Monday, February 09, 2009

Brit Loses Job when Muslim Converts to Christianity

Europe has become more than just post-Christian, it has become anti-Christian. I am sure there other European nations that demonstrate this anti-Christianity; however the nation I have been reading about lately is America’s old Mother-Country the United Kingdom (Great Britain, England or whatever).

Some Commission in the UK has
cancelled the license of a foster care provider because she allowed one of her charges to convert from Mohammedanism to Christianity.

It is not as if the foster care provider coerced this sixteen Mohammedan girl into Christianity. The teenager insisted on checking out the foster care giver’s religion and then converted.

Can you see what is happening here? The UK is a Western nation in which Freedom of Religion is currently a hallmark.

I suspect the problem the foster care giver faces is government fear of the Brit’s intolerant Mohammedan population rioting because one of their own became a Mohammedan apostate and a Christian convert.

In case you are unaware the Mohammedan Quran and Hadith
call for an apostate to be executed. Yes friends this is also another example of Western values clashing with Sharia Law values.

Did I mention that the
UK has allowed Sharia Law to be practiced as a rule of law for Mohammedans? It is no wonder that the news article I read does not give the name of the foster care provider nor the Christian convert. Sharia Law calls for the penalty of death for the both of them.

JRH 2/9/09 (Hat Tip: Political Correctness Watch)

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