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Horowitz Wants the Right to get Over Obama

I just finished reading a day old email with a Frontpagemag.com letterhead by David Horowitz. The subject on the email: “A Message to Disgruntled Conservatives: Get Over It!” Horowitz’s blog has a different title yet apparently the same content: Birth certificate, Hussein name, Hillary garbage.

Horowitz actually writes a very supportive article for Barack Hussein Obama. Horowitz basically writes the Conservatives that are going after the Birth Certificate issue of BHO’s citizenship (Some are calling Obamagate) is “right-wing trash talk.”

Now check this out: David Horowitz is one of the true heroes working to educate Americans about the nature of Islam/Mohammedanism. This makes Horowitz a hero in my book; however this article is laced with self-righteous anger.

Horowitz claims the significant of amount voters that elected Obama renders irrelevant the veracity or the lack of veracity of Obama’s citizenship. Horowitz even goes so far as to NOT bring up the U.S. Constitution because the will of the voters overrides the letter of law in the Constitution.

Horowitz goes on to rail Conservatives about the attitude given toward Hillary as Secretary of State and the accusation that BHO is a closet Islamist Muslim. I have to say on the last two points I am in complete agreement with Horowitz.

Although Hillary is a domestic societal change Leftist, her record in the Senate has demonstrated a good grasp of foreign policy and the need to fight the Islamic terrorists. This is in contradistinction from BHO’s thoughts of not setting any pre-conditions for negotiations with America’s enemies.

As for being a Muslim, I don’t believe it one bit. I do believe
BHO has been ensconced in Islamic culture and the typical pro-Arab and anti-Israel Leftist stand pertaining to how things should work out politically in the Middle East.

I am still convinced
BHO is a closet Marxist because of past associations with avowed Marxists that have influenced everything to an entrance into Harvard to working on Slanted Left community solutions with an unrepentant oxymoron anti-war yet violent American terrorist who sought the destruction of the American government to establish a Marxist utopia. (Ayers claimed he did not kill anyone in his bombing days however booklets and eyewitness infiltrators demonstrate a willingness to kill Americans who did not conform to the envisioned Marxist utopia.)

Whether or not the BHO’s birth certificate of original birth exists or demonstrates a birth in Hawaii or Kenya is important because the cloud of darkness illustrates a propensity to lie.

The influence of
Black Liberation Theology (BLT) Marxist Jeremiah Wright (ergo racist) is downplayed by BHO. Only a gullible sucker could believe that – it’s a BHO lie. This BLT influence extends to Wrights good Chicago community buddy Black Muslim racist Louis Farrakhan no matter the verbal BHO denials.

I do have to admit though that
BHO’s Cabinet choices are way more centrist than the obvious ideology that BHO gravitates toward. Maybe BHO is an American first and a Leftist Marxist second. Time will tell with that.

The thing I disagree with Horowitz the most is his concept that votes override the U.S. Constitution. This very same attitude is how a Slanted Left judiciary in America has disdained Constitutional interpretation for Constitutional transforming to fit the Bench’s view of how a Constitution should evolve without the involvement of people and Congress.

Personally I would be flabbergasted if SCOTUS even looks at the BHO’s birth certificate issue on the merit that the Governor of Hawaii (a Democrat) has certified BHO was born in Hawaii. Once a SCOTUS decides to not even look at the various civil suits concerning place of birth and citizenship, the issue will become moot and something to be scrutinized by curious historians in the future.

So far I have come across only one avowed Conservative (via the old GOOGLE) who believes David Horowitz has shown his true colors. Patrick Krey posting on the blog
Political Class Dismissed takes the paleocon opportunity to call David Horowitz a neocon ergo a closet Leftist.

Now it is true those that are pegged as neocons (which is a group of people that hardly have monolithic agreement) have Leftist and even Marxist roots. Paleocons miss the fact these multifaceted EX-Leftists are “EX.” An epiphany occurred that Leftist/Marxist ideology is a failed pattern to govern for the greater good. Hence the ex-Leftist and/or ex-Marxist became Conservatives yet with a different twist: the promotion of global Democracy as a means toward peace rather than conquest and forced re-education camps or executions. Basically the loose difference between Paleocons and Neocons is the former emphasizes less government involvement with individuals and a domestic non-international perspective while the later emphasizes the use of military strength to rid the world of despots and terrorists strengthening global interdependence via democratic institutions.

This is what makes Neocons great educators on the nature of Islam trying to overcome the Politically Correct subculture which both the Left and many on the Right bow toward.

PC culture is like a domestic family in a row boat. The leader tells the family not to rock the boat so that no one gets hurt. All the while hooligans are hiding around the bend to do more than rock the family leader’s boat, they plan to capsize it and take their possessions. Kill the males and abuse the females.

Maybe the leader sees the trouble coming around the bend. The leader still tells the family not to rock the boat. The leader will speak with the hooligans and surely have the moral imperative to not hurt humans for the purpose of self-aggrandizement.

The hooligan leader says sure, turning to smile at his fellow hooligans. Hooligan leader says, “Come to shore and we will respect your humanity as the hooligans in the background sharpen their knives in preparation for the acquisition of easy booty.

So I have to say I do not agree with Horowitz concerning constitutional issues yet he still is a hero for being one of many educating America and the West that there are Islamic hooligans that cannot be trusted.

JRH 12-2-08

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