Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel Defends itself – The Anti-Semitic World Disdains Isrel Self-Defense

After years of not responding to missile attacks from Hamastan (Gaza) Israel has finally embarked on what any other nation would do – DEFEND ITSELF.

I heard a great analogy by Benjamin Netanyahu on Fox News this morning. I’m afraid the best I can do is paraphrase the analogy from memory so if you heard the same thing rest assured my interpretation of Netanyahu’s analogy is at least close to the original.

First of all let me say this. Netanyahu was incredibly placed in a position in which he had to defend the Israeli attacks on Muslim Arabs that have the sole desire only to destroy the Land of Israel.

Eventually Netanyahu gave this analogy to the Fox News interviewer concerning Israel’s increasingly upgrade of the intensity of self-defense.

Netanyahu eventually added something like this:

    Having Hamas directly south of Israel shooting missiles at Israeli civilian is like America tolerating a hostile al-Qaeda camp just outside of New York City.

America would Ruby Ridge that al-Qaeda camp if it existed outside of New York City. Although I suspect survivalists would join whatever American authority in blasting radical Muslims off of American soil.

I came across a post from
Publius’ Forum that shares my shared mystification that the Times Online is more concerned about Obama’s Foreign Policy goals affected by Israel protecting itself from the murdering Muslim Hamastanis.

The Times should be reporting that even as Israel is coming down harshly for Hamas missiles being launched on the Land, Hamas is continuing to launch missile at population centers and NOT Israeli military targets.

JRH 12/30/08

Baby Trip, Son of Levi and Bristol

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston became the proud parents of a seven pound seven ounce baby boy named Trip Easton Mitchell Johnston. The birth was December 29, 2008 at about 5:30 AM in Palmer, AK.

Of course the notable Grand Parents are Todd and Governor Sarah Palin. The less known Grandmother is Sherry Johnston who seems to found herself in
a spot of trouble.

I wonder if the crazy Left will mention this as some sort of Slanted Right diabolical occurrence when in fact it is a blessing of God.

JRH 12/30/08 (Hat tip to Right in a Left World)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Is the UK America’s reflection of Future Sharia Law?

Thank God for Act for America. Brigitte Gabriel’s activist organization enlists grassroots chapters across America to actively educate non-Muslims (called kafir by Muslims) about the dangers of an encroaching violent Theo-political death cult in American society. Act for America has delivered an email alert concerning the dhimmi appeasement in Britain might take place in America.

Britain actually has cities that allow judicial components to operate specifically in the jurisdiction of Muslims residing in Britain. This means
Sharia Law is utilized in contradistinction to Britain’s Western Culture rule of law.

If you don’t know it, Sharia Law is one of the great evils developed by mankind to successfully keep practioners of Islam to tow the Islamic way and to viciously discriminate against non-Muslims (AKA kafir).

As for Muslims,
Sharia Law also utilizes harsh punishments for breaking Islamic cultural mores such as leaving Islam, reducing women to chattel or sex-slaves, death for moral deviancy such as homosexuality, death to women victim’s of rape, (in Middle Easter areas) the loss of human appendages for theft, honor killings (primarily of women) if an action (such as dating a kafir) dishonors the Muslim family and on and on.

The Act for America email I received is a write up on a
Damian Thompson blog entry of Britain’s Telegraph. Mr. Thompson’s title, “Exclusive: over 60 per cent of Britain's Muslim schools have extremist links, says draft report.”

Can you imagine that? Sixty percent of Britain’s private Islamic schools have “extremist links.” Since we live in a PC world let us be plain as to whom “extremist” refers to.

The “extremists” are Islamic terrorists from the Middle East, Islamic dominated nations and/or extreme Muslims within the West.

That should shed some clarity on the PC reference of “extremist.”

Basically here is the warning from Act for America: What happens in English speaking Britain in a cultural or legal framework oft times makes it’s way across the Atlantic Ocean to America. That being said – my fellow Americans – you should wonder how many private Islamic/Mohammedan schools (or even public schools with an Arabic/Muslim culture) has ties to Islamic extremism both here and abroad.

Here is the Act for America email:

    60% of UK's Muslim schools linked to 'extremists'

    Act for America
    Email Sent: December 29, 2008 9:32:32 AM

    Dear …,

    We frequently refer you to what is happening in Great Britain because there we have a road map of what is coming to the United States, if we fail to act or choose to act as Great Britain has acted over the past 30 years. Seldom in life do we get the opportunity to see so clearly what does not work so that we can avoid replicating what does not work.

    The bottom line is that Britain’s approach to dealing with the threat of radical Islam, no matter how well-intentioned, is proving to be an abject failure. Britain’s politically correct attempts to appease and accommodate Islamic militancy, in the hopes of mitigating radicalism and terrorism, are not only failing to mitigate those threats, they are accelerating them.

    For instance, two different polls released over the past few years reveal that Britain’s Muslim population is increasingly clamoring for the imposition of Shariah law – which is now officially recognized in numerous cities across the country. These polls also reveal that second-generation Muslims, the children of the immigrants who came to Britain, are likely to be more radical than their parents.

    The latest evidence of the failure of Britain’s approach is revealed in the commentary below.

    As dangerous as Islamic terrorism is, to focus on that threat to the exclusion of the many ways that “cultural jihad” is being advanced in the West and here in America, is in itself dangerous. What will America be like in 30 years if we have 2,000 Islamic schools and madrassas in this country, a majority of which have links to extremists, teach extremist doctrines, and isolate their students from the world at large?

    This is what the chilling study referred to below has found in Britain. This is cultural jihad at work. We are watching the transformation of Britain take place before our very eyes.

    If we fail to act…or if we choose to act as Britain has…we are next.

    Rest assured ACT! for America will do everything we can to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Do God in Heaven! Do Americans want Extremist Muslims teaching the American-Muslim population to hate America, the U.S. Constitution and Judaism? Think long and hard before you think this is a freedom of religion issue. This is an issue of Muslim Supremacists utilizing American laws to warp an exclusivity right for a specific religion (or as I prefer – Theo-political death cult).

JRH 12/29/08

Sunday, December 28, 2008

JudgeBob: Legalized Pedophilia

Judge Bob hits the nail on the head concerning legalized pedophilia. Bob had used four YouTube videos to make his point. Judge Bob examines legally married American child brides and the brutality of the near slavery and definite sex toys of the Islamic child bride. Judge Bob approves neither but demonstrates the abhorrence of the treatment of little girls forced into sex-slavery. You can read about it on Judge Bob’s Post.

JRH 12/28/08

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It’s Time for Israel to Take Back Gaza

Hamas unilaterally ended a temporary peace (hudna) with Israel and almost immediately began launching barrages of missiles into Israel.

Mubarak of Egypt remarkably requested restraint from Israel concerning a terrorist attack from Hamas with missiles undoubtedly supplied by Iran.

Think of that! Israel is attacked by ideologically violent Muslim Hamas and restraint is requested from Israel. If Mubarak seeks restraint then he should be pressuring Hamas with a threat of supportive military action against Hamas in Gazastan. Otherwise Mubarak, hush!

Caretaker Prime Minister Olmert has pleaded for Hamas to end the missile strikes into Israel with an “or else” at the end. The thing is Olmert screwed up the war with Hezbollah, is indicted for political corruption, is selling out Jews to establish a sovereign Palestine State AND is on his way out after the February 2009 elections.

So do you think Hamas is shaking in their radical Islamic boots?

Do you think sell-out Olmert will actually strike Hamas with a bloody invasion to teach the Theo-political cult a military/political lesson?

I suspect the answer is no to both questions. I pray I am wrong about Olmert. I pray he protects his people by following through with his caretaker threat.

Just an aside: The story I found this information was published by Yahoo News via the AP Wire. I found it disgusting that the reporter said that Israel had “… left Gaza in 2005 after a 38-year occupation”.

There was no occupation! There was
a DEFEAT of Egypt (and Egypt’s fellow Muslim-Arab accomplices) because Israel launched an attack due the amassing of Muslim military troops on Israel’s borders preparing to annihilate Israel and Jews as they attempted in 1948. That is NOT occupation. That is creating defensive borders to make it more difficult to launch future attacks of annihilation by the sea of Arab nations surrounding Israel.

I know it sounds harsh, but since the Hamastinians fully support the Theo-political goals of Hamas, Israel should feel no guilt for plowing through Hamastan/Gazastan and re-take the land for the Land of Israel. This should be followed with the ejection of Hamastinian-Arabs into Egypt even if it angers Egypt. After all Egypt has done little to diffuse Hamas other than to ask for Israel’s restraint in protecting its people.

JRH 12/25/08

Terrorists live in Luxury at Guantanamo Bay

Here is a Christmas message from Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward.

JRH 12/25/08

Terrorists live in Luxury at Guantanamo Bay

Melanie Morgan
Move America Forward
Email Sent: Wed 12/24/2008 9:27 PM

American troops treat them better than they are treated, while liberal politicians keep demanding more rights for the accused

I am back home from my whirlwind tour to Guantanamo Bay to give thanks to our military men and women on duty there. We were honored to bring them new movies on DVD, Oreo cookies, Christmas and Hanukkah cards, MAF commemorative t-shirts and plenty of hugs. For the second year in a row Move America Forward was able to spend part of the Christmas holidays with our great military men and women. Last year it was almost two weeks in Iraq, and this year we were in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

It disturbed me to see how well the terrorists are being treated, and then have to put up with liberal politicians attacking our troops. As one of the soldiers said to me, "It makes us sick when people tell lies about what we do. We are proud to represent America and we do NOTHING to shame our command in chief or the American people." Well, we are more than happy to tell the truth to the American people, which is a job the mainstream media has largely neglected.

Please help Move America Forward tell the story of our U.S. troops to the American public. We need your financial support to keep going. Please click here:


The worst comment from an American politician came from Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. Here is what he said:

"If I ... didn't tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners [At Guantanamo] in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets In their gulags, or some mad regime, Pol Pot, or others that had no concern for human beings. Sadly, that is not the case. This was the action of Americans in the treatment of their prisoners." (PBS' "The Newshour," 6/17/05)

In reality, the terrorists have better accommodations than our troops. They live in air conditioned state-of-the art new buildings; they have more recreation time than American school children; they get prayer rugs and Qurans, which no non-Muslim U.S. soldier can even touch. They get six different menus to choose from; among their offerings are Baked Tandouri Chicken Breast, Mustard-Dill Baked Fish, Lyonnaise Rice, and Fish Amandine. I don't remember seeing that on the menu at Nazi concentration camps or in Soviet gulags. I doubt Pol Pot offered them in the killing fields of Cambodia.

Or, how about this comment in the Congressional Record by Vermont U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy:

"Now that may sound like an experience from some oppressive and authoritarian regime, something that may have happened under the Taliban, something that Saddam Hussein might have ordered or in the fiction of Kafka." (Congressional Record, 9/28/06, p. S10356)

It is just disgusting what some American politicians are willing to say to appeal to the far left anti-military crowd in the United States. When terrorists decided to smash their TV and the TV room because a Palmolive soap commercial came on that revealed a woman's arm, what do you think our response was? Yes, we got them a new flat screen TV - although this time it is encased in hard Plexiglas so they couldn't destroy it again. Let me put it to you this way: if you children destroyed your family TV because they were mad about something, how long would it take for you to buy them a new one? Or, is a better question, how long will it be before they turn 21 and can buy their own?

The talk we hear from President-elect Obama about closing Guantanamo is ridiculous. In addition to the detention facility, it plays an important part of refueling for the 4th Fleet and in drug interdiction. Instead of junketing around the world, some of these politicians should come down to Gitmo and see for themselves before they start spouting off. With all due respect, I would recommend President-Elect Obama cut his Hawaiian vacation short and head down to Gitmo to see and thank the troops himself before he decides to move some of the terrorist killers to our shores.
To see more pictures from our trip to Gitmo and our nationwide bus tour, check out our blog by clicking here

Even though we are only a day away from Christmas, many people still have not purchased their care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We decided to keep packing and sending them throughout the rest of the month. So this will still give you an opportunity to say thank you to our troops during the holidays.

The goal of our nationwide tour was to travel across America and encourage Americans to sponsor care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please click here to sponsor care packages for our deserving troops:



Order a Coffee/Cookies Pack for 1-2 U.S. Troops -
Order a Large Variety Pack for 2-4 U.S. Troops - HERE
Order a Squad Care Package for 8-10 U.S. Troops - HERE
Order a Platoon Care Package for 15-20 U.S. Troops - HERE
Order a Company Care Package for 25-30 U.S. Troops - HERE
Order a Battalion Care Package for 50-60 U.S. Troops - HERE

The care packages contain Oreo cookies, premium coffee, premium beef jerky, candy canes, cranberry trail mix, Jelly Belly brand jelly beans and other treats.

Move America Forward and 12 Days of Christmas

As a special holiday treat Move America Forward will mark our 12 Days of Christmas by chronicling the gifts that American troops have given to us since the first days of our Great Country. Each day we will tell the story of that gift and why we must celebrate our troops.

“On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Our Soldiers Gave to Us . . .
Safety from Terrorists !!!”

Following the brutal attacks of Sept.11, 2001, men and women marched down and signed up to protect America from her enemy: radical Muslim jihadists. It was the worst attack ever on American soil.

Americans from every corner of life stood up as one against the murderers who took 3,000 innocents that day. But as some Americans got tired of the war, our brave troops continued the fight to keep us safe. Even as politicians and others criticize our troops, claiming that the troops have lost the war in Iraq, our brave American men and women put their lives on the line to protect us.

They do not forget. They have lived the worst: the war, thousands of miles away from home, and have seen their buddies give up their lives to protect our country. But our troops don't quit because true Americans aren't quitters. These military men and women are the best we have, and we at MAF will never forget

Move America Forward marks the Days of Christmas by highlighting some of the gifts our soldiers, Marines, airmen, coasties, sailors have given us since the beginning of our great country.

The veterans of World War II and the Americans who worked to keep the country safe as Nazis and Imperialists plotted our overthrow are called "The Greatest Generation." This generation of troops, who have protected America and fought against radical Muslim Jihadists since that infamous day of Sept. 11, 2001, are "The Generous Generation of Selfless American Heroes."

American troops all volunteer. They give their lives to protect you and me. They sacrifice in extreme ways. So today, on the Eleventh Day of Christmas, MAF salutes them for their work keeping America safe from terrorists.

America's homeland has not been hit again since Osama bin Laden's maniacal murderers attacked on 9/11. We owe this safety to our troops and our intelligence services under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief…


Our men and women today, and during every war, have continued to defend our security. We have to continue to defend and support them. There is no better way than by sending a care package of goodies that they will really appreciate.

Most important, you can write your own personal note to an individual military man or woman in Iraq or Afghanistan. Your personal comments will go with the care package. Our troops can get lonely during the holidays. They are thousands of miles away from their families and their homes in America. Your personal note will lift their spirits during the holidays.


SlantRight Editor: I left out a lot of the buzzes and whistles of the Move America Forward email. There was an abundance of pictures showing the compassion of American troops. There were multiple requests for donations interspersed through out the email and a number of fund raising ads for merchandise. Move America Forward is a worthy cause for its support of foreign troops not only at home but also providing amenities of personal use. You can go to the Move America Forward website if you are inspired to be a financial partner with MAF.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Representatives of ‘Moderate’ Muslims Decry Fort Dix Verdict

John R. Houk
© December 24, 2008

Remember the Mohammedans that were caught in a sting operation associated with the desire to wreak carnage and death on the soldiers and personnel of Fort Dix?

A Jury found these foreign born Islamic Jihadists guilty of conspiring to do acts of terrorism. The Prosecutors wanted an attempted murder as well however the Jury acquitted the Mohammedans of that charge.

Here is where the American Muslim Union (AMU) and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) enter the picture. These Muslim-American organizations claim to represent the rights of the “moderate” Muslim in America. Yet shortly after the verdict AMU and CAIR protested the verdict against the foreign born Mohammedans bent on emulating their heroes of al-Qaeda.

Hello Americans! If a Mohammedan practices peace (as majorities of that religion indeed do) that Mohammedan is NOT following the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sunna etc.

Please do not hate the practitioners of Islam; however despise the theology that the practitioners believe is peaceful when in fact Islam/Mohammedanism is a theo-political death cult if one follows the examples of its founder Mohammed.

Mohamad Younes (President AMU) tries to draw propagandized sympathy for the perpetrators by saying,

"I don't think they actually mean to do anything," he said. "I think they were acting stupid, like they thought the whole thing was a joke."

Eye On The World blog writes this about Younes’ propaganda:

Really? They were trying to buy, illegally, AK-47s, M-16s, RPG launchers and other weapons from an FBI informant, were secretly training to use these weapons, coincidentally shouting "Allahu Akbar" firing these weapons, and planning "to kill as many American soldiers as possible". The only thing stupid about their actions was videotaping their activities thus proving the the [sic] investigators with proof of their intentions.

My fellow Americans here is a successful example of the Authorities doing something to stop terrorism by Mohammedans before it happens.

Hats off to the Jury that was able to see through any propaganda to decipher the real intent of the plan to kill Americans.

JRH 12/24/08
US: Muslims object to terror plot verdict

Adnkronos International
December 23, 2008

Camden, 23 Dec. (AKI) - Muslim leaders have objected to a US court decision to convict five Muslims for plotting a terror attack on an American military base at Fort Dix in the state of New Jersey. After an eight-week trial, a jury on Monday ruled that three ethnic-Albanian brothers, Shain, Dritan and Eljvir Duka, and two others - Turkish-born Serdar Tatar and Mohammed Shnewer from Jordan - were found guilty of planning an attack on the base in a bid to kill as many American soldiers as possible.

The jury, however, acquitted the group of charges of attempted murder.

Mohamad Younes, president of the American Muslim Union, questioned the jury's decision.

"I don't think they actually mean to do anything," he said. "I think they were acting stupid, like they thought the whole thing was a joke."

Jim Sues, executive director of the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, attended five days of testimony during the trial.

"Many people in the Muslim community will see this as a case of entrapment," he told local media.

The five foreign-born residents lived in the northeastern cities of Cherry Hill in New Jersey and Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. They were arrested in May 2007 after the group was infiltrated by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents.

The prosecutors described their activities as an attempt to wage Islamist holy war against America, inspired by Al-Qaeda.

Defence lawyers had argued that the five were just bragging about their plans and also challenged the credibility of the government informants.

One Egyptian-born informant was paid 230,000 dollars by the FBI for his undercover work, said the defence lawyers. They also said he was on probation for bank fraud.

Defence lawyers also claimed that the men were coaxed by the government informants into making controversial and incendiary remarks which were recorded.

However, police discovered propaganda material, maps, hundreds of secretly taped conversations and video material.

Dritan and Shain Duka were also found guilty of possessing weapons to be used in the planned attack that was never executed.

Sentencing has been set for April 2009 and acting US Attorney Ralph Marra said prosecutors will demand a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Defence lawyers said they would consider an appeal after hearing the sentence.


Representatives of ‘Moderate’ Muslims Decry Fort Dix Verdict
John R. Houk
© December 24, 2008

US: Muslims object to terror plot verdict
© GMC Group Ð all rights reserved Ð TVA number 01145141006
AKI - Adnkronos International, registered at the Rome Court 7th April 2003, registration number 156. Director: Giuseppe Marra

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thoughts on G.H. Johnson Jr. – ‘A SCF Journal Entry’

Gary Johnson, Jr. believes that focusing on what I would the Political Islam nature of Mohammedanism diminishes from understanding the totally of the Theo-political cult. In other words anti-jihadist writers that focus on the Mohammedan dictum of “convert, pay alms or die” does not provide enough understanding of Mohammedanism to demonstrate and/or educate the West of the Islamic Supremacist attitude prevalent among Mohammedans.

Mr. Johnson may be correct in the long run nonetheless I am still convinced that an activism to expose the Theo-political nature of Mohammedanism is the best way to understand the cult’s threat to 21st century Western Civilization that has achieve a high degree of representative democracy, civil rights and human rights. Political Islam would swallow modern Western Civilization into a black hole of Islamic Supremacist repression particularly to those who choose not to convert.

Mr. Johnson uses the wording “convert, pay alms or die.” Paying alms (money or charity for the poor) is not what a non-Muslim is expected to pay in the sense of regarding the poor. Anti-Jihadist would point out the dictum for non-Mohammedans (aka kafir or various similarities) are a repressive tax (jizya) designed to humiliate the kafir for paying for so-called “protection” that their lives are not terminated. A better wording thus would be “convert, pay the jizya-protection tax or die.”

Let me be clear: I am not saying Mr. Johnson is inaccurate. Indeed, a complete understanding of Mohammedanism would provide a greater sense of Western empowerment to overcome the deceptive “political correct” zone the West is determined to maintain. In addition I am hardly an expert on Islam. I am a reader of various experts on Islam. I know the anti-jihadist writers do not agree on everything; however they do agree on one thing – Islam is NOT compatible to the Western way of life.

JRH 12/23/08

Sacks: 10 Rules for the Future: An Obama Suggestive

Leslie J. Sacks sent an email of his December 17 post concerning Obama taxation and Government finance.

It is an interesting outlook. What do you think?

JRH 12/23/08

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hamas is Preparing to Execute Jewish Bloodshed

So Hamas is declaring an end to their cease fire with Israel.


There was a cease fire?

Where did all those rockets launched on Israel cities like Sderot come from?
I could have sworn they were launched from Gazastan/Hamastan.

O I see - the strategy is to draw attention to Israel. The Middle East, Russia and China are already anti-Semitic; now a significant portion of the West is becoming Anti-Semitic believing the Arab and Mohammedan propaganda that all the suffering of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians is ONLY the fault of Israel

Of course this is a lie much like the fabricated
Protocols of the Elders of Zion in which Adolf Hitler and the Mohammedan Middle East (and probably Mohammedans living in dar al-harb) believe the fabricated document is verified proof of Jewish intentions to take over the world.

Hamas is betting on the new global anti-Semitism to blame Israel for the probable acceleration of violence and mayhem against Jewish Israel.

Read about it from Barry Rubin.

JRH 12/22/08

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Muslim Supremacy in America – PROTEST IT!

CAIR is demonstrating Muslim Supremacy syndrome (see part 1 and 2) by telling the Parent company of Long John Silvers to apologize for having a kid-meal toy with a Bible message and a Bible quote.

This is crazy! Mall of America is a private enterprise and not associated with a government agency. If any private business wishes to utilize a Christmas story as part of their promotion in a nation that is predominantly Christian, then American-Muslims (or in this case mostly foreign Somali-Muslims) need to get over it or shop somewhere else.

In America the FIRST Amendment guarantees freedom of religion. The Constitution does not guarantee a minority religion such as Islam/Mohammedanism insulation from the majority religion such as Christianity. If Muslims living in America require a Muslim Supremacist protection from offense they should live in a Muslim nation in there is NO freedom of religion and the rights of non-Muslim religions are extremely limited or down right illegal.

If the “Yum! Brands” parent company of Long John Silvers actually apologizes to CAIR on behalf of Muslim-Americans then I encourage Christians to inundate the “Yum! Brands” company with Christian Protest. It is a Constitutional Right for Christians to complain as much as it is for Muslims.

YUM! BRANDS contact link –

Here is the
Jihad Watch post exposing the Muslim Supremacy syndrome being practiced by the unindicted co-conspirator CAIR to the HLF terrorist supporting charity convicts.

JRH 12/21/08 (Hat tip

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Sense Ritchie is More Corrupt than Blago

The Mainstream Media is ablaze with the probable corruption of Governor Blago of Illinois. The MSM and Conservatives should be ablaze of ACORN allied and George Soros inspired Secretary of State of Minnesota and the powers that be among the election board stealing the election from incumbent Senator Norm Coleman.

Al Franken cadres have been mysteriously locating missing votes and demanding duplicate votes be counted.

And what do you think has happened as a result?
Franken has taken a 250 plus lead in the recount. The evil in this recount is obvious when Coleman won the election on November 4th with 700 plus votes.

Does no one else see the hypocrisy of the Dems and Franken when they accused GW of stealing the election in 2000 via the courts (legal measures)? Franken is currently winning the Minnesota seat for Senator via extra-legal means; i.e. CORRUPTION.

JRH 12/20/08

Friday, December 19, 2008

MSM is Missing the Threat Evolving in Latin America

Oliver North writes about the recent Latin American summit in Brazil which seemed to feature Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Raul Castro of Cuba.

Evidently several Latin American Heads of State showed up and the USA was not invited and Columbia chose not to participate. North points out that Columbia is dealing with natural disasters but I suspect there is a higher purpose for Columbia’s lack of participation.

President Alvaro Uribe’s Columbia is part of a squeeze move by
Communist leadership from Venezuela, Ecuador and FARC. President Uribe has been working in full tandem with the USA to battle drug lords pretending to be Communist revolutionaries in Columbia. Chavez of Venezuela, Correa of Ecuador and now Morales of Bolivia (all Marxist Heads of State) are giving the appearance of cooperating with the Communist/Drug Lords of FARC.

This so-called Latin American Summit was labeled the Latin American and Caribbean Summit on Integration and Development. Hugo Chavez has publicly said the purpose of the Summit was to signify that the United States of America is no longer the big dog of influence in Latin America. Chavez can back up his statement with the huge financial and military investment from nations adversarial to America – Russia, China and Iran.

Ollie ends his article with a tribute to
Paul Weyrich who died on December 18, 2008.

The point of Ollie’s article is that the Mainstream Media (MSM) and worse the State Department appear to be ignoring the international cabal that is forming in Latin America.
Read Ollie’s article at Real Clear Politics.

JRH 12/19/08

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lose to China and India or Transform America

John R. Houk
© December 18, 2008

Thanks to Newt Gingrich’s e-newsletter entitled Winning the Future, I found a link to a December 5th speech he gave to the American Legislative Exchange Council.

The specific e-newsletter is entitled “Big Government Breeds Big Corruption.” Now this is a good read in itself; however the link to the speech, well let’s just say the speech is awesome.

Newt speaks that America needs more than a “Change.” America needs to sustain its values but more importantly America needs to transform its paradigm of business from planned obsolescence to planned innovation via incentives.

Newt believes if government maintains a mindset of propping up the current paradigm which is based on a half-a-century old paradigm, then America will become substandard because she won’t be able to compete with China and India in capitalistic markets.

Now I am far from an economist, thus I may have not given an excellent summary of Newt’s speech. Nonetheless, just as a Joe American, this speech is remarkably inspiring! I encourage you to click the link above to listen to the speech while it is still up.

Below is the transcript of the speech, but really the verbal inflections coupled with the content will get you to thinking.

If you are a Conservative disillusioned by the majority of American voters falling for the charisma of a prevaricating liberal (who probably does have good intentions for America) then this speech could re-ignite your Conservative fervor.

Listen to Newt or Read Newt, whatever you do contemplate on the potential possibility of true American transformation that will keep America strong for years to come.

JRH 12/18/08

Entering a New World

Newt Gingrich Transcript
To: American Legislative Exchange Council
December 5, 2008

How many of you find it almost unimaginable that your government has acquired $7.7 trillion of liabilities this year? I once said to somebody I campaigned very hard to stop John Kerry because I knew he was to the left of Teddy Kennedy, and I was afraid he might nationalize the banks.

Now what I want to do in a very short time… I’m going to give you an outline rather than a speech. But what I want to start with is a book by Peter Drucker called The Age of Discontinuities, which he wrote back in the 1960’s. And in The Age of Discontinuities what Drucker argues is that you have trend lines until you hit a discontinuity, and when you hit a discontinuity you actually don’t know what comes out the other side, and you don’t know what the new lines are like.

So if you think about being really good at thinking through stage coaches, and then somebody comes along and invents the railroad, railroads aren’t just marginally faster stage coaches. They’re fundamentally different institutions. And if you got reasonably good at transcontinental railroad travel for passengers and somebody comes along and invents the airline, airlines aren’t just railroads that can fly. Airlines have fundamentally different patterns.

I want to argue that I think it would help all of you—and when you go back home it would help your legislatures—if you took a deep breath and stopped. Because what we’re doing right now—and you see this in the bailout process—what we’re doing right now is we are trying to prop up the past rather than accelerate the invention of the future. Now this is strategically a dead loser. And it’s very painful to go through what I’m about to describe to you, so politicians try to avoid the pain. But what they do by trying to avoid the pain is they actually deepen it and extend it.

The Japanese went through a crisis after 1988-89, and they managed to turn it into a 13-year recession because they couldn’t bring themselves to solve their problems. Now we have been piling up problems for at least two decades. I have two missions. One is to ensure that my two grandchildren—Maggie who is nine and Robert who is seven—when they are in their 40’s, I want them to live in the most prosperous, most productive country in the world, which would also make it the safest country in the world. For that to happen we have to be prepared to compete with China and India, and for us to compete with China and India, we have to reform litigation, regulation, taxation, education, infrastructure, energy and health.

So the reason I helped created American Solutions is I think it’s this big. I just want to start with that. You are entering a new world. The sooner you and your fellow legislatures and your governors understand it’s a new world, and the sooner you start thinking anew—to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln in December of 1862 who said "as our situation is anew, we must think anew”—the sooner you can do that the faster you are going to be able to get to real solutions, which will not resemble marginally better or worst examples of the current system because the current system is incapable of competing with China and India.

The second major mission that we’ve undertaken at American Solutions is very simple. If you go to AmericanSolutions.com and you click on Platform of the American People, we took nine national surveys looking for tripartisan issues. That is, issues that had a majority of Democrats, a majority of Republicans and a majority of Independents. We found over 100 so far, so instead of red versus blue we can talk about red, white, and blue. And it turns out that the natural center-right majority of this country runs between 63 and 92% depending on the issue. And yet we are governed by a machine on the left. And so our second major assignment is to reach out on a tripartisan basis to Democrats, Republicans and Independents to develop a governing mechanism that would actually reflect the values of the American people.

I’ll give you three simple examples you can take home with you. The first is that by 89% the American people favor English as the official language of government. That’s an absolute majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents, and an absolute majority of Latinos. By about 92% the country thinks we should be investing more in math and science education, and by about 91% the country believes that “one nation under God” should remain in the pledge of allegiance.

So you can begin to imagine how you would build a base that said A) I want to compete successfully with China and India economically and B) I want to be able to have my values represented in the courts, and my values represented in the bureaucracy, and to be really daring, I’d like my values to be represented in the classroom so that the people we pay to teach our children actually reflect the country that’s paying them.

Let me talk briefly about the scale of the bailout, which I have consistently thought was a big mistake, and I think it’ll prove to be a total mess. I want to encourage all of you to look at Congressman Louie Gohmert from Texas, who has developed a proposal, because he figured out about a week ago that the second half of the proposed bailout, the $350 billion, actually can translate into an income and FICA tax holiday for all of January and February.

That is, you could either loan the money out to the auto companies, and the banks, and whatever or every American could have all of their take home pay—both income tax and FICA—and every small business could keep their FICA match for all of January and February. Now if you added to it Speaker Pelosi’s proposed $700 billion stimulus package, you would have an income tax and FICA tax holiday through June.

I happen to like this proposal for a couple reasons. Theoretically I’m in favor of a permanent tax cut, I understand that argument. I actually wrote an article a week ago with Peter Ferrara in the Wall Street Journal favoring a permanent tax cut. But I like what Gohmert did for two reasons. The first is he scales the size of the money to a human proportion. He suddenly says: these guys want us to send to Washington for them to spend every penny you’re going to pay in FICA and income tax for all of January and February. And that’s just the bailout. And then they want you to send every penny you’re going to pay in March, April, May and June in order to have a stimulus package designed by politicians, implemented by bureaucrats.

Now you could have a fair argument back home by asking a simple question: which do you think would stimulate America more? Let you keep your own money so you get to pick which auto company you want to bail out, or have the politicians and the bureaucrats do it?

So any of you who’d like to go home and talk about the Gohmert plan, I recommend it highly. I do a newsletter every week, which is free. It’s at Newt.org, it goes out to about 850,000 people, and this week’s was on that topic. If you don’t get it, and you’re interested in what we’re doing, just go to Newt.org and sign up.

Second, all of you are going to face budget problems. Let me suggest a very radical first idea that perfectly fits the reason ALEC was founded. If you would go home and identify every stupid thing the federal government is requiring you to do which wastes money, and offer them a swap: if they would pass the omnibus smart-government-and-waste avoidance act that liberated you from all the federal regulations that are stupid, you wouldn’t need them to pass you a stimulus package to send you cash because you would save more than enough cash by not having to let them micromanage you.

Now my hunch is if you went back home and looked around at every federal requirement that cost you money, for example if you have an idea for a better way of running Medicaid, and you looked at how long it takes you to get CMS to approve it, and you figured out the cost of waiting. But just take all the different things, take all the different federal regulations that make running state government more expensive and simply propose back to Washington that if they would allow you to not suffer from what they are costing you, they wouldn’t have to send you the amount of money they currently have to send you to pay for the stuff they’re making you do. You would start an entirely new debate, and there’s a practical reason this is important. You cannot compete in the world market with the current price structure of the United States and with the current red tape.

We won the Second World War in forty-four months. From December the 7th 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, to victory over Japan in August of 1945 is three years and eight months. We beat Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in three years and eight months. It recently took 23 years to add a fifth runway to the Atlanta airport. You can’t compete in the world if you are determined to be stupid. It’s a very major problem.

We are very interested in gathering up all of the things that the Congress ought to repeal, or modify dramatically, and Fred Asbell and Michael Krull, who are both here from American Solutions, would be delighted to hear from you and to work with you. If any of you would like to get us your favorite list, or if you could get, for example, your legislature at the beginning of January to adopt a resolution calling on the Congress to pass certain things, I think it would start a whole new conversation about downsizing the cost of federal bureaucracy rather than increasing the payment for it. It’ll be a fundamentally new conversation.

I believe politically and historically the number one issue for the next two years is jobs. I would recommend to all of you: erase whatever you were used to thinking about and put in the word jobs. Somebody reminded me recently that Governor Jim Rhodes of Ohio had a 36-year career, and he only had two themes. The first theme was jobs, and the second theme was he would take out his wallet and he would say “you know there are politicians who take money out of your wallet, and there are politicians who put money into your wallet. You decide which kind of politicians you like better.”

I believe that in the kind of economic environment we’re going to be in people are going to want to know: what are you doing to create jobs? And people are going to want to know: what are you doing so I have enough money that I can stay in business or I have enough money so I can pay what the cost of living for my family?

And I would really start re-thinking everything you’re doing, and it leads to a great crisis because frankly the embedded cost of government is so great that all of you are under pressure to find more money for government even at the expense of the entire rest of your state. So you have to confront head-on the requirement of finding ways to do things less expensively.

In terms of jobs let me suggest to you that you should look at what Mitch Daniels has done in Indiana, which has the lowest unemployment rate in the Midwest, what Governor Huntsman has done in Utah, which has the lowest unemployment rate in the West, and what Bobby Jindal has done in Louisiana, where last month in the middle of this economy they added 10,000 jobs.

Now there are people doing the right things. And the right things are: retrain the bureaucracy so it’s pro-investment and pro-business. The right things are: cut taxes and create incentives. The right things are: have the kind of education program that produces people who can actually work. And you start doing those things it turns out people want to increase jobs. And the right thing is to reduce the cost of being self-employed and to reduce the cost of being a small business because those are the biggest job creation centers of the future. So I would urge you to start from a jobs and take-home-pay model.

I believe that in order to save money at the state level, I strongly urge you to—and we’d be glad to help you with this at American Solutions—take a look at Dennis Smith and the concept of metrics. Metrics were used by Rudy Giuliani in New York City and by Chief Bratton to develop a policing model, which is the most powerful ever developed. New York City today has 75% less crime than it had in 1993. It’s the safest big city in America. Chief Bratton took that model to Los Angeles—it is today the second safest city in America. So first of all, if you have a big city in your state that’s not safe, I would urge you to figure out a way to get them to study what Chief Bratton does because it works. It’s only great virtue is it works.

Second, the model of metrics, which we are working very hard to develop and implement at American Solutions, is one I strongly recommend because it allows you to figure out what you want to get done, and it allows you to start measuring whether or not the bureaucracy is being productive. And that forces you to change. I want to suggest to all of you—many of you’ve been friends for a lot of years, and you’ve heard me try to develop ideas—I think there are four words that are going to be the center of American politics for the next twenty years. And I think these four words are fundamentally different than what you’re used to talking about.

The first word is honesty. And I’ll come back to it, but the first word is honesty. The number one reason we have the current financial crisis is we lied to ourselves over and over and over. We said you can give houses to people who can’t pay for them, you can force banks to make loans they’ll never recover, you can have really clever people on Wall Street with paper that has no value, and somehow it’s all going to magically work. Well it doesn’t.

We watched the auto companies and the UAW lie to themselves for 30 years. You go to BMW in South Carolina, you go to Mercedes or Hyundai or Kia in Alabama, you go to Toyota in Kentucky, you go to Nissan in Tennessee, and you go to Honda in Ohio. The fact is for 30 years the big three didn’t want to change. And we’ve got to decide. I am for facing the facts, changing the system, and getting America back to being productive. So the first word is honesty.

And you’re going to find when you go back home, your staff is going to tell you, well you can’t say “X” because it’s better to be pleasant than it is to be honest. Well that’s the road to this country dying, and we had better be honest.

The second word that’s going to really going to matter is effectiveness. When the Detroit public schools graduate 26% of their entering freshman on time, it should be a national scandal, and we should change the Detroit schools today. Not in a year, not in five years. Today. And every one of you has places in your state where you are paying good money to get bad results and nobody has the nerve to challenge it.

The third word is productivity. The key to the Toyota production system—which is frankly Deming’s use of Western Electric— is an 80-year old American model adopted by the Japanese after WWII when we got too lazy to use it. The key to the Toyota production system is continuous improvement. So you show me any part of your state government today, and tell me how much more productive will it be in a year. What’s its plan to be 5% more productive in a year? Take your state university, what’s its plan to be more productive? I mean these universities are grossly over-expensive because we have sloppily allowed them to add administrators and to add faculty who don’t teach in order to have buildings that aren’t occupied so the students don’t have to worry about it because after all it’s essentially a social relationship with occasional brief interactions with knowledge.

You could take 20-40% out of the cost of going to higher education if you had the nerve to actually go out and look at it. Which is different than: how do I load even more money so they can charge even more so they can hire even more administrators?

Take a look at a brand new book that’s out by two young people on the end of adolescence. I wrote an article about this in Business Week about a month ago. Rethink many of your core thoughts about your high schools and rethink many of your core thoughts about what it means to be young because frankly it isn’t working. If you get a chance, every one of you should encourage your state legislature as a group to watch the movie Two Million Minutes. You can see it at 2mminutes.com. Two million minutes is four years of high school. It takes two Indian high school students, two Chinese high school students, and two American high school students, and at the end of the movie you will understand that we are aggressively preparing for the 1956 Olympics. There are no scores in 1956 that would work today.

So you got to really look at that and say to yourself: so how are you going to change things? I’m going to give you one no-cost example: all of you could go back home and pass the following bill, and it would cost your taxpayers nothing. Any student who can graduate from high school in three years automatically gets the fourth year’s account as a scholarship. Any student who can graduate in two years gets two years of a scholarship. This costs you nothing. If you can graduate in one year, you get three years.

Now what it does is two things. It totally breaks up the current mindless Carnegie Unit curriculum structure that basically says: I don’t care how bored you are, we’re not covering that until Wednesday. And it re-centers the school away from football and away from the prom, and puts the school back to focusing on learning and rewards the kids who learn and doesn’t cost your taxpayers a penny. But it fundamentally changes the underlying value structure of going to school. And you can do that in January, and it wouldn’t cost you a dime, and within two years you would have fundamentally re-shaped what kids pay attention to.

My daughter, Jackie Cushman, just did a project—we’re actually looking for a foundation to help us do it again—but a good friend of ours gave $50,000, and they took two very poor neighborhoods in South Fulton, and they paid the poorest kids the equivalent of working at McDonald’s to do their homework. And it had a dramatic impact because guess what, it turned out really poor children respond to money. I know this is bold. I know it’s out on the edge. But it turns out they watch rock stars, and rap stars, and baseball players, and movie stars, and they see negotiations, and they see how much people get paid, and then we tell them but you ought to be happy because we’re going to give you a piece of paper with letters on it. And they’re poor.

And again all of you could go and look at taking one or two neighborhoods in your state for almost no money. Pay the kids and see what happens. It’s a lot better than sending them to jail. And that’s what we’re doing to them today in poor neighborhoods.

A couple last big points on health. First of all, Senator Judson Hill is here. He is somebody I recommend to all of you. We worked with Judson for the last four years in Georgia—he’s done remarkable work on transforming Georgia.

We are launching at the Center for Health Transformation a health-based health reform model that I’d urge all of you to try to get your committee—whatever committee on health you have in your state legislature—should look at health-based health reform— simple model. The Gundersen Lutheran hospital system in LaCrosse, Wisconsin is the least expensive place in America for the last two years of life. According to the Dartmouth Health Atlas, it cost $13,600 for the last two years of life at LaCrosse. It costs $58,000 dollars at UCLA. They have a higher satisfaction rate than UCLA; families feel better about the experience. And they do four things. Over 90% of their patients have an advance directive, they have an electronic health record so the staff knows what the directive is, they have palliative care so they take care of people who are in pain, and they have hospice care. Now if you simply went out and found the best practices in your state, and insisted that over the next three years all the hospitals and doctors would migrate to best practices, you would take out virtually all the cost increase in Medicaid and in your state employee health costs.

But it’s a new model. It’s a model that says don’t cut across the board, don’t use a meat axe, accelerate the adoption of the best practices to lower the cost and improve the outcome which is what we historically have done in manufacturing for 200 years. But we don’t do in health. So it’s a fundamentally new model.

Second, let me go back to honesty. The New York Times reported a couple years ago in a four part series that Medicaid in New York is 10% pure fraud. Not waste, not abuse, not judgment, but a dentist who filed 972 procedures in one day. A dental office which had a person standing out front who said if you’ll loan us your state Medicaid card for 30 seconds, we’ll give you a free DVD player. We have had no serious effort in taking fraud out in this country. And I’m not saying this is true of every state, but there are a lot of states that would save billions. In New York State by the way, 10% is $4.4 billion a year in fraud. And Jim Frogue, who’s here from the Center for Health Transformation, many of you know Jim from over the years, Jim would be eager to work with you on Medicaid reform because we think there is a ton we can do there.

The third point I’d make is both for Medicaid and for your state employees, go to incentivized systems. Alegent Hospital System in Omaha, Nebraska has 93% of its employees now signed up for incentives, so if you’re diabetic and you’re compliant, you get rewarded. Every person does an assessment of their health every year, every person is rewarded for doing well, and they’re not rewarded for not doing well. They’ve had a very big impact on the cost of health care for their employees—they have 9,000 employees. All of you should have an incentivized system for health so that every person knows their own health status; every person is involved directly in minimizing their costs.

Finally, you look at community-based models, we have a project in Columbus, Georgia which Laura Lynn and the Center for Health Transformation has undertaken on diabetes and on obesity, which we’d recommend you look at. There is also a project in Oklahoma City, where the mayor Mick Cornett decided that he would never lose weight; he’s always been 40 pounds overweight. So he announced last January that the entire city would now lose weight. He has had a citywide project on diabetes and obesity, and the city as of September has lost 176,000 pounds. It is a great case study that all of you ought to look at because obesity and diabetes is now probably the largest single health problem we have in the country it’s really worth you’re looking at.

Let me just say two last things and I’ll get out of your hair. Part of our economic change has got to be energy. We are developing at American Solutions an all-fronts energy solution. We wrote a book called Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less, many of you know that at American Solutions we launched the petition drive Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. This is the first time in 27 years that it’s not illegal to look for energy offshore.

My wife Callista and I did a movie recently called We Have the Power to make two points. First of all we have the power as the American people to change government when it’s stupid. But the second is we don’t have an energy problem, we have a policy problem.

We have 27% of the world’s coal, and left-wing environmental groups are now running ads against coal. We have three times the oil reserve of Saudi Arabia in oil shale in Colorado, and the Congress made it illegal to develop it. We have in deep shale 1200 years’ supply of natural gas. We have new technological breakthroughs in electric vehicles; I recently drove the Tesla in San Jose, CA, an electric sports car which goes 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, and is faster than any internal combustion car except for the most expensive Ferrari. We have breakthroughs in solar, breakthroughs in wind, breakthroughs in hydrogen, and we have government policies that are just stunningly self-destructive.

We’re developing a project on clean coal being transformed so that you capture the carbon, and you use the carbon for enhanced oil recovery, and there are 100 billion barrels of oil in American reservoirs that cannot be gotten out at the current pressure that you could get out if you had enhanced recovery. So you both get clean coal, which is cheaper, and we have 27% of the world’s supply, and you’d get to recovery in America oil so you don’t have to buy it from Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.

There are so many things we could do if we were determined to do it. And I would hope all of you would look seriously from the standpoint of your state. That also means you’ve got to rebuild the electric grid because I keep telling all of my left-wing environmental friends: if you want people to drive electric cars there has to be electricity. I know I’ve always gotten a reputation for being out on the edge, but it’s pretty important.

Last thing I’ll just leave you with: all of you at some point should get a copy of an amazing book by Tom Evans called The Education of Ronald Reagan. Which his about the eight years that Reagan spent at General Electric where he gave 375 speeches to General Electric employees and where he learned about free markets and technology while he also learned how to be stunningly effective at answering questions and communicating.

The reason I’d like you to read it is that at American Solutions we’re talking with Michael Reagan about launching a project where we would come into your state—ideally with the help either of your state chamber or some other group—and we would actually train a generation of CEO’s and do what General Electric did. General Electric set out the largest education for their employees ever done in America, and it started in 1949 at the Harvard Business School Alumni day when the head of employee relations at General Electric—which back then had 380,000 employees—a guy name Lemuel Boulware got up and said if we don’t teach our employees, our customers, and our stock holders about free markets and productivity, we will become a socialist country.

I think there has been no time since the election of Ronald Reagan where we have had as deep a need to re-engage the business community of this country as there is today. And I think if you read that book, we’d love to work with you, we’d like to create a series of workshops and training programs starting with CEO’s, and we believe the time has come to fundamentally reset the country; to recognize what you’re currently seeing is a mess. It’s going to get worse not better.

Therefore, let’s talk about building the future, not propping up the past. And let’s talk about demanding honesty, effectiveness, productivity, and creativity because those are the four words that are going to define whether or not we’re successful in government, whether or not we’re successful in the private sector, and whether or not we’re successful as a country. I look forward very much to working with ALEC and to working with you. And again, we look forward to welcoming you in Atlanta in July. Thank you very, very much.


Lose to China and India or Transform America
John R. Houk
© December 18, 2008

Entering a New World

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Radical Islamic Figures Call for Jewish Slaughter

Here is an example of the true nature of Islam. Pro-Palestinian Islamic terrorists outside of Israel located in Jordan and Lebanon made public speeches inciting Muslims to “slaughter” Jews in Hebron and all of Palestine (i.e. meaning the inclusion of Israel which according to Muslims should not exist). The incitement also included the ruling regime of Egypt for not doing its part for taking down Israel.

There are so-called moderate Muslims on planet earth; nonetheless the radical Muslims are the ones following the letter of Sharia Law and all the Mohammedan holy writings that exalt an Allah as God and the example of Mohammed - the carnal prophet.

JRH 12/17/08

Natural Born Citizenship Keeps Popping UP

One might think that President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama’s Natural Born Citizenship (NBC) status is a particular focus of mine since I seem to be posting frequently about it.

For me it is something I am convinced the SCOTUS will not act on. I believe it is a rule of law issue that needs to be addressed by SCOTUS; however I also believe that SCOTUS will not examine ANYTHING that cause a Constitutional Crisis not only in the rule of Constitutional law but among Afro-Americans and Leftist Americans who will no doubt foment civil unrest which will erupt in violence.

With that in mind, the easiest path for SCOTUS is simply to do nothing. In fact the longer that BHO is President the more unlikely SCOTUS will do anything. The reason being I agree with some (whoever it is) law suits that insinuate that any thing that BHO placed his signature on will be invalidated if SCOTUS makes any kind of rule in which forces the removal of BHO. Come to think of it, let’s say BHO’s Birth Certificate somehow becomes public and it indeed shows him as NOT a NBC. I don’t think SCOTUS has the Constitutional authority to remove BHO from Office. SCOTUS would only have the power to instruct the House of Representatives to vote on an impeachment.

Would a Democrat Party dominated Congress vote to impeach their Democrat President?

I doubt it! I sense the House would pass legislation making BHO’s circumstances such that he was a NBC. Then the House would send the legislation to the Senate in which a Democrat dominated Senate (probably easily overcoming a filibuster) would pass the legislation.

Then where does the legislation go to be signed into law?

That would be the President of the United States.

That is just one scenario (or two).

Will SCOTUS look at any of these related law suits? I really doubt it.

Part of the
Patriot Post from Monday December 15 brings up some good points about the NBC issue of Barack Hussein Obama; however it would be a political and judicial miracle for any these legitimated concerns to be examined by SCOTUS.

I guess if BHO’s NBC issues keep finding me I will keep posting them, but really I am not looking for them.

JRH 12/17/08

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

U.S. Gov’t Financing Terrorist Activities?

Gary H. Johnson though supportive of the goals of anti-jihadists like Act for America is highly critical of their tactics to attain the goals; however this story about the Thomas More Law Center filing suit against the Federal Government to prohibit bailout money going AIG because members of their Shariah Finance Compliant board are indeed overtly supportive of radical Islamic terrorism against America.

Although Mr. Johnson’s thoughts are practical, the Left has shown that to get peoples attention is to be loud. Unlike the Left though, the anti-jihadists are speaking the truth rather than a prevarication or a blatant revision of the facts.

Mr. Johnson does have further thoughts. In fact I skimmed an email that he sent today. So I will be posting more Mr. Johnson’s articles on

JRH 12/16/08

Strong Willed Conservative Still Looking for Birth Certificate

I guess I am gratified there are some stalwart Conservatives that are refusing to lay down over the issue of President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama’s status as a “Natural Born Citizen.” I have alluded my thoughts that I believe the Constitution gives a lot of leeway for Congress to interpret Article 2, Section 1 of what constitutes a “Natural Born Citizen” which one has to be to qualify to be elected to President of the United States (POTUS).

I would love to see President-Elect Obama disqualified from taking Office on legal merits but I just don’t think it is going to happen. For one thing both Houses of Congress by the graciousness of the American voters has placed the Democratic Party in FIRM control. I suspect if the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) would ever have the guts to hear a case (and there are several) concerning BHO’s citizenship eligibility, SCOTUS would merely address Congress to produce definitive clarity to the satisfaction of the sitting Justices’ illuminated interpretation of Constitutional Law.

You can check
HERE and HERE of posts I have made related to this issue.

You might be able to guess that I get a lot of paid ads from Internet periodicals that have to pay their bills. One such ad came from the
United States Justice Foundation (USJF). In this case I am not going to post the ad; however the ad had an interesting link to a USJF article dated Dec. 15, 2008 by Joan Swirsky.

Swirsky makes a case for Conservatives to keep fighting for the SCOTUS to hear one of the several law suits questioning BHO’s Natural Born Citizen status. She even employs some of the Conspiracy Theories that are beginning to emerge surrounding BHO’s Birth Certificate and Natural Born Citizenship.

I love a good Conspiracy Theory. Don’t you?

    Here is one that Swirsk does not mention:

    BHO has entered the realm of the Clinton Cabal utilizing Clinton power and Mainstream Media affinity to hush ANYTHING that might hinder a BHO Presidency.

    What do the Clintons get out of BHO joining the Cabal? Re-entrance to the stage of actual political power.

    Basically BHO and the Clintons have much of the same domestic goals of transforming America; ergo a union is a win-win situation for the charismatic Barack Hussein Obama and the Clinton stratagem.

What do you think? Come on, really. What do you think?

I don’t know. Maybe the valiant Conservatives utilizing a primarily Leftist American judicial system may overturn the correct stone that either the eligible voting public, Congressional members or even SCOTUS cannot ignore.

Anything is possible.

JRH 12/16/08