Monday, December 15, 2008

Johnson on Shariah Finance and Act for America

Here is a response by Gary H. Johnson, Jr. pertaining to Islam’s Shariah Finance and Act for America’s campaign to illuminate Americans about the heinous practices of Sharia Law of which Shariah Finance as an offshoot.

(I am guessing these two posts are to what Mr. Johnson is referring: “
AIG offers shariah-compliant insurance“ and “Act for America: AIG responds.“)

Johnson’s response is practical and critical of the methods of Act for America and believes Shariah Finance is a non-preventable emergence in Western markets and banks.

I get the impression that Johnson is no fan of Islam however my impression those organizations like Act for America and bloggers such as myself are among the fringe that will be used as propaganda to benefit radical Islamic organizations in America such as
CAIR and a whole host of similar Islamic-American organizations.

Mr. Johnson may have a point; however I still believe extreme light must be shed on the practices of Islam to educate at the very least non-Muslims of the true nature of Islam.

Well that is my two cents.
READ Gary Johnson’s article.

JRH 12/15/08

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