Thursday, November 30, 2006

Turkey and Article 301

I have a few personal thoughts on the nation Turkey.

Today’s Turkey was a Christian area until Mohammedan Turks began a conquest that was not complete until the fall of Greek Byzantine Empire capital Constantinople 1453.

The old Pseudo-Prophet Mohammed had his sights on Constantinople even in his life time. Old Mo had his first vision allegedly in 610 A.D. and gave up the ghost in 632 A.D. During this time Mo consolidated his power and cult on the Arab peninsula through brutal military aggression. Mo’s successor began the Conquest of Christian lands which was just as brutal.

The Byzantine Empire is still around in 1071 A.D. when the Seljuk Turks defeat the Byzantines for the first time. The Ottoman Turks begin emerge in the picture in 1300’s A.D. In the late 1300’s A.D. the Ottomans begin their brutal conquest of Eastern Europe isolating Byzantine Constantinople.

In 1453 brutal Mohammedans finally conquered Constantinople. The conquerors brutally murdered many Christians; especially the Christians that sought refuge in the Orthodox Church Hagia Sophia. Ottoman Turkish Empire began to horrifically persecute Christians. The Turks began to force children of Christians to be taken away. These children were indoctrinated into Mohammedanism and were trained to be one of the most formidable military forces of Medieval Europe, the Middle East and North Africa – the Janissaries. (Time Line Source:
Religion Facts)

Turkey is currently calling itself a secular nation. This is a remarkable assertion since it is a crime to convert to Christianity and those that are brave Christians are forbidden to serve in places that would be considered government or military.

The Pope has recently asserted his support for Turkey to enter the European Union. This is a huge reversal from Benedict’s XVI days as a Cardinal (Ratzinger). In those days he was highly and correctly opposed to Turkey entering the European Union. One can only guess the Pope’s change of heart is a boon to keep Mohammedans from raging in violence as they did when Benedict XVI quoted a long dead Byzantine Emperor about Mohammedans:

"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." (Manuel II Paleologus)

The Religion of Peace went nuts when presented with the facts. Some day Christians should abandon “political correctness” and stand for their faith. It is an insult to Christianity to ignore just how Mohammedanism spread and at whose expense.

I understand the Pope’s wish to be an example of the real Prince of Peace, however there comes a time for the Just War in which God anoints leaders to battle those who do the Redeemed harm.

Turkey is definitely part of Mohammedan paradigm.

Turkey utilizes the Turkish Law Article 301 to perpetuate Mohammedanism and discriminate against Christianity. If Turkey were truly a secular society in the mold of the EU freedom of speech and belief would be prevalent. I assure you if freedom of speech and belief were available to all Turks, Christianity would grow in Turkey.

This is a cross post with At the end of this essay is a news article by George Thomas about Christians that were arrested for apostatizing from Mohammedanism. They broke the Article 301 Law specifically by doing something “un-Turkish.”

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ahmadinejad Writes Letter to the American People

Here is the UPDATE on the content of the LETTER to Americans from the (evil) heart of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Ahmadinejad’s hubris is incredible! He condemns Israel (he says Zionists) for murdering innocent Palestinians. My God the Palestinians are indoctrinated from childhood to hate Jews and Americans. They are taught the Jews stole their land. The Land was uninhabitable until industrious Jews came back HOME to work the Land. There were hardly any Arabs there until the success of the Jews. Then Arabs began to move into the LAND for work.

In 1948, multiple Arab nations told the Arabs to leave the Land Israel because they were going to obliterate the Jews. The Arabs fled. Israel won! The invading Arabs decided to give a new name to the Arabs told to flee Israel – Palestinians.

This just one example of the Lies that Ahmadinejad arrogantly speaks to Americans in the

Gingrich: Free Speech Should Be Curtailed To Fight Terrorism

I am a huge believer of free speech and the various rights that protect property and unlawful searches and seizures. I would be the first to stand up for someone’s rights to express his thoughts and live by them, even if I disagreed with the person.


In war rules must change for security – both national and personal. America’s society is like ripe cherries waiting to be picked by an islamofascist terrorist. In fact radical Mohammedans utilize our Laws and Constitutional Rights to subvert and destroy the lives of Americans. Radical Mohammedans exploit Western Style democracy in other nations in the same way.

Gingrich has seen the light on Rights VS Terrorist War.

Powell: Reach Out to Arabs & Muslims

Former Secretary of State for the George W Administration gave a speech at a business forum in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I suspect the reason Powell is no longer with the Administration is his disagreement on how to handle the War on Terror.

First of all, what in God’s name is Powell doing in the UAE? The UAE is not exactly a beacon of democracy. Indeed the UAE is actually ruled by the hereditary Emir of Abu Dubai.

Let me jog your memories. The Emir is the direct owner of DPW. DPW is the company that almost had U.S. approval to operate Commercial Ports on the Eastern Seaboard.

The State Department describes the UAE as a vital partner in the fight against terrorism. But the UAE, a loose federation of seven emirates on the Saudi peninsula, was an important operational and financial base for the hijackers who carried out the attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the FBI concluded. (

The DPW deal was taken off the table. Although the government is officially an ally on the War on Terror, its citizens have blocks of sympathy for Islamofascist terrorists.

Spin your wheels to the present and Colin Powell is telling an Arab audience that President Bush needs to do a better job in reaching out to Arabs and Mohammedans. Powell is actually concerned we are giving a bad message to the Arab and Mohammedan world by not stroking them as the Appeasement minded Europeans do.

Come on Powell! I think Americans need to think more of the impression the Arab and Mohammedan world is giving Americans. Can we say multiple acts of Terrorism that stretches from hijackings to 9/11. Then there is the rabble rousing by the Mullahs and Clerics that teach there people to hate America as the great Satan. That is what President Bush needs to be mindful of.

What is the Definition for Insanity?

What is the definition for insanity? Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again achieving the same result while expecting a different result.

The only way to find sanity is to find an action to get a different result. That means end the cycle of repetition and examine a different action to discover the desired result.

Columnist Joseph Farah writes, “
Wake Up, Israel.” Israel has spent a significant amount of its modern existence to make peace and find acceptance with the Jewish nation’s Mohammedan neighbors. Israel has given and given and still receives the same result of Israel’s neighbors desiring the Jewish State’s destruction. This is the same action of giving, the same result of hatred.

Here is something to think about. Since 1948 – the year of Israeli Independence – Mohammedan Arabs repeatedly tried to militarily destroy Israel. There has been war after war and yet the Mohammedans failed miserably each time.

The Mohammedans may have discovered they were insane. The twenty-first century has brought a different action that might result in Israel’s demise. Instead of placing their money in ill trained armies, Arabs have upgraded the discipline. Along with this new discipline Mohammedans have discovered the deadliness of Weapons of Mass Destruction, viz. nuclear and chemical weapons.

If Israel does not awaken from futile repetition to achieve an expected result, the twenty-first century Holocaust will be impending.

Iran's Ahmadinejad Writes to Americans Via U.N.

The Associated Press reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is releasing a letter at the United Nations directed to the American people.

The letter is supposed to be released today (11/29/06). Allegedly it is written to explain Iran’s position to the American people. The AP story explains Ahmadinejad’s reasoning is an American perception of him saying that Israel should be obliterated off the map and his Jewish Holocaust denial.

If this letter is anything like the rambling letter Ahmadinejad sent to President Bush, it will probably read about the glory of Mohammedanism and Americans should convert or die as part of the great Satan.

If I am correct Ahmadinejad may actually be doing President a favor. Certainly such an arrogant letter would be looked upon with disdain by the everyday American. Now the Left wing fringe that manipulates most of the Mainstream Media (MSM) will probably spin such a letter as Ahmadinejad offering a hand of diplomacy and reconciliation. Even Americans would see the lunacy of such a spin.

Or Ahmadinejad might actually persuade Americans with a more deceptive message that America is interfering in Iranian internal affairs. “Oh please Americans, call off your politically disgraced President so we can build our nuclear weapons in peace and global harmony for the sake of our own citizens.”

Also lunacy!

Mofaz: Arafat agreed to host Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz of Israel revealed recently that Yasser Arafat made a clandestine deal for 50 tons of military hardware in exchange for setting up Iranian Revolutionary Guard bases in Palestinian controlled areas. The deal was 2002. Apparently Mofaz was a former Defense Minister at that time.

I am unaware as to the motive of Mofaz’s revelation of what might be considered classified info that affects America as well as Israel. Utilizing speculation I am guessing the motive is to reveal the agenda and untrustworthiness of Iran as a nation of dialogue in the Iraq situation. Well done Mofaz if Iranian implication is the motive.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Putin's Enemies Have a Nasty Habit: Dying

I was reading an editorial by old Pat Buchanan the other day. The theme of his editorial was that it is a myth that Vladimir Putin assassinated Alexander Litvinenko. David Frum comes closer to the truth.
Putin is attempting to rebuild Russian prestige and empire. He is doing so by arming Iran and Syria while simultaneously putting the Mohammedan Chechen rebellion with bloody determination.

Here in lay the hypocrisy of radical Mohammedanism: they sell their fellow brothers of Islamism out for weapons and nuclear technology. Putin has probably talked the terrorists into not aiding the Chechens.

However that is a digression on my part.

David Frum
illustrates how Vladimir Putin has been slowly centralizing his power base. That means the elimination of any critics that may sway away his current popularity among Russians.

Pope urges leaders to renounce violence

Good for Pope Benedict XVI: The Pope has made the statement that all religious leaders should renounce violence as part of their faith:

Pope Benedict XVI urged leaders of all religions Tuesday to "utterly refuse" to support any form of violence in the name of faith, while Turkey's top Muslim cleric complained to the pontiff of growing "Islamophobia" in the world. (Associated Press)

A Muslim cleric is quipping back to the Pope about growing Islamophobia in the world. That what my teenagers used to do when house rules were broken; i.e. try to find fault with something else as if that would exonerate their own misdeed.

Mohammedanism arose in violence: to Jews first, then toward Christians. So Pope Benedict XVI proclaims ALL religions must “utterly refuse” to support any form of violence. Dear friends that is impossible among Mohammedans.

The Pope is walking a nearly impossible fine line of trying to represent Christ and not insult Mohammedans. Good luck with that.

Pope Preaches 'Brotherhood' Between Christians and Muslims

I have mixed feelings about the Pope’s message to the Mohammedan Turks: “... a message of dialogue and "brotherhood" between Christians and Muslims ... On the one hand it is the appearance of sucking up to a religion that propagates based on violence. On the other hand the Christian faith is mandated to reach out with a message of peace and Good News to those lost in darkness.Frankly I admire Pope Benedict XVI for his bravery to show up among a people that would rather see him dead than touch Mohammedan soil. That is a true witness of Christ. However the Pope is delusional if he thinks that brotherhood can exist between Christians (tenets of peace) and Mohammedan (tenets of violence – convert or die).

Monday, November 27, 2006

Syria and Iran: A Steep Price for Helping Troubled Iraq

The Jerusalem Post reports that Syria will require a steep price for help in calming Iraq. That price relates to the Golan Heights that were lost to Israel when Syria attacked Israel in 1967.

Ahmadinejad also insinuated a price: stop the “bullying policy toward Iran.” Ahmadinejad went on to proclaim that America misled the world as to its motives for toppling Saddam Hussein. Ahmadinejad believes the true motives for the Iraq invasion was to control Iraq’s oil. Like Saddam was not providing oil to the West. Can we all say United Nations oil for food scandal? Thank you very much Kofi Annan.

I am a little concerned America is slipping into European “Appeasement” mode. Does anyone realize negotiating with Syria and Iran is like validating the terrorism those two rogue nations have faithfully exported to the Middle East.

Leftist Wins Ecuadorian Presidential Election

The voters of South America have been voting for Marxist candidates. Chavez of Venezuela is an extreme Marxist. The President of Bolivia is an ardent Leftist that supports Chavez. Presidents of Brazil, Chile and now Ecuador have joined the Marxist ranks.

Rafael Correa (the Leftist) has beaten Alvaro Naboa to the tune of 67% to 33% in the Presidential election in Ecuador. That is huge!

Naboa refuses to concede expressing the accusation of fraud. It would not be the first time someone stole a South American election, however for Correa to do so by such a margin would be a heinous crime. In this case even if there was ballot stuffing, at best Naboa could only hope for a decrease in the margin. Perhaps Naboa is hoping to find the smoking gun of evidence that would directly link Correa to a fraudulent election. Frankly I doubt that will ever happen.

Jordanian King: 3 Civil Wars Possible

King Abdullah of Jordan is expressing in a public forum that three civil wars could emerging in the Middle East.

The locations: Iraq, Lebanon and (so-called) Palestine.

King Abdullah senses that internecine strife is spiraling out of control in Iraq. He is correct. Blood feuds, revenge, inter-religion sectarian (Shia VS Sunni) and mutual hatred among radicals of the American presence are all mitigating factors in Iraq. The fledgling elected democratic government of Iraq has failed hugely in addressing much of the mitigating factors while relying on the U.S.A. to keep the seams of unity from tearing completely. Prime Minister Maliki needs to be more far and balanced. Maliki has failed greatly in this prospect.

Lebanon is ruled by a Syrian sympathetic government lead by President Lahoud. The Lebanese Prime Minister has the history of being anti-Syrian and anti-Hezbollah yet strangely allows the Syrian and Hezbollah connection to run rough shod in Lebanon. The recent assassination of government Minister Gemayel by either Hezbollah or Syrian agents has raised the intense anger of the Christian, Druze and Sunni block in Lebanon.

In Palestine Hamas and Fatah groups are openly vying for power and control of institutions that control the so-called Palestinian populace of the West Bank and Gaza. That fight is about how to proceed to become a sovereign nation: Recognize Israel’s existence or not. Fatah fakes recognition to get international support. Hamas refuses recognition and remains intently in the “Wipe Israel off the map” Mohammedan crowd.

King Abdullah is calling for a greater involvement of America to diffuse these emerging civil wars. He is also calling for America to engage Syria and Iran diplomatically in the aid of diffusing the civil wars.

The international community in the West is beginning to suggest diplomatic engagement with Syria and Iran. For me that is like Britain engaging Nazi Germany for “Peace in our Time.” Even if a signed diplomatic solution involving greatest rogue supporters of terrorism, the result will be similar to Nazi Germany taking advantage of the time to perpetuate a more heinous agenda. In this case it is Middle Eastern domination and the destruction of Israel.

Since I am just a plebeian blogger, I have a limited insight to offer an alternative. I predict at whatever path America, the West and the Middle East take; it will eventually end up in global bloodshed. As long as oil runs the economies of the globe, there will be a global disagreement on choosing between what is morally right and what is a way to keep oil flowing.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why is Darfur Genocide Allowed to Continued?

Darfur has continued unabated to be a region decimated by genocide. The Janjawid militias with the government are still murdering, raping and pillaging Darfur. Under Sudanese government support the Janjawid are murdering boys so they will not grow up and be an enemy.

Sudanese government involvement is blatantly obvious for many government soldiers have accompanied the Janjawid. I am far from an expert on this subject; my understanding is that Arab racist Mohammedans are executing an ethnic cleansing of Black Mohammedans in Darfur.

The thing I do not understand is why military powers of the West and East do no unite to topple the government of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Al-Bashir is emerging to be a worse genocidal maniac than Saddam Hussein. Al-Bashir should be held accountable for war crimes against humanity. There is no thin line here; al-Bashir is sponsoring the death of a group of people under the control of his regime.

Before Darfur, Arab Mohammedans raided Southern Sudan to make slaves of the Black Christians and animists. There is a history of racism with this Arab controlled government.

Olmert Agrees to Cease Fire

I have been reading a lot of information that Israel was preparing a major military offensive in Gaza due to the Hamas firing of Qassam rockets. The Israeli generals were convinced the longer the commitment to wait the more Israeli casualties would occur.

Thus I was a bit surprised to read from Fox News that
Olmert agreed to a Gaza Cease Fire offered by Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. I suspect some major arm twisting behind the geo-political scenes were applied by the Bush Administration.

There still is no agreement on returning Hamas kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Also Hamas supreme leader Khaled Mashaal has made it clear from the Hamas point of view there is a deadline on peace talks. If the talks are not agreeable to Mashaal, Hamas will resume attacking innocent Israeli civilians.
UPDATE 11:00 am (11/26/06):
As usual the Mohammedan word is nil. Hamas launched rockets into Israel today. Also as usual Olmert asks for restraint from the Israeli Defense Forces.
Al Taqqiya.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Can Democracy Succeed in Iraq?

Michael Rubin still believes that Democracy will work in Iraq. After reading book by Natan Sharansky I was a huge believer that implanted Democracy would win over the repressive mind. Sharansky believes that all repression and despotism in a government can be overcome with Democracy. Sharansky cites his own experience in Russia. When Communism fell in the Soviet Union, Democracy became the new form of government.

Sharansky points out that Western style Democracies observe the rule of law. Sharansky points out that Western style Democracies rarely war with each other.

I still agree with Sharansky’s assessment; however I do not believe a civilization inculcated with Mohammedanism cannot operate within the realm of Western Democracy.

Rubin believes that Democracy can still succeed in Iraq. Rubin believes the only reason Democracy has taken in Iraq is because of the incompetence of Prime Minister Maliki to enforce the rule of law according to their Constitution. In a civilization in which blood feuds and Sharia Law is the rule of law, then Western style Democracy will not work.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Christian converts on trial in Turkey

Turkey is often held as an example of a nation with a Mohammedan majority that utilizes democratic institutions. If that is true, then democracy does not mean freedom of thought or religion. The Turkish government is charging two of their citizens for the crime of converting to Christianity. It is considered a hate crime to convert away from Mohammedanism because it is against the law to insult “Turkishness.”

Gemayel's Funeral Turns into Anti-Syria Rally

Recently Lebanonese Christian Pierre Gemayel was assassinated. The throng of anti-Syrians (which are nearly powerless) showed up in force at Gemayel’s funeral.

A Blog For All the essayist speculates the assassination could lead to a second Cedar Revolution in another outcry to toss out pro-Syrian agents from Lebanon. The anti-Syrians represent Christians, Sunni and Druze. The pro-Syrians are largely Shi’ite and within that subgroup they are largely Hezbollah.

This assassination could lead to a World War much like the assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand became the spark that led to World War I.

It is speculation, but it is interesting speculation.

Why the Future May Not Belong to Islam

Fjordman is one of those rare European writers that eschew the predominate tide of slanted Left Socialist Liberalism. Or at least in the case of political correctness as it pertains to the social acceptance of Mohammedanism.

The essence of Fjordman’s essay is that the West should reject Mohammedanism as a viable mechanism within the bounds of what we would normally call Liberty and Freedom of religion or thought. Fjordman addresses the accusation of racism or Islamphobia that would be involved such a Mohammedan rejection.

Fjordman even engages North American Conservative writers that have lost their vigor and have acquiesced to an eventual Mohammedan global domination. Thank God Fjordman takes a stand that what the world is seeing is actually the strong last gasp of an ideology that will fade due to its intolerant fascist death-cult nature.

This is a MUST READ!
Why the Future May Not Belong to Islam
Posted by Baron Bodissey
November 21, 2006-11-23
Gates of Vienna
The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.For a complete Fjordman blogography, see The Fjordman Files. There is also a multi-index listing here.

Canadian writer Mark Steyn thinks “The future belongs to Islam.” The main reason for this, according to him, is demography, with massive population growth in Islamic countries and low birth rates in infidel nations. He makes some assertions I agree with, such as that big government is a national security threat since “it increases your vulnerability to threats like Islamism, and makes it less likely you’ll be able to summon the will to rebuff it.”

According to Steyn, “Four years into the ‘war on terror,’ the Bush administration began promoting a new formulation: ‘the long war.’ Not a good sign. In a short war, put your money on tanks and bombs. In a long war, the better bet is will and manpower.”

Critics would claim that Mr. Steyn isn’t contributing to maintaining Western willpower by suggesting that we’ve already lost. Still, I shouldn’t be too hard on him. The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations denounced his article as “Islamophobic, inflammatory and offensive.” If CAIR dislikes you, you know you must be doing something right.

But he makes other assertions I strongly disagree with, such as indicating that the United States should remain in Iraq to spread democracy: “What does it mean when the world’s hyperpower, responsible for 40 percent of the planet’s military spending, decides that it cannot withstand a guerrilla war with historically low casualties against a ragbag of local insurgents and imported terrorists?”

Here, Mark Steyn is wrong, which indicates that he doesn’t fully understand Islam. The entire project of “spreading democracy” was a mistake from the very beginning, because democracy cannot be exported to an Islamic country such as Iraq. It is stupidity to waste hundreds of billions of dollars on Muslims while Islamization continues apace in the West.

Steyn also does not fully understand the issue of demography. Islamic countries are parasitical. Even the massive population growth is only an advantage as long as Muslims are allowed to export it to infidel lands. Deprived of this opportunity, and of Western aid, the Islamic world would quickly sink into a quagmire of overpopulation. This is a long-term solution, to demonstrate to Muslims the failure of Islam.

According to Srdja Trifkovic, the author of Defeating Jihad, “The tangible cost of the presence of a Muslim man, woman and child to the American taxpayer is at least $100,000 each year. The cost of the general unpleasantness associated with the terrorist threat and its impact on the quality of our lives is, of course, incalculable. (…) There is a direct, empirically verifiable correlation between the percentage of Muslims in a country and the increase of terrorist violence in that country (not to mention the general decline in the quality of life and civilized discourse).”

Sooner or later, we have to deal with the implications of this fact. The best way to deal with the Islamic world is to have as little to do with it as possible. We should completely stop Muslim immigration. This could be done in indirect ways, such as banning immigration from nations known to be engaged in terrorism. All Muslim non-citizens in the West should be removed. We should also change our laws to ensure that Muslim citizens who advocate sharia, preach Jihad, the inequality of “infidels” etc should have their citizenship revoked and be deported back to their country of origin.

We need to create an environment where the practice of Islam is made difficult. Muslim citizens should be forced to accept our secular ways or leave if they desire sharia. Much of this can be done in a non-discriminatory way, by simply refusing to allow special pleading to Muslims. Do not allow Islamic public calls to prayer as this is offensive to other faiths. Both boys and girls should take part in all sporting and social activities of the school and the community. The veil should be banned in public institutions, thus contributing to breaking the traditional subjugation of women. Companies and public buildings should not be forced to build prayer rooms for Muslims. Enact laws to eliminate the abuse of family reunification laws. Do not permit major investments by Muslims in Western media or universities.

It is conceivable that some infidel nations will copy the Benes Decrees from Czechoslovakia in 1946, when most of the so-called Sudeten Germans had shown themselves to be a dangerous fifth column. The Czech government thus expelled them from its land. As Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch has demonstrated, there is a much better case for a Benes Decree for parts of Europe’s Muslim population now than there ever was for the Sudeten Germans.

Is that racism and Fascism you say? Muslims themselves in poll after poll state that their loyalty lies with the Islamic Umma, not with the country they live in. “I’m a Muslim living in Britain, I’m not British” is the sentiment. Well, if Muslims themselves state that their citizenship is not worth the paper it is printed upon, why not take their word for it?

David Selbourne, author of The Losing Battle with Islam thinks that “Islam’s swift progress is easily explained. For the West — but not China or India — is as politically and ideologically weak as the world of Islam is strong. The West is handicapped by many factors: its over-benign liberalism, the lost moral status of the Christian faith, the vacillations of its judiciaries and the incoherence of their judgments, political and military hesitations over strategy and tactics, poor intelligence (in both senses), and the complicities of the ‘Left’.”

Can the West defeat the Islamic threat? Selbourne states ten reasons why not, including the extent of political division in the non-Muslim world about what is afoot, the confusion of Leftist “progressives” about the Islamic advance, anti-Americanism and the vicarious satisfaction felt by many non-Muslims at America’s reverses, as well as the West’s dependency on the oil and material resources of Arab and Muslim countries.

According to him, Islam will not be defeated because “the strengths of the world community of Muslims are being underestimated.” Yet another indication that Islam’s advance will continue lies in “the skilful use being made of the media and of the world wide web in the service both of the ‘electronic jihad’.”

I agree with him that the cultural weakness of the West is a major disadvantage, and has been one important reason behind the recent resurgence of Jihad. It was never inevitable that we allowed millions of Muslims to settle in our lands. This was the result of Multiculturalism and the weakening of our cultural identity, and in Europe with the deliberate help of Eurabians.

The impact of globalization and modern mass media is more complicated and has contradictory results. As one pundit at ex-Muslim Ali Sina’s website put it: “Rituals are important as brainwashing tools to instill discipline and loyalty. Islam’s focus on rituals remind me of the rituals in the military. (...) But what worked well for a medieval war machine is disastrous for Muslims in the modern world. The Arab war machine was supported by the blind obedience, brotherhood, courage, hatred and high birth rates inspired by Islam. (...) But these same qualities are handicaps for Muslims in the age of the microchip. Today they lead to poverty, belligerency, war and defeat.”

Islam was perfect for medieval warfare, but gradually lost out to the West, especially after the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, which could never have taken place in Islamic lands because of their lack of freedom and their cult of authority. Ironically, history has now gone full circle. Muslims are still useless in developing anything new, but as a result of migration, modern communications, the presence of Muslims in infidel lands and Arab oil revenues, they can more readily buy or expropriate technology from others. The Iranian Revolution was aided by audio cassettes of speeches by the Ayatollah Khomeini.

In the book The West and the Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat, Roger Scruton argues that globalization “offers militant Islam the opportunity that it has lacked since the Ottoman retreat from central Europe.” It has created “a true Islamic umma, which identifies itself across borders in terms of a global form of legitimacy, and which attaches itself like a parasite to global institutions and techniques that are the by-products of Western democracy.”

The “techniques and infrastructure on which al Qaeda depends are the gifts of the new global institutions. It is Wall Street and Zurich that produced the network of international finance that enables Osama bin Laden to conceal his wealth and to deploy it anywhere in the world. It is Western enterprise with its multinational outreach that produced the technology that bin Laden has exploited so effectively against us. And it is Western science that developed the weapons of mass destruction he would dearly like to obtain. His wealth, too, would be inconceivable without the vast oil revenues brought to Saudi Arabia from the West, there to precipitate the building boom from which his father profited.”

While Scruton gives some support to the idea that the Internet and modern communications technology have strengthened Islam, there are some contradictory views worth listening to.

Theodore Dalrymple thinks that “Islam has nothing whatever to say to the modern world,” and states that “Personally, I believe that all forms of Islam are very vulnerable in the modern world to rational criticism, which is why the Islamists are so ferocious in trying to suppress such criticism. They have instinctively understood that Islam itself, while strong, is exceedingly brittle, as communism once was. They understand that, at the present time in human history, it is all or nothing. (…) Islamism is a last gasp, not a renaissance, of the religion; but, as anyone who has watched a person die will attest, last gasps can last a surprisingly long time.”

Although some of the tensions we are seeing now are caused by Western cultural weakness, part of it is also related to the impersonal forces of technological globalization. Previously, Muslims and non-Muslims could for the most part ignore each other on a daily basis. This is no longer possible, because Muslims see the Western world on TV every day. And if somebody in, say, Denmark says something “insulting” about Muhammad — which in the 19th century would have gone unnoticed in Pakistan or Egypt — thanks to email, mobile phones and satellite TV, millions of Muslims will know about it within hours. However, this can potentially be good for non-Muslims.

Contrary to what Selbourne claims, the Internet has in fact emerged as an important, perhaps crucial factor in the Western resistance, as author Bruce Bawer has noticed: “Thank God for the [Inter]Net. I tremble at the thought of all the things that have happened during the past years that I would never have known about without it. The bloggers have in some cases reported about things that the mainstream media has left out, and in other cases pointed out omissions and distortions in the media coverage. Frequently, the mass media has felt compelled by the bloggers to pay attention to stories they would otherwise have ignored. The blogosphere is a fantastic way to spread news. If an important event has been reported in just a single, insignificant local paper, one blogger somewhere will have written about it, other bloggers will have linked to him etc. so that the news story is passed on to blog readers around the world. If Europe is saved, it will be because of the Internet.”

Columnist Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post praises the blogosphere and states that: “The responsibility of protecting our nations and societies from internal disintegration has passed to the hands of individuals, often working alone, who refuse to accept the degradation of their societies and so fight with the innovative tools of liberty to protect our way of life.”

J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic tale the Lord of the Rings is a story about the little people, the Hobbits, saving the day in the end. The most powerful enemy within in Tolkien’s story is the wizard Saruman. In the West now, Saruman corresponds to a whole class of people in politics, the media and academia. The Sarumans of the West are met with resistance from thousands of little hobbits in cyberspace, and they don’t like it. Pessimists claim that this era is merely the Wild West period of the Internet, which will gradually become tamed and censored. That is possible, but even if events should turn out that way, the Internet will still have given an important contribution to the Western resistance of our time.
Seaborne believes that many people are underestimating the strength of Islam. Perhaps, but some observers, including Mark Steyn and Mr. Seaborne himself, may be overestimating it. They overlook the fact that Islam has many weaknesses, too. Don’t underestimate your enemy. Muslims should be credited for making clever use of our weaknesses, but this “we’re all doomed and have already lost” theme is overblown.

We should implement a policy of containment of the Islamic world. I’m not saying that containment is all that we will ever need to do, but it is the very minimum that is acceptable. Perhaps the spread of nuclear weapons technology, the darkest side of globalization, will trigger a large-scale war with the Islamic world at some point. The only way to avoid this is to take steps, including military ones, to deprive Muslims of such technology.
We should restrain their ability to hurt us physically. We can’t prevent it completely, but we should limit it as much as possible. Muslims try to wear us down through terrorism. They should be worn down through mockery and criticism. We should also make clear that for every Islamic terror attack we will increase these efforts, which Muslims fear more than our weapons. It’s the new balance of terror.

Dr Koenraad Elst, one of Belgium’s best orientalists, thinks “Islam is in decline, despite its impressive demographic and military surge” – which according to Dr Elst is merely a “last upheaval.” He acknowledges, however, that this decline can take some time (at least in terms of the individual human life span) and that it is possible that Islam will succeed in becoming the majority religion in Europe before collapsing.

Dalrymple is probably correct when he says that Islam is an “all or nothing” religion which cannot be secularized. The future may not belong to Islam, as Mark Steyn suggests. It is conceivable that Islam in some generations will cease to be a global force of any significance, but in the meantime it will be a constant source of danger to its neighbors, from Europe through India to Southeast Asia. The good news is that Islam may not be able to achieve the world dominance it desires. The bad news is that it may be able to achieve a world war. We can only cage it as much as possible and try to prevent this from happening.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

French & UNIFIL Fire at Israeli Reconnaissance Jets

I find it amazing that French and UNIFIL troops wish to enforce terms of the Cease Fire on Israel yet fail to do so at the more threatening re-arming of Hezbollah.

Israeli news sources reported on Thursday that French soldiers in Lebanon who feel threatened by "aggressive" Israeli reconnaissance flights are allowed to open fire on the warplanes.

Nehushtan reportedly told his French counterparts that the Israeli overflights are for intelligence collection and surveillance - hardly a "threat" compared to Hizb'Allah's continued violations of the UN ceasefire, including remaining a presence in south Lebanon, retaining their arms, and smuggling even more weapons across the Syrian border. (
ICEJ News E-Letter)

When will the global anti-Semitism stop? Hezbollah is arming for round two in Lebanon. Hamas is arming and training Gaza south west of Israel. The world does nothing but let it happen.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is time to thank God for Freedom, Liberty and the Almighty’s Grace to allow America to exist.

Then: Food, Football and Fun.

Thanksgiving Posts:
Newt Gingrich and Mark Alexander.

Rethinking the Egypt-Israel “Peace” Treaty

Daniel Pipes re-examines the treaty that was signed between Egypt and Israel.

All things that was supposed to happen after the momentous occasion has not happened enmasse. Only Jordan followed suit. The rest of the Arab world was supposed to follow one after the other from Egypt’s example. It has not happened.

The Middle East is ripe with anti-Semitism and death to Israel sentiment among the Mohammedan populace. Egypt has had a peace treaty for twenty-seven years with Israel. Twenty-seven years and 92% of Egyptians over eighteen consider Israel an enemy State.

Now keeping this in mind, Egypt’s President Mubarak is aging. Who will replace the dictator? Mubarak is considering a nuclear program. Who do you think inspired that?

Following Iran’s stalwart example much of the Mohammedan nations that have the budget for it are considering the nuclear option. Considering the amount of vitriol by Mohammedans against Jews and Israel, this cannot be good.

Another to consider is that many of these Mohammedan nations (Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia come to mind) receive American arms and technology. If Saudi Arabia and Egypt are overcome by the sentiment of their constituent populations they would become instant enemies of Israel. Although Jordanians are pretty loyal to their Hashemite royal dynasty, I suspect Jordan by pressure of sheer numbers would fall in line.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia would be very formidable enemies that are very close to Israel. Israel could only survive a twenty-first century assault from Arabs and Mohammedans with outside assistance. I am here to tell you that the ONLY nation that would consider aiding Israel is America. Europe is ready to sell the Jews of Israel down the river for oil. Without European assurances, America would not have a stable way to come to Israel’s defense. This would become a holocaust that makes Hitler’s final solution look like a walk in the park.

The Egypt-Israel peace treaty is only worth the paper it is written on. Once radical Mohammedan prevails in the region, the paper will be worthless.

Continued Hamas Rocket Launching Requires Israeli Response

Hamas has been incessantly launching missiles aimed at Israeli civilian populations, in particular at Sderot. Hamas has been receiving training from Syria and Hezbollah in preparation of Israeli reprisals. After eighty Qassam missiles in the last eleven days it appears that Israeli response is in the works.

According to Debka Files resources the military commanders of Israel have convinced Prime Minister Olmert that the longer Israel waits the greater the Israeli casualties will be. If the Debka File is correct and Israel launches a major offensive into Gaza, expect the global MSM to whine about Israeli aggression and fail to report the attempted murder of Israeli civilians by Hamas.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Zahra Kamalfar Trapped In Moscow

I found this at Pajamas Media. You need to go there to read about the hell this Iranian woman and her children have endured since fleeing Iran.

Zahra Kamalfar has been trapped in political limbo in a Moscow airport for 73 days as of Saturday November 18.

The last I read is the Russians are sending her back to Iran. For her, it will be certain death.

al Qaeda wants an "American Madrid"

Walid Phares identifies al Qaeda propaganda is aimed at another Madrid in America. In case you forgot, al Qaeda executed terrorist bombing in Madrid that resulted in huge loss of Spanish lives.

Did Spain react with indignation that a foreign and hostile entity – radical Mohammedanism – attacked their homeland? Did Spain wish to defend their sovereignty by aiding America to respond with extreme prejudice to terrorism?

NO! The Spain electorate voted out the conservative Spanish government to replace it with Appeasement minded Left Wingers.
Al Qaeda is unleashing a propaganda campaign both in and out of the Middle East claiming their stalwart ideology of death brought in the Democratic Party to power in America’s Congress. Soon America will collapse as the weak entity that they believe it is.

The Rape of Europe

Here is a month old essay about Mohammedanism and Europe. The implication is that the demographics combined with more indigenous Europeans emigrating out than foreigners immigrating in, will eventually transform secular Europe into Mohammedan domination.

Mohammedan domination in Europe will spell the end of Freedom, Liberty and Justice as Westerners have come to enjoy. Western concepts will be replaced by the repression of Mohammedan Sharia Law. Western concepts will inculcate Mohammedan repression toward other religions and secular mind-sets.

read the essay and WAKE UP from your appeasement minded, hide behind your over-indulged freedoms, and take a stand against radical Mohammedanism.

Look Who is Cutting and Running Now

Are the so-called “Realists” of the Republican Party joining the “cut-n-run” crowd of the Democratic Party? Christopher Hitchens thinks so.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

D’Souza: Atheism Is the Real Force Behind Mass Murders, Not Religion

Dinesh D’Souza is one of my favorite Conservatives. D’Souza takes on the Secular Humanist attack on religion – Christianity in particular.

There have been a series of Left Wingers writing books blaming Christianity for all the violence and conflict on the globe. D’Souza aptly refutes that with examples of Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong. All of these secular despots (ironically he left out the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia) committed mass genocide that hugely over shadows violence done in the name of Christianity.

And note I said Christianity: Humans that make human rules exacted violence. The violence was diametrically opposed to the tenets of Jesus Christ.

This D’Souza essay is a

Do The Realists Offer a Viable Alternative?

Reuel Marc Gerecht of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has written an interesting essay. Gerecht’s premise is that the political “Realists” that are in both Parties really have little to offer as bargaining chips to entice Iran and Syria to help solve Iraq’s internal instability.

The “Realists” of the Republican Party apparently are led by the voice of former Secretary of State James A. Baker III. The Baker strategy is reminiscent of old fashioned American foreign policy. Feel out regional thugs, entice the thugs with American largesse. The thugs that do not tow the line are played the thugs that do tow the line.

The so-called “Realists” are living in the past if they believe this will work in the Middle East. The Middle East has become way too radicalized with hatred toward America.

The only bargaining chips that Iran would listen to are related to its nuclear ambitions. Even if Iran bargained, America cannot trust the word of Iran. Their inherent radical Mohammedanism is based on
lying to the Kafir if it serves the purpose of furthering Mohammedanism.

Acquiescing on the nuclear issue will only slow down radical Mohammedanism in the Middle East. A nuclear armed Iran will lead to other Arab nations to arm with nuclear weapons. Why? The reason is ninety percent of the Middle East is Sunni, while Iran is a radical Shi’ite nation. The Shi’ites – no matter how loud – represent only ten percent of Mohammedans.

The Sunni Mohammedans would arm with WMD to counter Iran. Eventually the focus would return to Israel. Literally accomplishing what Iran has proclaimed – the wiping of Israel off the map. There is no way – no matter how sophisticated – that little Israel could with stand a multiple nuclear assault.

The “Realists” are dreaming in delusion.

[* If the AEI link dies, I have cross posted Gerecht’s essay, “
Bartering with Nothing,” at Gerecht’s essay is at the end of this essay.]

Olmert prepares defense minister's ouster

Israel is still feeling the affects of the war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. The affects are so traumatic that politically Ehud Olmert is getting ready to demote his Minister of Defense Peretz to a lesser port folio.

In an effort to maintain stability in the Olmert Cabinet, the Prime Minister is going to enlist former Labor Party leader Ehud Barak as Prime Minister and Ami Ayalon (ex-shin Beit Director) as the Deputy Minister of Defense.

Labor is the Left Wing party of Israel and Shin Beit is associated with Intelligence some what like Mossad.

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in America has been associated with the Christian faith in America. I just finished reading Newt Gingrich’s “The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving.” The extremely poignant point Newt makes is that Thanksgiving is about religion. George Washington made the first Thanksgiving proclamation and Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving an official annual holiday in America. Yes, that is correct – Thanksgiving is a religious holiday based on Christianity sanctioned by the secular United States government.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Below is a chain email. I am not going to bother to check the veracity of the details. I have read much of these things of Jane Fonda in the past. Indeed as a teenager I remember Fonda and Tom Hayden castigating soldiers publicly about their duty in Vietnam. It was shameful.

Then I heard another unverified rumor that Fonda and Turner divorced over Fonda becoming “born again.” Frankly if that is true I have not seen the fruit of Christian faith. A Christian would publicly repent or repudiate all the actions Fonda has been accused of in the Vietnam War era. I have not seen or heard such remorse from Fonda. In light of that, I am posting this chain email below.

Remember it is not verified and as chain email gets passed along people add or detract or do spell check (which I did by the way – spell check). Thus even if there was a beginning of truth, deviation from the original may have altered.


She really was a traitor.

This is for all the kids born in the 70's that do not remember, and didn't have to bear the burden that our fathers, mothers and olderbrothers and sisters had to bear.

Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the "100 Women of the Century."

Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have never known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country, but specific men who served and sacrificed during Vietnam. The first part of this is from an F-4E pilot.

The pilot's name is Jerry Driscoll, a River Rat.

In 1968, the former Commandant of the USAF Survival School was a POW in Ho Lo Prison the "Hanoi Hilton."

Dragged from a stinking cesspit of a cell, cleaned, fed, and dressed in clean PJ's, he was ordered to describe for a visiting American "Peace Activist" the "lenient and humane treatment" he'd received.

He spat at Ms. Fonda, was clubbed, and was dragged away. During the subsequent beating, he fell forward on to the camp Commandant’s feet, which sent that officer berserk. In 1978, the Air Force Colonel still suffered from double vision (which permanently ended his flying career) from the Commandant's frenzied application of a wooden baton.

From 1963-65, Col. Larry Carrigan was in the 47FW/DO (F-4E's). He spent 6 years in the "Hanoi Hilton"... the first three of which his family only knew he was "missing in action".
His wife lived on faith that he was still alive.
His group, too, got the cleaned-up, fed and clothed routine in preparation for a "peace delegation" visit.
They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the world that they were alive and still survived. Each man secreted a tinypiece of paper, with his Social Security Number on it, in the palm of his hand.

When paraded before Ms. Fonda and a cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man's hand and asking little encouragingsnippets like: "Aren't you sorry you bombed babies?" and "Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?"
Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed Fonda their sliver of paper. She took them all without missing a beat. At theend of the line and once the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs, she turned to the officer in charge and handedhim all the little pieces of paper.

Three men died from the subsequent beatings.

Colonel Carrigan was almost number four but he survived, which is the only reason we know of her actions that day.

I was a civilian economic development advisor in Vietnam, and was captured by the North Vietnamese communists in South Vietnam in1968, and held prisoner for over 5 years.

I spent 27 months in solitary confinement; one year in a cage in Cambodia; and one year in a "black box" in Hanoi. My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Ban me Thuot, SouthVietnam, whom I buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border.

At one time, I weighed only about 90 lbs. (My normal weight is 170 lbs.) We were Jane Fonda's "war criminals."
When Jane Fonda was in Hanoi, I was asked by the camp communist political officer if I would be willing to meet with her.I said yes, for I wanted to tell her about the real treatment we POWs received... and how different it was from the treatment purported bythe North Vietnamese, and parroted by her as "humane and lenient."
Because of this, I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees, with my arms outstretched with large steel weights placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane.

I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Fonda soon after I was released. I asked her if she would be willing to debate me on TV. She never did answer me.
These first-hand experiences do not exemplify someone who should be honored as part of "100 Years of Great Women." Lest we forget..." 100 Years of Great Women" should never include a traitor whose hands arecovered with the blood of so many patriots.
There are few things I have strong visceral reactions to, but Hanoi Jane's participation in blatant treason, is one of them.
Please take the time to forward to as many people as you possibly can.It will eventually end up on her computer and she needs to know that we will never forget.
716 Maintenance Squadron, Chief of Maintenance
DSN: 875-6431
COMM: 883-6343


[I ran a spell check on this for much of the grammar was annoying.]

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Re-Structured Bush Doctrine a New Domino Theory?

Conservative pundits that live in Israel are becoming wary of the moral clarity of the Bush Doctrine. Saul Singer of the Jerusalem Post wonders out loud that the Democratic Party Congressional election victory may have influenced Bush to fall back on classical foreign policy strategies. Conservative Israeli pundits do not look at future Secretary of Defense Gates as a friend of Israel.

Nuclear proliferation may be just over the horizon among Arab nations due to Western irresolution on Iranian nukes. Singer believes that if Bush does not shrug off the stigma of a lame duck Presidency, Israel will face tough days to remain in existence. Singer urges the President to unilaterally do something about Iran’s nuclear project.

I doubt that the President will do anything with Iran without some kind of major provocation. Indeed the talk now is to enlist Iran in negotiations to assuage the situation in Iraq. Including Iran on Iraq will validate the Iranian nuclear program.

With validation comes more boldness to act against Western and American interests. That in turn will embolden nuclear proliferation among Arab nations. The same Arab nations that have had an inferior military compared to Israel’s military. A nuclear armed Arab Middle East will diminish the Israeli military advantage that has saved its existence since 1948.

Friends this is the old domino theory once used for Communism in Southeast Asia. This is a theory which was proved true in Southeast Asia. The difference in the Middle East is that the mind-set is a culture of violence. So-called moderate Arab nations that have accepted Israel will re-think that concept if armed with nuclear weapons.

It is the dream of Ahmadinejad coming to fruition – wiping Israel off the map.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mohammedans in Indonesians Brutalize Christians

You need to understand that Mohammedans hate – yes I said hate – Christians and Jews. The Mohammedan book they call “holy” calls Christians and Jews “people of the book.” Mohammedans use this as an example that their cult is a “religion of peace.” That is all deception for their book promotes the death of all that insult Mohammedanism. The protection is only if the Christian and Jew bow in subservience and acknowledgement that Mohammedanism is superior. Without compliance, death is the required consequence as far as the Mohammedan is concerned.

Atlas Shrugs has some photographs smuggled out of Indonesia. Indonesia is the most populated Mohammedan nation on the planet. Recently Mohammedans went on a killing spree against Christians. The killing spree included public humiliation, mutilation and desecration of the murdered Christians and beheading with heads lined up as trophies.

Atlas Shrugs is bold enough to show the pictures. I am not that bold. It is a kind of thing that a free Blog as this would put a warning on.

If you have the stomach for it,
view how Mohammedans truly feel about Christians who choose to worship freely without compliance Mohammedan restrictions.

Iraq: It could be all about the Sunni

There is a Council on Foreign Relations report attempting to present the view point of the minority Sunni Mohammedans in Iraq. The report offers less in solution realm and more in the problem realm. Analysts disagree on what the Sunnis perceive in Iraq, thus the report does a good job of portraying those disagreements.

The one thing that the analysts do agree on is that the Sunnis feel threatened by the majority Shi’ites in Iraq. There are multiple Sunni insurgent terrorist organizations that are in fighting about how to deal with the Shi’ites. The public Sunni goal is to rid Iraq of Americans in hope of taking done the Shi’ite dominated government. Privately many Sunni leaders are hoping Americans stay longer out of fear of Shi’ites unleashing wide scale vengeance for Sunni collaboration with Hussein’s brutality and Shi’ite genocide.

There are other scenarios as well. The Brits favor getting Syria and Iran involved in negotiations to temper the Iraq situation even though the American government perceives Syria and Iran as the major problem of destabilization in Iraq.

There is talk of a three autonomous region Iraq. There is talk of America gradually leaving to allow Sunni nations to replace America’s presence to counter Iranian Shi’ite involvement in Iraq: and on and on.

It is extremely complicated in Iraq because of the butchery of Hussein on Kurds and Shi’ites and the Sunnis enjoying a half a century of dominance. There are a lot of gaping wounds in Iraq. If Iraq was a human being it would die on the surgery table or be committed to a mental institution.

America’s stand point a bi-partisan report is about to be released on Iraq suggestions. The report was headed by former Secretary of State James A. Baker III. Baker has had a reputation of being a pro-Arab conservative. The anonymous sources that have been secreting details of the report before its official release suggest some of the very same options already discussed.

“…Washington is abuzz with anonymously sourced reports about its contents. Proposed solutions (CSMonitor) reportedly range from convening a regional roundtable of Iraq’s neighbors to enacting a phased redeployment of U.S. forces to stepping up the training of Iraqi security forces. Whatever its recommendations, experts expect a major shift in U.S. policy on Iraq in the coming year. President Bush, briefed by members of the bipartisan commission, informed reporters he looked forward to “their interesting ideas,” but added that “the best military options depend upon the conditions on the ground,” which suggests he would not make major troop redeployments without the Pentagon’s assent.

The report may be controversial among Republicans. Senator McCain has hinted that he may oppose the conclusions. McCain feels the solution in Iraq lay with an increased military presence.

It will be interesting how the Baker Iraq Study Group report plays out
Crossed posted at

Friday, November 17, 2006

U.S. Appeasement Encourages Arab Nations to Go Nuclear

The Objectivist/Libertarian Ayn Rand Institute’s most recent email list release is entitled, “U.S. Appeasement Encourages Arab Nations to Go Nuclear.”

ARI rightly divides that the arming of Iran with nuclear weapons has inspired other Arab nations to do the same. The Arabs see that the West is doing ZERO to stop Iran. The West criticizes, Iran keeps saying – “Show me what you got!” The West wallows in Western diplomatic efforts to a culture that rejects Westernism.

The Islamist/Mohammedan thought pattern is the medieval convert or die mentality. That mentality is not the Western mentality of diplomacy.

Imagine having several medieval radical Mohammedan nations armed with nuclear weapons. It would not matter how talented the Israeli army is, a multiple nuclear strike would indeed wipe Israel off the map.

Imagine several radical Mohammedan regimes supporting international terrorist organizations with suit case nukes. I assure you they will be detonated. Who does the West retaliate with their own nuclear strike? The radical Mohammedan nations will disavow participation.

The West will be dead before they can figure out the moral ramifications and diplomatic red tape on who to defend themselves from.

The Jonestown Tragedy Had Liberal Roots

Does anyone remember Jim Jones and the People’s Temple? Well I was in my late teens in those days. The recollection of Jim Jones that I have is the TV reports of a Congressman going to visit Reverend Jones in Guyana. He was murdered. Shortly thereafter Jones instructed his cult to commit suicide. Most acquiesced voluntarily some were shot for disobedience. Pretty freaky huh!

I just found some information that ties
Kool Aid Jones (found out it was grape punch) to the liberal Democratic Party. I am not just talking small fries; I am talking big dogs of the Lefty Democratic Party.

Olmert Still Determined on Realignment

Ehud Olmert is still determined to go through with his “Convergence” plan. This is the plan Olmert’s predecessor Sharon called “Disengagement.” Apparently Olmert is packaging the plan as “Realignment” now.

Roughly speaking the plan calls for removing hundreds of thousands of Jews from Gaza (already occurred) and Samaria (Americans call it the West Bank). Olmert has even hinted at dividing Jerusalem to barter for Israeli/Palestinian peace.

This is insane! Olmert is bartering with Jewish heritage with a group of people that still totally intend to destroy Israel and all Jews living therein.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It Is Time to Find More Watchmen

Okay I received one of those emails that might come under the category of “chain email.” You know the kind, read this and pass along to 10 friends. The email that I read was not that bad, indeed it was a rare moment of an email that should be passed along to every email address in America. This comes under the category of Patriotic Spam. This digital document should be en masse spammed to everyone in America. The document is brief and possesses simple clarity that only a self-deceived blind person could not comprehend.

One of my friends (yes it is true - I have friends) at my Yahoo 360˚ blog called
Know Thyself emailed it to me. I am sharing it on the many blogs that I operate.

I posted it

Main Stream Media Caught Altering Information - AGAIN!

The above picture was sent in to Time Magazine with this caption by photographer Bruno Stevens:

“Kfar Chima, near Beirut, July 17, 2006 An Israeli Air Force F16 has alledgedly been shot down while bombing a group of Hezbollah owned trucks, at least one of these trucks contained a medium range ground to ground missile launcher.”

Time took a similar photograph by Stevens and altered the caption to imply an Israeli plane was definitely shot down. The huge fire and large amount of smoke in the background is actually a Lebanonese Army truck with a large amount of munitions used by Hezbollah.

Both Time and U.S. World & News Report reported the story as if Hezbollah had shot the Israeli jet down. They attempted to skew the story to effect sympathy and false info concerning Hezbollah. In fact the stories would have been closer to the truth if they had reported the burning truck (not a jet) was an implication of Lebanonese Army collusion with Hezbollah.

Here is the caption re-written by Time:

“The wreckage of a downed Israeli jet that was targeting Hizballah trucks billows smoke behind a Hizballah gunman in Kfar Chima, near Beirut. Jet fuel set the surrounding area ablaze.”

There are
more pictures and Bruno Stevens' defense that the MSM actually changed the meaning with their own caption.

Why Intellectuals Still Support Socialism

The Ludwig von Mises Institute was named after its namesake. Von Mises was part of what is known as the Austrian School of Economics. The Austrian School (not actually a school) became a moniker for Free Market Capitalism and highly against Socialist and Communist economic systems. After World War II von Mises economic intellectualism largely ran opposed to John Kenneth Galbraith. Galbraith’s economics was heralded as the standard of the day: mixture of socialist controls and market enterprise. Thus von Mises and the Austrian School intellectuals fell out of favor. They started making a come back just before the Reagan Administration.

The author of an
extremely well laid out essay – Peter Klein – relies heavily on another Austrian School economist by the name of F. A. Hayek.

This is what caught my eye about this essay: The reason there are so many socialist/Left slanted Academics at universities, colleges and schools in America is because the free market intellectuals eschew academic intellectualism for making real money in market society. The intellectual Leftist does not have the acumen to make money so they theorize how money should be spent. Thus the slanted Left intellectuals dominate Academics and the Slanted Right intellectuals make the money.