Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thoughts on G.H. Johnson Jr. – ‘A SCF Journal Entry’

Gary Johnson, Jr. believes that focusing on what I would the Political Islam nature of Mohammedanism diminishes from understanding the totally of the Theo-political cult. In other words anti-jihadist writers that focus on the Mohammedan dictum of “convert, pay alms or die” does not provide enough understanding of Mohammedanism to demonstrate and/or educate the West of the Islamic Supremacist attitude prevalent among Mohammedans.

Mr. Johnson may be correct in the long run nonetheless I am still convinced that an activism to expose the Theo-political nature of Mohammedanism is the best way to understand the cult’s threat to 21st century Western Civilization that has achieve a high degree of representative democracy, civil rights and human rights. Political Islam would swallow modern Western Civilization into a black hole of Islamic Supremacist repression particularly to those who choose not to convert.

Mr. Johnson uses the wording “convert, pay alms or die.” Paying alms (money or charity for the poor) is not what a non-Muslim is expected to pay in the sense of regarding the poor. Anti-Jihadist would point out the dictum for non-Mohammedans (aka kafir or various similarities) are a repressive tax (jizya) designed to humiliate the kafir for paying for so-called “protection” that their lives are not terminated. A better wording thus would be “convert, pay the jizya-protection tax or die.”

Let me be clear: I am not saying Mr. Johnson is inaccurate. Indeed, a complete understanding of Mohammedanism would provide a greater sense of Western empowerment to overcome the deceptive “political correct” zone the West is determined to maintain. In addition I am hardly an expert on Islam. I am a reader of various experts on Islam. I know the anti-jihadist writers do not agree on everything; however they do agree on one thing – Islam is NOT compatible to the Western way of life.

JRH 12/23/08

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