Monday, December 08, 2008

We’re Guilty, What’re You Going to do about It!

The five Gitmo prisoners who are associated with “planning and coordinating the Sept. 11” Islamic terrorist attack on the Twin Towers have notified the military judge on their case they wish to plead guilty. This includes the Master Mind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

The Islamic perpetrators of the murder of over 3,000 American souls seem to have an end-game.

That end-game is a challenge to the U.S. government to hand out death penalties.

Why is there an end-game?

I speculate the Gitmo 9/11 five are thinking a guilty verdict will cause global riots worse than the Mohammed Cartoon publishing initiated by a Danish Newspaper.

If I am correct and the U.S. government caves into to not formally executing the Gitmo five the American Left insist be tried in a court of law, Americans should riot to show their displeasure of how the oil rich Islamic world attempts to manipulate those they call kafir.

I don’t believe these Gitmo five deserve a civilian criminal trial. They should be tried for war crimes even though their agenda was not officially supported by sovereign nation. Just like the Nazis of WWII who committed acts of atrocity against innocent civilians, so also should the Gitmo five receive a military tribunal death sentence.

If the Arab/Muslim world rises in violence, I say so what. These guys execute people for far less trivial crimes such as being a victim of rape or converting from Islam to Christianity.

JRH 12/8/08

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