Tuesday, December 16, 2008

U.S. Gov’t Financing Terrorist Activities?

Gary H. Johnson though supportive of the goals of anti-jihadists like Act for America is highly critical of their tactics to attain the goals; however this story about the Thomas More Law Center filing suit against the Federal Government to prohibit bailout money going AIG because members of their Shariah Finance Compliant board are indeed overtly supportive of radical Islamic terrorism against America.

Although Mr. Johnson’s thoughts are practical, the Left has shown that to get peoples attention is to be loud. Unlike the Left though, the anti-jihadists are speaking the truth rather than a prevarication or a blatant revision of the facts.

Mr. Johnson does have further thoughts. In fact I skimmed an email that he sent today. So I will be posting more Mr. Johnson’s articles on

JRH 12/16/08


Christopher Logan said...

Did you see the Iraqi war vet who is suing the American govt for bailing out AIG? The reason being that AIG carries sharia financing and that in turn promotes Islam. So our government is breaking the First Amendment.

Keep up the good work.

Theway2k said...

Actually Christopher I have not run into the story of the vet suing the US govt for breaking the First Amendment.

Go Iraqi War Vet!