions squarely on President Bush.

The only bad decision Bush made was caving into
Arab-loving U.S. bureaucrats who felt battling Islamic terrorists was to great a risk to alienate Islamic States (some monarchies and some dictatorships – NO DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICS. This forced Bush to scale back on his Bush Agenda (implanting Western style democracies and eliminating transnational Islamic terrorists). In effect this decision to dilute the Bush Agenda led to a failure to vigorously fight for victory in Iraq and Afghanistan for fear of the perceptions of the indigenous population. In fact the Iraq surge proved that a more aggressive agenda to hunt Islamic terrorists upped the confidence level of the indigenous population toward the American military. The confidence in turn caused an “Awakening” in which the general Islamic population began to NOT support the ugly neighborhood Islamic terrorists.

With the likes of Freeman heading up the NIC, it signifies the undoing the benefits of the Iraq Surge, a lack of support for the only real Western style democracy in the Middle East and a surge of Islamic terrorism sponsored Twelfth Imam crazed Muslims from Iran.

JRH 2/26/09

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The United States Supreme Court Upholds … the Ten Commandments …

Leftists, atheists and I am guessing the ACLU has taken one on the chin. SCOTUS has ruled 9-0 that Pleasant Grove, UT can keep its public display of the Ten Commandments. This is a hallmark decision for other cities threatened with law suits for the same thing now a SCOTUS judicial precedent to thumb their noses to the likes of the ACLU and their comrades.

JRH 2/25/09

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wilders Taking Free Speech to the Globe

Geert Wilders is on a world tour to overcome the Leftist MSM and Mohammedan propaganda trying to shut him up about the truth of Mohammedanism.

Here is Geert Wilders in his own words defending Free Speech and Western Civilization.

Lack of Credibility on Fiscal Responsibility

Rational Liberty socks it to President Obama, Congress, Democrats and Leftists in general over the huge spending that has happened already and probable future spending that an Obama Administration agenda intends to accomplish.

JRH 2/24/09

Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Make a Hamas Hero

Here is a Hat Tip from Leslie J. Sacks

JRH 2/23/09
How to Make a Hamas Hero

French-Algerian-Jewish documentarian
Pierre Rehov has launched a new YouTube channel to disseminate his often humorous and invaluable work on the Middle East more broadly. Both as an antidote to endemic media bias, and as an information source in its own right, Rehov's videos are certainly worth a look. In particular, his latest clip, How to Make a Hamas Hero - a tragi-comic exposure of the Hamas death culture - is a must-see.

Mr. Leslie J. Sacks
Los Angeles, California

The “peace process” needs to go back to the future

Ted Belman of Israpundit writes about Elliot Abrams thoughts on Israel and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.

JRH 2/23/09

Intro to Warner Critique of Sharia Law

There is NO doubt as to where Bill Warner stands relating to what adherents call Islam (I usually prefer the politically incorrect ‘Mohammedan’).

Warner of views Islam in a black and white mode. Either a Muslim follows that which is deemed perfect (e.g. Quran and Sharia Law) or he is not a good Muslim.

I’m a little less harsh. Judaism is roughly divided into Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed. Reformed is really Judaism light.

Christianity even has more strains, yet the strains of thought are basically Conservative (some call Fundamentalist or Biblical), Conservative yet more into Christian tradition than Biblical authority and the various divisions of progressive Christians (which actually seek a secular humanist spirituality that runs counter too much of the Bible).

So my reasoning is certainly a reform movement is possible for Mohammedanism. A good place to see a reform of Islam beginning is at the website
Muslims Against Sharia. Bill Warner would call such Mohammedans “hypocrites.” Warner’s thinking is that if a Mohammedan does not follow that which is called perfect (as in an incorruptible divine sense) cannot be reformed but only practiced.

But hey, if a Mohammedan movement brings Islam out of the medieval history into a 21st century mindset that violence is not justified as a continuation of
da’wa (Christians would call this evangelism) by means of violent jihad.

I am with Warner in his criticism of Mohammedans who indeed call the Quran and Sharia Law perfect and out of the same mouth say they are moderate peaceful Muslims. If I was a sci/fi robot I would have to say, “That does not compute.”

Now I say all this to get you ready for a critique of Sharia Law by Bill Warner. It is a harsh critique that is true for all Muslims that believe in the perfection of their considered holy writings.
Read it!

JRH 2/23/09

Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Dissent Allowed

O my God! I just read something from blogger JudgeBob pertaining to Leftist designs to make the Supreme Court an instrument transforming America into a Democratic Party socialist utopia effectively rendering the U.S. Constitution into the evolutionary document Leftists dream of and that the Constitutional Founding Fathers sought to avoid; i.e. Checks and Balances in the Federal U.S. government.

JRH 2/22/09

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Too Many Factions for Pakistan to be Trusted Ally

Here is some fascinating speculation on the future of Pakistan as written by Kathy Shaidle.

The news piece predicts that Pakistan will essentially implode due to the disparate interests of ruling elites.

It runs something like this: There are the traditional Pakistan elites descending from the British created Pakistan of 1947 which is a tender balance between Pakistani mullahs and the power of the military. Added to this now is the retro-radical Sharia Law espoused by the influence of the Taliban.

As the years have gone by since 1947 Independence, apparently the radical Islam of the northwest portions of Pakistan have closely akin to the radical Islam of Afghanistan which is known to us today as the Taliban.

Apparently Pakistan’s new
President Zardari has signed a temporary truce with Taliban elements in Pakistan. The bargain: The Pakistan government will not interfere with the implementation of Taliban retro-radical Sharia Law in exchange with for the Taliban to not execute paramilitary Islamic terrorism in the government controlled portion of Pakistan.

Shaidle’s article reports that Salim Mansur of the
Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC believes that Pakistan is on a path of dissolving. I am guessing that means Pakistan will divide into one or more nations.

I did find it interesting is this discussion of a Pakistan implosion that Shaidle did not mention Pakistan’s
Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The ISI is nearly a rogue agency within the Pakistani government that has at times served the civilian government and at times served the Pakistan military. This clandestine State spy agency appears to have a different agenda than that hoped for from an American ally which the USA considers Pakistan. The ISI is deeply involved in aiding radical Islamic terrorists pointed at India, Afghanistan and radical Islamic elements within Pakistan itself. This would make the ISI an enemy of the USA within the Pakistan government. This also points to a further disintegration of Pakistan in which may lead to the Pakistani government becoming an Islamic Sunni Revolutionary State comparable to the Shi’ite Revolutionary State in Iran.

I am guessing the ISI may have a clandestine agenda to get the Pakistan military on board to an Islamic State that will either unify Pakistanis under a rigid Islam if successful or the ISI working for two emerging Pakistani governments: a Palestinian military dictatorship sympathetic to Islamic terrorists and an Islamic terrorist State controlled by the Taliban or one of many Taliban-like Islamic terrorists. Since there are number of radical Islamic terrorists that are more native to Pakistan, there is also a chance that a break-away portion of Pakistan might be a government of some form of radical Islamic federation.

The question then becomes with all these scenarios, ‘What happens to the nuclear arsenal?’


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Netanyahu Right

Well it is official; Israel President Shimon Peres has officially asked Netanyahu to form the next Israeli government.

The fun part of Parliamentary politics is that Netanyahu’s Likud Party actually finished the Israeli elections one seat less than Livni’s Kadima Party; however the spectrum of political parties by the voters was overwhelmingly to the Slanted Right. Even though Netanyahu lost to his rival Tzipi Livni by Party seat count (28-Kadima and 27-Likud), the right wing bloc of parties was bolster by third place finisher Avigdor Lieberman of the Yisrael Beiteinu Party (English – Israel our Home). Thus including the other smaller Slanted Right secular and religious parties, Livni is the loser.

Netanyahu has six weeks to form a coalition government. Publicly Netanyahu wants to include Livni’s Kadima in a broad government however Livni has said that the potential differences in vision for Israel’s future means she will not join a Netanyahu led government.

Barring remarkable political negotiations it looks like Israel’s government may be a stark right wing vs. a stark left wing opposition.

There is one possibility that could isolate Livni and Kadima. Ehud Barak’s Labor Party (finished a dismal fourth) could opt to join a Netanyahu coalition. Livni would view this as a back stabbing betrayal to the Left’s cause of the delusion of giving away land to Arabs to form a sovereign Palestinian State banking on that bringing peace to Israel.

From modern Israel’s inception in 1948 through the Islamic terrorism of Arabs who wish to call themselves Palestinians demonstrate the Left thought process to be a delusion.

So here are the Netanyahu prospects with Livni’s Kadima:

  1. Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu and the Slanted Right political parties hanging tight forming a slim majority government with a chomping at the heels Left opposition.

  2. Or Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Labor and the Slanted Right political parties join together strengthening Netanyahu’s coalition to leave Kadima in the dirt.

In both scenarios that will place Netanyahu’s coalition at logger heads with the Obama Administration which has a vision more akin to Livni’s Kadima for Israel’s future and for the future of the Arab that call themselves Palestinians.

With the Middle East already a volatile place with the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting a war on terror with Islamic terrorists (a terminology that BHO is intent to rename) matched with an adversarial Iran and Syria openly displaying hatred not only for America but for Israel as well; it will be interesting to watch the new dynamic of a Netanyahu government emerge.

JRH 2/20/09

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nancy Pelosi tries to spin meeting with Pope Benedict

So here is the update to “The Pope Explains Consequences of Abortion to Pelosi.”

Boy did I nail the head with the hammer!

Pelosi’s office indeed offered a version of her Audience with the Pope. Pelosi’s statement had zero to do with Pope Benedict XVI informing her that supporting abortion and being a Catholic are not possible.

The writer for the Catholic News Agency reports that the Pope’s rebuke of Pelosi’s Catholicism applies to other Catholic political elites such Senator Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Joe Biden and so on.

The piece is entitled, “
Nancy Pelosi tries to spin meeting with Pope Benedict.” It is an awesome upbraid to pro-Choicers everywhere.

JRH 2/19/09

The Pope Explains Consequences of Abortion to Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi went to visit Pope Benedict XVI to discuss the topic of being a good Catholic and being pro-choice (i.e. pro-abortion or perhaps pro infanticide of unborn children).

The Audience was fifteen minutes.

I am not a Roman Catholic but I am telling you Pope Benedict XVI stood up for Biblical morality to the Secular Humanist Pelosi. The Pope spent the entire fifteen minute Audience explaining to Pelosi the sanctity of an unborn human life.

This information was from a Holy See spokesman.

Pelosi’s camp said she would release a statement later concerning the Audience. Evidently the good liberal needs time on how to spin the conversation so as not to appear upbraided by the titular head of the Roman Catholic Church. I wonder what the spin will be.

JRH 2/19/09

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Geert Wilders – Defender of Western Culture

Europe has picked on the rare devout Christian within the borders of the European Union; however it is few that have the name recognition of Geert Wilders.

If you are a typical Leftie you have probably bought the line that Wilders is a fringe Right Winger that is a bigot. Actually I know little of Wilders’ politics (except he definitely is not a Leftie) or his faith or if he is a practioners of anything theologically Christian. For all I know Wilders may buy into the Secular Humanist values system (which I guess would tarnish his Right Wing standing).

The one thing that Wilders does stand for is the protection of the Western Cultural paradigm that has coalesced over the centuries from Judaism, Christianity, Greek Thought, Roman Thought, Renaissance Thought, and Enlightenment Thought and so on leading to a society of civil rights that is a little constrained in Europe but nearly wide open in America.

I used the word “protection.” The political spectrum from Left to Right should be asking, “Protection from what?”

I am yelling from the rafters of Liberty telling you, “Western Culture needs proactive protection from Islam which is trying to assimilate the West rather than be assimilated by the various nations of the West!”

Admittedly in Europe the faith of Christianity has become an afterthought as a practicing religion of most Europeans. Western evolvement in Europe has been the egalitarian form of Liberty in which every human is entitled to free speech, thought, religion (if so chosen) and ideology as long as said Liberty does not offend or incite violence against individuals or groups of ideologues or people of religion. Being an America I find that sort of Liberty is diluted Liberty when considerations of incitement is above the act of violence. Diluted Liberty is saying the populace cannot be trusted to peacefully write or give a speech to contradict another’s outlook. Diluted Liberty is saying the populace will indulge in uncivilized acts of rage and carnage. Diluted Liberty is saying the government will prevent real freedom of speech because it fears to enforce civilized protections from an uncivilized raging populace.

This diluted Liberty is the very thing that European and International Muslim/Mohammedan organizations are using to shut Wilders’ mouth. For If Wilders’ mouth is not shut, the evidence that
Islam/Mohammedanism is a violent religion according to their own writings would enlighten people to the contradiction that is Islam. AND if the West discovers this collectively it will be understood that Islam is doing the inciting against Western Culture whether it be secularist or Christian or Judaic or any other faith or ideology counter to Islam/Mohammedanism.

The point of Wilders could be that Islamic writingsQuran, Hadith, Sunna and Sira have incited Wilders to educate all that will listen that Islam/Mohammedanism’s very existence is an incitement to submit to Islam or else.

Or else what? Dear God in Heaven look at an honest history book that is absent of politically correct egalitarian freedom and discover how from Mohammed’s conquest of Jewish and Christian Arab tribes in Arabian Medina through conquest of Mecca and beyond, Islam has been a harsh imperialistic Theo-Political movement of conquest, slavery and intolerance. The losers to Islam conquest were either brutally murdered and their women and children turned to slaves (oft times sex slaves) or turned into a sub-human class that exists to pay a humiliating tax for protection from the violence of Islam.

Courtesy of Andrew Bostom, he has posted a very erudite essay from Bat Ye’or as to why the Western World should be standing up for Geert Wilders.

Truly you need to

JRH 2/18/09 (Hat Tip: ICJS Research)

Sacks on: Outreach, Yes. Apology, No.

Leslie J. Sacks writes a comment about Charles Krauthammer’s Washington Post op-ed that reads in essence that President Barack Hussein Obama’s desire to reach out to Muslims is good; however if that reaching out includes an apology for how American relations with Muslims is a bit cantankerous then BHO is crossing the line of reality.

An Islamic agenda of ravaging American interests outside and inside the USA is heinous and deserves a response that demonstrates to the Muslim world that America is not Islamic Supremacism’s dhimmi patsy.

JRH 2/18/09

Sacks on: Outreach, Yes. Apology, No.

Leslie J. Sacks
Sent to SlantRight: Tue 2/17/2009 2:53 PM
Leslie’s Blog

Outreach, Yes. Apology, No.

Note that Obama's first official interview after his inauguration was given to Al Arabiya, the international Arabic news station based in Dubai.

Intended to be an apology for past sins and a promise for future reconciliation, the interview brandished the standard liberal penchant for appeasement, an approach which is distinguished primarily by its distance from reality. It seems the left intuits what seems to be wrong, feels what ought to be right, and believes that the former will become the latter merely by telling the world whatever it hopes to hear from us.

History and truth are thus subjugated to a 'feel good' projection.

Charles Krauthammer's masterful article exposes these crucial issues and more, with a clarity of vision and essence that (re-)confirms him as one of America's foremost commentators. If honesty and truth be the Creator's rod, then Krauthammer certainly is His humble servant.


Mr. Leslie J. Sacks
Los Angeles, California

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A “Truth Commission” Against Bush?

Apparently Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont is a typical Democrat hypocrite. He is trying to inspire a Congressional investigation to look for mud on President George W. Bush.

Alyssa A. Lappen points out Leahy could investigate any number of discrepancies from himself leaking classified information as a former of the Senate Intelligence Committee or the many covered up Barack Hussein Obama mysteries such the current President’s connection to Fannie Mae. Hello Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was the first domino that fell in America’s current economic woes.

Leahy is walking down the yellow brick road of obfuscation and hypocrisy to land of delusional Oz that Leftist Dems are prone to live.

JRH 2/17/09

Israel Existence at Stake and Western Abandonment

It is unlikely that the Netanyahu led Israeli government and the Barack Administration will agree on a military strike to slow or terminate Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions. With that in mind it has been leaked that Israel’s super-spy organization Mossad is in the process of another tactic to slow Iranian nuclear ambitions. That tact is the assassination of key people involved in the nuclear weaponry evolvement of the Iran nuke program.

the deluded Left who may wish to accept a nuke armed Iran or the belief that Iran is not lying when it claims nuclearization is merely for peaceful energy purposes, this probably considered an international breach of protocol that still may lead to a Western confrontation with the psycho-Mullahs of Iran.

I say to Israel, “GO FOR IT!”

If Israel can slow down Iran in any way until someone in the West comprehends that
Iran has a radical Islamic global agenda, then more power to the Israelis. God Almighty I just pray that someone in the West (not just America) comprehends the hegemonic goals of the psycho-Mullahs and their followers (such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad).

JRH 2/17/09

Monday, February 16, 2009

Why Time is on Israel's Side

Max Singer takes a look at the new Administration in the USA and the soon forming government of future Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Then Singer writes about Israel’s long term Security prospects as tagged to the Leftist President Obama and Slanted Right Benjamin Netanyahu. In Singer’s analysis the villain is the Oslo Accords.

It is a good read.

JRH 2/16/09

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Demise of democracy? of the nation state?

Here is a WOW piece of writing especially if you are endued with the patience of reading a lengthy essay in a sort of an e. e. cummings format (i.e. the entire is in written in small text rather than grammatical capitalization).

The author begins with a historical perspective working toward the goal of explaining Marxism (and its various Left offshoots) have eroded typical Western and American values. Also the author included Islamic Jihadism as a danger to Western Society for all the Slanted Left Marxist derivatives enable radical Islam by both acting as a social apologist and setting the West up for the intrusion of Islamic values (e.g. Sharia Law) to move into the values vacuum created by the Left.

The Demise of democracy? of the nation state? – Is truly an awesome read. Educate yourself for the sake of your families’ future.

JRH 2/15/09

Saturday, February 14, 2009

NY Honor Killer's Muslim Sympathy Site Yanked

Hey you Muslim gals – Happy Valentines Day. Please don’t dishonor your husbands, fathers or brothers today. Even in America you could lose your head to regain your Islamic Supremacist husband, father or brother’s HONOR.

Ask Aasiya Hassan – OOPS, you can’t ask her. She lost her head.

JRH 2/14/09 (Hat Tip: Islam In Action)

America’s Imperial Presidency

It is irrelevant as to the Democratic Party or the Republican Party; the Office of President in America has become an Imperial Presidency.

The Imperial Presidency can be defined, succinctly, as a structure in which enormous discretionary power to respond to national security crises and perceived dangers is concentrated in the office of the president. In this scheme, Congress, willingly or not, is only a bit player. Although the term has a pejorative connotation, it is not so much the existence of an Imperial Presidency that has spurred public backlashes as it is the abuses of power that have sometimes come with it. (Imperial Presidency –

The Party out of the Presidential Office usually harangues the President when there is an obvious exercise of power and the Party in Office often looks the other way.

In my opinion an Imperial Presidency is a good thing with a wise leader and yet it could be a bad thing under a President that fits the old maxim – Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Again the favor of the media, the voters or the out of power Party is usually the ones hollering from the roof tops that an Imperial President has corrupted his power. In the long run it is the evaluation of history that shines the light of motive and the end-game as to wickedness or goodness.

For instance every Left Wing Nut (and admittedly many on the center Right) will display President George W. Bush as an example of power corrupting the Office of President. I may be in the minority but I disagree. The Bush Administration prevented any future attack on American soil utilizing the very methods that Lefties would call corrupted power. That’s just me. The debate on what is more valuable for American society – security or absolute civil liberties – during a national conflict will go on for some time only again to be evaluated in the future by history.

So what is John getting at?

I just ran across a
WorldNetDaily article that is still writing about President Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to be in the Office of President.

The article talks about all the failed law suits to try and force BHO to divulge historical documents pertaining to his eligibility to be President. Further WND talks about the current law suit initiated by Alan Keyes which has not yet bitten the dust that essentially wanted the California Secretary of State not to certify BHO’s Electoral College Electors to cast their votes until the historical documents are made public.

The law suit had to be amended when indeed the Electoral College certified Barack Hussein Obama as the next President of the USA; however I understand the law suit has been amended to still demand the documents.

So here’s the thing: The Courts on all levels of authority right up to the Supreme Court has looked the other way using legalese to ignore the eligibility issue. Does anyone think the current Imperial President will allow pre-election personal documents see the light of day when he definitely has the post-election power to delay and obfuscate the production of said documents at least until the end of his Office as President?

I am thinking NO.

Yet I am all for these stalwart litigators to plowing away (if they got the dough) for one day BHO will not be in Office (barring any extra-Constitutional coup). On that day history will demonstrate if BHO was a wise Imperial President or a Power Corrupt President.

JRH 2/14/09

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bulletin of Jew Hatred February 12, 2009

God Bless Political Islam for their bulletins exposing Islam as a religion of hate rather than a religion of peace.

JRH 2/13/09

Bulletin of Jew Hatred February 12, 2009
Facts without comments-- We Collect the Dots; You Connect Them

Political Islam

Please spread this bulletin and send us events that you find.

At this time all of our regular subscribers are getting these Bulletins. We are setting up a separate sign up sheet for each Bulletin, but our IT man is out of the country.

Bear with us until we get the new signup procedures in place.


Several U.S. Jewish institutions were listed on a U.S. Islamic website as potential targets to be given an "Islamic message". Some of the proposed targets were the New York Chabad headquarters, Yeshiva University, and Jewish Federation buildings all over the country. They have also released a series of videos targeting Chabad and other organizations. See related video below. Sheik Abdullah Faisal, the website's Spiritual Advisor, has been convicted in the UK for encouraging fellow Muslims to kill Jews and Westerners. 2/5/09.

Guardian UK op-ed piece denies Mumbai attack as anti-Semitic and refers to "Western Jihad against Radical Islam" while blaming Mumbai Chabad for not providing greater security. 12/4/08.

On Al-Rahma TV, Egyptian cleric Muhammad Al-Zughbi calls for Allah to destroy the "Jewish dogs" completely and calls for Allah to annihilate U.S. and European leaders . Registration required. Video link below. 1/12/09.

On Iranian TV, Mohammad 'Ali Ramin, Ahmadinejad's Holocaust advisor, suggests Jews used the Holocaust for greedy purposes and also suggests the numbers of dead are extremely inflated and that Jews used the lie of the Holocaust to "control the Western governments". Registration required. Video shown below. 1/29/09.

A twelve year old Jewish schoolgirl was terrorized by 20 youths yelling, "Kill all the Jews" and "Death to Jews" on her route home from school. 2/5/09.

In London, the Stop the War coalition became violent when 60-80 members attempted to rush the Hillel House, the Jewish Student Centre, and prevented retired IDF Colonel Geva Rapp from speaking.
Here and here. 2/6/09.

Jewish students state that Oxford has developed an increasingly "toxic atmosphere" for Jews. One University Reader (Senior Lecturer) expressed his fears that "within five years, Oxford will become a Jew-free zone". 2/5/09.

British anti-Semitism attacks 'the worst recorded in Britain in decades'. Approximately 270 incidents in 2009, so far, with an average of 7 incidents per day. 2/8/09.

Royal Court theatre in London is presently staging a 10-minute play that is a direct attack on Jews called Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza. Some of the dialogue: "Tell her we’re the iron fist now, tell her it’s the fog of war, tell her we won’t stop killing them till we’re safe, tell her I laughed when I saw the dead policeman, tell her I wouldn’t care if we wiped them out, the world would hate us is the only thing, tell her I don’t care if the world hates us, tell her we’re better haters, tell her we’re chosen people, tell her I look at one of their children covered in blood and what do I feel? Tell her all I feel is happy it’s not her" Read some more of the dialogue here. 2/8/09.

Anti-semitism on the rise in South America. Jews in Venezuela, Bolivia and Argentina are increasingly concerned at the rise of anti-semitic incidents including the tone of the recent Israeli war "protesters, who frequently equate Israel with Nazi Germany".
Here and here. 2/9/09.

President Hugo Chavez' government blames Jews for attack on Venezuelan synagogue and says attack was a self-inflicted act aimed at discrediting the government. 2/11/09.

Venezuelan news portal, Apporea, call to Venezuelans to "take publicly to task any Jew that is in any street (translated ) shopping center, square, etc.., to take position screaming slogans in favor of Palestine and against the aborted-state of Israel" and to refuse to "buy from (Jews) their products and go to their shops, as well as their business, grocery stores, restaurants, etc...(or those) who have links with them or are of their property or where Kosher foods are sold." More here. 2/2/09.

In Johannesburg, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Fatima Hajaig told those at a pro-Palestinian rally that Jews controlled America "no matter which government comes into power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush." 1/26/09.

In the last month, there were as many anti-Semitic incidents (in Holland) as there were throughout 2007 . . . (and) they are of a much more serious nature. Attacks in Holland are on the rise. Latest attacks include gunfire directed at a Jewish mental health center and arson. 2/11/09.

The Simon-Weisenthal Center calls German police's removal of Israeli flags from a private home "cowardly" and "incomprehensible. Police have since apologized. Video below. 1/14/09.

In Utrecht, two protestors were found guilty of shouting “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas" Video of protest below. 2/9/09.

Senior Foreign Office diplomat Rowan Laxton was arrested for an anti-Semitic tirade. He was arrested "for inciting religious hatred through threatening words and behaviour". 2/9/09

The Anti-Defamation League releases a survey it commissioned that found nearly a third of Europeans (up to 74% in Spain) blame Jews for the global economic meltdown and that a greater number think Jews have too much power in the business world. 2/10/09.


A U.S. Islamic website has released a series of videos targeting the New York Chabad headquarters. 1/23/09.

On Al-Rahma TV, Egyptian cleric Muhammad Al-Zughbi calls for Allah to destroy the "Jewish dogs" completely. Must log in to view video. 1/12/09.

Mohammad 'Ali Ramin, Ahmadinejad's Holocaust advisor, suggests Jews used the Holocaust for greedy purposes and also suggests the numbers of dead are extremely inflated and that Jews used the lie of the Holocaust to "control the Western governments". Must log in to view video. 1/29/09.

German police break into private home and remove Israeli flag to appease protestors. 1/13/09.

Dutch protest. "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas" 1/3/09.

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Dr. Wael Perpetuates Muslim Propaganda

John R. Houk
© February 13, 2009

Here is a comment from Dr. Wael a citizen of Egypt. I believe the comment is in reference to this post,
The CRC is another Step toward U.N. World Government.
Yet Dr. Wael could be complaining about many posts on I am not exactly Islamic friendly.

JRH 2/13/09

Dr. Wael
Sent to SlantRight: Thu 2/12/2009 9:47 PM
Dr. Wael’s website:
Arab Honor

you must be very close to the region or live in it

There is an Arab proverb says "our street is narrow and we know each other"
I hope you are talking to maybe.......? Europeans or to Americans but not to an Arab who live here in Egypt very close to Israel So let's be realistic and speak in a manner that we can keep a debate going OK?

And [sic] here are the things:

Bush would not appolgiz [sic] for the question of WMD in his last days in office and Colin powel [sic] won't resign.

When Al Qaeida leader confest [sic] of 911? and I assure you that such a tribman [sic] like Ben Laden would never even think about attacking America or Israel. we [sic] have in our country a lot of them.

2/3rd of Americans want Bush in court for his behaviour in (war against terror) and damage caused to the country Ok we we recognize [sic] Israel as country and it's people right to live in security but that doesnt [sic] mean to launch a propaganda against Arabs who are Muslims and Christians or against Muslims alone, Because even I am a christian but my culture is islamic and i am proud.


I am guessing Dr. Wael is implying that Christians, Jews and Muslims all live in harmony in the Arab Middle East under the wisdom of Islamic Culture.

Not that sounds a little hard to believe and it sounds like the kind of propaganda that Muslims would like the West and/or Christians in America to buy.

It is ridiculous!

First let’s put the harmony of religions submitting to a peace of an Islamic Culture.

    • Arab nations lied how they treated Jews prior to the establishment of the nation Israel in 1948 by saying the Jews living in harmony would be attacked and expelled if Israel was allowed to become a nation. The fact is all across the Muslim Middle East and Muslim North Africa (yep including Egypt and Syria) Jews were already being persecuted. After Israel became a nation in 1948 and whupped multiple invading Islamic nations then a comparable amount of Jews were expelled to the amount of Arabs that fled from Israel hoping invading Muslims would push Jews into the sea.

    • Dr. Wael identifies himself as a Christian Egyptian proud of Arab (which really means Islamic) culture. Let’s see: If Dr. Wael is an Egyptian and a Christian he would be Coptic. The Coptic Christians are actually what remains of the original Egyptian language derived from as far back as the days of the Pharaohs. The Coptic Christians of Egypt have had a better relationship with Muslims than other conquered Christians in the Middle East; however that has been an on again off again experience depending on which Muslim leader rules. Since the end of WWII Egyptian Muslims have been highly influenced by the Wahhabi form of Islam which dominates the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan). The Copts have been highly persecuted to the point of migration. Guess where the Coptic Christians migrate too? One hint: It is not to Saudi Arabia. O yes that would be the nation that has a tradition of the freedom of religion – the USA.

    That is just Egypt.
    Christians residing in nations dominated by Islam have constantly received the foot of humiliation and persecution. (See also HERE)

    Islam is not only harsh toward kafir, the Theo-Political religion is also harsh on its own adherents when the perception of violating social norms proscribed by Sharia. Islam is also harsh to its adherents for viewing one practice of Islam better than the other such as Sunni vs. Shia.

    Read Brigitte Gabriel’s book “Because they Hate”: This is an excellent example of a Christian Middle Easterner (Lebanon), whose faith was the dominant religion of Lebanon being persecuted into the minority.

There is no harmony among people in Islamic culture Dr. Wael.

Dr. Wael displays his ignorance of America when he says “2/3 of America want bush in court ...” He obviously equates low poll ratings with
the deluded ramblings of some fringe American Leftists who called for President Bush to be prosecuted.

If Dr. Wael is indeed a Christian while simultaneously proud of his Islamic culture (“my culture”), then Dr. Wael is obviously a real good dhimmi.

This is the long response. Dr. Wael visited the SlantRight sister blog at Slant Right blogger and made these comments:

Dr Wael said...

Why ? Why this hate and this revolt against Islam and Muslim?
Muslim do wars , Do terror ,Do 911
911 was just a lie just like Bush's weapon of mass distruction in Iraq
See my blog.
I am not a muslim but I live with them in Syria and Egypt
maybe muslim in the west differnt?

Here is my short version response there:

Theway2k said...

Dr. Wael Hmm ...

You are either the victim or a perpetuator of the delusions that come from rogue Syria or elements of Ihkwan [sic] in Egypt.

1. 911 was an al-Qaeda plan in which the actual planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

2. There are sources of information that differ from the Duelfer Report which probably has refused to acknowledge because of Political Correctness or the fear of causing a diplomatic incident.

*Russia in an Intelligence coup
moved WMD out of Iraq

*Former Iraqi Air Force General Georges Sada on Iraqi WMD.

*David Gaubatz ignored by Iraq Survey Group that was responsible for investigating the existence of Iraq WMD (Hmm ... Charles Duelfer was one of the lead ISG people ignoring Gaubatz).

JRH 2/13/09