Sunday, February 08, 2009

Khan the Nuke Proliferator Released by Pakistan

Is Pakistan sending a message to the West or possibly America in particular? The reason I ask this is a Pakistani Judge released Abdul Qadeer Khan from house arrest (I cannot believe he was not in a dark prison for treason).

Who is Khan you may ask?

Abdul Qadeer Khan is the father of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Understandably he is considered a hero among Muslim Pakistanis; however Khan is somewhat the father of Iran and North Koreas nuclear ambitions. Khan sent the nuclear data he developed to those two nations and several other rogue nations.

This seems that would move Khan from Pakistani national hero to the Pakistani version of Benedict Arnold – traitor. Near neighbor Shi’ite Iran is not exactly the best buddy of the Sunni Mohammedans of Pakistan.

Here is the incredulous pronouncement from the Pakistan Supreme Court on Khan:

"The court has said as he was not involved in nuclear proliferation or criminal activity, there is no case against him, therefore he is a free citizen," said Ali Zafar, Khan's attorney.

What? Selling Pakistan State secrets to rogue nations and probably Islamic terrorists is not nuclear proliferation and not criminal activity?

This tells me Pakistan’s so-called alliance to battle al-Qaeda and the Taliban was a deceptive ruse to receive military aid from America while simultaneously favoring Islamic terrorists hiding in their nation.

Adding to my suspicions is the Pakistan governments complaining of American troops and military drones crossing the Afghan/Pakistan border to take out al-Qaeda and Taliban Islamic terrorists. If Pakistan is a true ally with the USA on the Global War on Terror (
now declared over by President Obama), the Pakistan government would not only be supportive but also cooperative.

JRH 2/8/09 (Hat Tip: Israpundit)

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