Sunday, December 21, 2008

Muslim Supremacy in America – PROTEST IT!

CAIR is demonstrating Muslim Supremacy syndrome (see part 1 and 2) by telling the Parent company of Long John Silvers to apologize for having a kid-meal toy with a Bible message and a Bible quote.

This is crazy! Mall of America is a private enterprise and not associated with a government agency. If any private business wishes to utilize a Christmas story as part of their promotion in a nation that is predominantly Christian, then American-Muslims (or in this case mostly foreign Somali-Muslims) need to get over it or shop somewhere else.

In America the FIRST Amendment guarantees freedom of religion. The Constitution does not guarantee a minority religion such as Islam/Mohammedanism insulation from the majority religion such as Christianity. If Muslims living in America require a Muslim Supremacist protection from offense they should live in a Muslim nation in there is NO freedom of religion and the rights of non-Muslim religions are extremely limited or down right illegal.

If the “Yum! Brands” parent company of Long John Silvers actually apologizes to CAIR on behalf of Muslim-Americans then I encourage Christians to inundate the “Yum! Brands” company with Christian Protest. It is a Constitutional Right for Christians to complain as much as it is for Muslims.

YUM! BRANDS contact link –

Here is the
Jihad Watch post exposing the Muslim Supremacy syndrome being practiced by the unindicted co-conspirator CAIR to the HLF terrorist supporting charity convicts.

JRH 12/21/08 (Hat tip

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