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Global Anti-Semitism Reaching Pre-WWII Proportions

There probably has been global anti-Semitism at least since the Romans pillage Jerusalem, destroyed the Jewish Temple and eventually expelled most of the Jewish population from their homeland circa 70 AD.

Some may argue the anti-Semitism began when God Almighty gave Abraham a promise of a homeland for his descendants through a child of Promise (i.e. Isaac) and that land was already occupied by Canaanites, Moabites and other “ites.”

Some may argue anti-Semitism may have begun after Joseph died and future Pharaohs oppressed the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in which God Almighty and Moses delivered the Hebrews from Egyptian oppression.

Others may argue anti-Semitism began with the Hebrews actually battled the “ites” winning sometimes and losing sometimes (the period of the Judges). Yet I think that was more of a political situation of which tribal nation (the “ites” and the Philistines) would dominate the region. I would argue from a Christian Right perspective that the Hebrews became dominant people because the sins of the previous inhabitants had reached the point of no return and the Land of Promise was being fulfilled only as the Hebrews actively took possession.

Others may argue anti-Semitism began when Assyria and Babylon alternately emptied the northern Kingdom of Israel and the later emptying the Kingdom of Judah.

Some may argue Persian liberation of Jews from Babylon and later elements within the Persian government tried to exterminate the Jews under Persian authority. Yet that policy was reversed by the Persian emperor and the anti-Semitic band in the Persian government were disbanded (so to speak).

Some may argue that after Alexander the Great defeated Persia and added it to Alexander’s empire followed by the death of Alexander and the division of Alexander’s empire was another period of anti-Semitism. The Greek-Syrian part of Alexander’s former empire was intent on forcing Greek polytheism on the Jews who had returned to their land after Babylonian captivity ended.

Of course the Maccabean revolt established an independent Jewish Kingdom again that eventually became ruled by the
Hasmonean dynasty.

With Roman aid
Herod the Great (son of Antipater the Idumean) became the ruler of the Hasmonian dynasty’s holdings. Old Herod was a practicing Jew by faith however he was more in line with the Greek influenced Sadducees than the Orthodox Jews of the period known as Pharisees. Also Herod’s national origin of Idumea alienated the typical Jew of the period. The Jews knew the Idumaeans were given the option of converting to Judaism or leaving after a Hasmonean ruler had conquered the area earlier.

After Herod’s death the Romans divided the rule of the Jewish land between his sons and eventually took direct control of Jerusalem under a sort of Governor (there is actually a
lack of agreement what the office was called).

Jews in their homeland were again under oppression, i.e. to say anti-Semitism. After a couple of revolts, the Romans expelled most of the Jews in what has become known as a Diaspora. To disgrace the Jewish heritage the Romans renamed the Land a Latin form of one of the Jewish enemies of the past – Philistines.
From Philistines the Romans got Palestinia which today has been known as Palestine.

    Just an interesting side note: even the name of Palestinian is a usurped name by Arabs living in the area. Palestine for centuries had been referenced as the former homeland of the Jews.

I could probably let this speculation on the origin of anti-Semitism began continue on and on. Let’s just say anti-Semitism follow the Jews of the Diaspora to all parts of Europe.

Anti-Semitism became so horrific in Europe that Europeans looked the other way as an Austrian by the name of Adolf Hitler outlined his thoughts on Jews in his Nazi manifesto entitled, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Hitler’s desire to unite German speaking people into a super race also resulted in twelve million deaths by the end of WWII.
Six million of those eleven million (when I was younger I could have swore the number was twelve million) were Jews.

The bloodthirstiness of Hitler had finally struck a tinge of guilt on Europeans who could have prevented the Holocaust but chose not to seek the delusion of “Peace in our Time” with an anti-Semitic lunatic. This tinge of guilt made way for the creation of Israel in 1948. In 1948 Muslim Arabs took a page out of Mein Kampf and several invading armies tried to exterminate the Jews of the new sovereign nation of Israel.

Eventually the USA became the primary protector of Israel with money and weapons which Israel used to protect its little speck of a nation from a sea of hostile anti-Semitic Muslims.

Pay attention now! Anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head again in Europe and even among the Left in America; particularly among Leftist Academics in European and American Universities.

The pseudo-Palestinian Arabs are calling for their own nation which is followed by a goal of the extermination of Jews and the nation of Israel. Iran’s and Syria’s Islamofascist governments have pledged to eradicate Israel and currently aiding transnational Muslim terrorist organizations in this goal which includes a target on all who support Israel. This principle target is America since most of Europe seems to have forgotten why they supported the creation of a Jewish nation in the first place.

As in indication of the global and Academic nature of anti-Semitism emerging like pre-WWII days watch these YouTube videos:

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