Monday, December 22, 2008

Hamas is Preparing to Execute Jewish Bloodshed

So Hamas is declaring an end to their cease fire with Israel.


There was a cease fire?

Where did all those rockets launched on Israel cities like Sderot come from?
I could have sworn they were launched from Gazastan/Hamastan.

O I see - the strategy is to draw attention to Israel. The Middle East, Russia and China are already anti-Semitic; now a significant portion of the West is becoming Anti-Semitic believing the Arab and Mohammedan propaganda that all the suffering of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians is ONLY the fault of Israel

Of course this is a lie much like the fabricated
Protocols of the Elders of Zion in which Adolf Hitler and the Mohammedan Middle East (and probably Mohammedans living in dar al-harb) believe the fabricated document is verified proof of Jewish intentions to take over the world.

Hamas is betting on the new global anti-Semitism to blame Israel for the probable acceleration of violence and mayhem against Jewish Israel.

Read about it from Barry Rubin.

JRH 12/22/08

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