Monday, July 31, 2006

Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About

If Loose Change blew your mind, just watch this. This movie explores what all Radical Islamic Extremists, who only make up 10%-15% of the Muslim population, are really trying to do, and how. You have to see this movie to get a real prespective of the problems we have in the world.

Although only 10 - 15% of the Mohammedan populace is considered radical think of that in terms of the total population. Let us take the
U.S. State Department figures of the total population: 1.48 billion Mohammedans. Using the smallest amount of the estimate that are radical, that number is 14 million 800 thousand terrorists that wish to chop of an American's head. That is HUGE!

Those Mohammedans that wish to appear "politically correct" by excluding themselves from the radicals still support a Quran and Hadiths that call for the death of unbelievers. OUCH!

Iran Pan-Islam Movement: Resistance is Futile

David Pryce-Jones has written an essay that alludes Revolutionary Iran has fostered a Pan-Arab nationalism more dangerous than anything the world has seen in the past from the Middle East. I agree with his premise, but he misses it on the “Pan-Arab” phrase. Iranians are not Arabs, nor do they speak Arabic. Iranians are what the West used to know as Persians and the language they speak is Farsi.

The Politically Correct phrase for what Iran has done is to foist a “Pan-Islam.” If you are many of my readers you know I prefer to term the death-cult as Mohammedanism: Those that follow the teachings and precepts initiated by a man known as Mohammed.

It is the Shi’ite Revolution perpetrated by the deceased Ayatollah Khomeini that toppled the Peacock Throne of the Shah that has emboldened Sunni and Shi’ite terrorists to hate everything Western and Israeli. It is this hate that wishes to confront and engage Israel and the West.

Who trained, funds and equips Hezbollah? If you answered Iran, you have paying been attention to the news. If you are answered local Mohammedans or local Shi'ites in Lebanon, you have been living an ethereal life of illusion.

If you understand that Iran pulls the puppet strings of Iran, you are aware that Hezbollah is a client terrorist organization at the beck and call of extremist Twelver Shi'ites that the Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad represent. You will understand that their aim to destroy Israel is only the beginning of their agenda.

These nut cases want to bring on global chaos because they believe their Mahdi will emerge from hiding and force the world to embrace Mohammedanism or die. Their mindset is similar to the BORG of Star Trek lore: Resistance is Futile. The West can and will resist eventually, there is no way that such evil can overwhelm the earth. God is Good (not the demon allah).

The sooner those that are attempting diplomatic dialogue wake up to this agenda the quicker the pain of confronting Iran and Islamofascists will end. The longer that attempts are made at sucker diplomacy the longer the world will experience anguish as a psycho-gift from crazed Islamofascists.

Diplomacy is only a tool to find time to discover and execute strategy to eradicate Israel and Western thought from the planet. I do not wish to be the recipient of that gift, do you?

Pearson and Inclusionism

Have you heard of Carlton Pearson? If you live in Tulsa, OK or have been involved what has been tagged as the Word of Faith movement you probably have heard of Pearson. In the early 1990’s I frequently visited the then Higher Dimensions Church. At that time it was a growing mega-Church in Tulsa that clearly embraced Caucasian and Black Americans in a healthy Church setting.

I first heard of Pearson’s deviation from orthodox Christian concepts when he attempted a political career, running for Mayor in the city of Tulsa. Pearson ran a Conservative Christian Right campaign attempting to entice traditionally Black Democratic Party voters to his Republican campaign. This is when I began to first hear of the so-called “Gospel of Inclusion.”

Pearson’s Republican campaign lost horribly. That is when information began to flow in about Pearson’s new message. I became horrified that the Gospel of Inclusion is actually a theology that proclaims that humanity does need the Redemption of Christ to enter Heaven. All people regardless of faith, lack of faith, or the practice of good and evil; will be included in the Kingdom of God. It is like Joseph Smith creating a new religion and tagging as a higher vision of Christianity. Carlton Pearson’s “Gospel of Inclusion” is a warped Universalist religion. I say warped only because it is Pearson discrediting Christ to those who followed Christ under his Ministry. It is no more Christian than Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses that deny the union of God in Christ.

J. Lee Grady of Charisma Magazine has branded Carlton Pearson’s theology as heresy. I actually tend to agree with Grady; however heresy is a strong term. Many Main Line Christian Denominations consider the Word of Faith, Renewal, Charismatics and so on; as heretics.

I think it is good that Grady exposes Pearson’s change of orthodoxy so that people are aware and are not duped. On the other hand, Grady and many people need to use the “heresy” word as a term of alienation. What goes around comes around or whatever is sown is also reaped. Expose Pearson to draw him is the attitude should be portrayed, not an attitude of strife and derision.

That is my two cents, below is Grady’s article on Pearson’s disturbing agenda:

Heresy in the Cathedral
Carlton Pearson’s ‘gospel of inclusion’ is now headed to a prominent pulpit in Atlanta
By J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma Magazine
Visionary Advancement Strategies InJesus Group

Since he became a Universalist in the late 1990s, Carlton Pearson has lost almost all the support he once enjoyed among charismatics and Pentecostals in this country. His 5,000-member church in Tulsa, Okla., has shrunk to a few hundred, forcing his building into foreclosure. But that hasn’t stopped the discredited preacher from spreading his quirky “everybody is saved” doctrine on secular television programs, including National Public Radio, Fox News and the National Geographic Channel.

And now Pearson has announced that his next major theological summit—called Inclusion 2006—will be held in October at Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, a charismatic church founded by Bishop Earl Paulk in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur.

Pearson believes he is on a mission to convert us all to his beliefs. “Within the next five years, everyone will be preaching inclusionism,” he said in one recent interview.
“Inclusionism,” in case the term is new to you, is the idea that God does not exclude anyone from heaven. It is ultimate extreme in liberal heresy. If Jesus died for all, then all automatically receive eternal life. No matter how people choose to live their lives on Earth, or whether they respond to Christ through repentance and faith, they get free admission into a glorious afterlife.

In other words, you can live any way you want to. There is no hell. The worst sinners—and maybe even the devil himself—will wind up in heaven.

Pearson actually believes the concept of hell is rooted in pagan beliefs. “My ministry will be inclusive, not exclusive. I’m no longer preaching and living under that fear-based gospel,” Pearson told the Dallas Morning News in March.

On his Web site, Pearson announces that he is releasing his most important book this year, God Is Not a Christian .. He also tells his Web site visitors to prepare for an international theological reformation based on his “revelation.”

“Don’t miss out on the newest shift in religious sensibility!” Pearson’s Web site announces.

It was one thing for Pearson to preach his heresies to a small and dwindling crowd at his Higher Dimensions Family Church in Tulsa, which meets in a borrowed Episcopal sanctuary. It is another thing for him to take his message on the road and preach it at Paulk’s church, which was at one time the most prominent charismatic congregation in the Southeast.

Today most of the Cathedral’s seats are empty. The congregation has been losing members steadily, especially in the last year after former church employees Bobby and Mona Brewer filed a lawsuit alleging that Paulk lured Mona into an ongoing adulterous affair.

Why is Paulk allowing Pearson in his pulpit? Why is he going so far as to host this heretical gathering in his neo-Gothic cathedral?

It’s no secret that Pearson has already preached in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at least twice since he was officially labeled a heretic by a group of African-American bishops in 2004. It appears that Paulk has thrown his hat in the ring with his Universalist friend. Deception has spread its web.

You might be tempted to say, “Paulk and Pearson have just gone off the deep end. No one is going to listen to them.” I’m not expecting long lines at the Inclusion 2006 event, but don’t underestimate the spiritual forces behind this deception. There are lots of people in the ranks of charismatic churches today who are dangerously close to embracing the idea of a God who can’t or won’t send an unrepentant sinner to hell.

One of Pearson’s supporters, in showing his support for inclusionism, writes on Pearson’s Web site: “Any God who would cast away the majority of mankind, as your critics insist, is not deserving of anyone’s worship or praise.”

In other words: We don’t like the God of the Bible. We want to fashion a new god in our own image.

What a sad day for our movement. I’m originally from Atlanta, and I remember the glory days in the mid-1970s when crowds discovered lively worship and spiritual renewal at Paulk’s church—then known as Chapel Hill Harvester. Today, after a long series of public scandals, the crowds have vanished, many staff members have fled and hundreds of once-dedicated church members are disillusioned and hurt. A church that was once known for spreading the message of the Holy Spirit’s power is now aligning itself with the most blatant form of blasphemy. Let’s pray that the infection will be contained rather than spreading to other parts of the body of Christ.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Maybe Hezbollah Did the Qana Killing

Okay I know I am getting into this Qana thing. The thing that strikes me is this: How remarkably quick the condemnations heaped upon Israel, when Hezbollah could have been as easily culpable for the explosions or direct deaths of these Lebanonese civilians. Even I was swayed into thinking there could be no other conclusion that the Israeli strike was the only possibly of the deaths. I was looking at the angle of human shield collateral damage, indeed it is now emerging that Hezbollah was doing more than utilizing human shields. Hezbollah may have kept the civilians where dangerous explosives were located. Or, Hezbollah might have planned propaganda homicidal genocide of Lebanonese civilians knowing full well that Israel would retaliate at the location that missile was launched.

Has anyone thought that might have been the cause of the UN Observers as well? Islamofascist PROPAGANDA!

WCCR Blames Hezbollah

Brigitte Gabriel’s American Congress For Truth has published a Declaration representing a Lebanonese organization known as The World Council of the Cedars Revolution excoriating Hezbollah.

The Cedar Revolution is the nom de guerre for the revolution that booted Syria out of Lebanon. The organization that Brigitte Gabriel (a Christian Lebanonese) published has an Arabic Language website. I Googled the "Cedar Revolution" and found an English equivalent (HERE).

"The World Council of the Cedars Revolution" seems to have a Lebanonese international flavor to it (according to the signatory names at the end of this declaration). The gist of this Council's attitude is horror that Israel launched the weapons that caused the death of Lebanonese civilians but that the responsibility for the civilian Lebanonese lives rests with Hezbollah.

Related Qana news at "Hezbollah Human Shields Die."

Mohammedans are evil Rapists in Europe

The Blogger Fjordman was writing for the Blog The Gates of Vienna about his homeland Norway. Fjordman relates how Mohammedan rape has become an epidemic of brutal crime in Scandanavia. Fjordman also claims it is happening all over Western Europe. He further demonstrates evidence that European authorities are looking the other way out of the devilish concept of being "politically correct."

Dear God in Heaven, when will the West awaken to the wickedness that is Mohammedan culture?

Hezbollah Human Shields Die

Hamas Human Shields but the point is the same.

One must begin to wonder about the Mohammedan civilians in Southern Lebanon:
"'One must understand the Hezbollah is using their own civilian population as human shields," said Israeli Foreign Ministry official Gideon Meir. "The Israeli defense forces dropped leaflets and warned the civilian population to leave the place because the Hezbollah turned it into a war zone.'"

In light that there was notice given to get, these civilians are in so much support for Hezbollah that they are willing to die for the Islamofascist cause. Or, the civilians are illiterate and can not read. Or, the civilians are stupid and either does not listen to the Mohammedans that can read or do heed that Israelis will do what they say they will do. Or, Hezbollah is more evil than anyone has suspected and has kept the Mohammedans in their villages at gun point knowing that the civilians will perish after Hezbollah missiles are launched.

Of course Mohammedan Kofi Annan sympathizes with Hezbollah, ergo he condemns Israel. Of course the Western Media sympathizes with Hezbollah, ergo they criticize Israel. AND, of course the neighboring Mohammedan Arab nations sympathize with Hezbollah, ergo they criticize Israel.
"'We will not stop this battle, despite the difficult incidents this morning," Olmert said during Israel's weekly Cabinet meeting, according to a participant in the meeting. "We will continue the activity and if necessary it will be broadened without hesitation.'"

For once Prime Minister Olmert is making the correct call for Israel's protection.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Samaritan's Purse Softens Lebanese Muslims

I stumbled on a report from a blogging site that I normally have considered liberal: The blogs. The blog in particular is called Bartholomew's notes on religion.

Bartholomew's Notes shows a picture of Samaritan's Purse bringing food and aid to Lebanonese Mohammedans suffering in the war. It is a pity the MSM does not report on the hospitality and the reaction of Mohammedans.

Here is Bartholomew's Notes report:
Samaritan’s Purse: Lebanese Muslims “Softened” to Gospel

Of all the comment and analysis about the Israeli attack on Lebanon, Agape provides the
unlikeliest quote, from Ken Isaacs of Samaritan’s Purse:

He says this crisis has softened the hearts of many Muslims in Lebanon to the spiritual truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Samaritan’s Purse, as is well-known, has been controversial for several years, ever since its President Franklin Graham
famously called Islam “a very evil and wicked religion”. Isaacs has wisely avoided this kind of rhetoric, and the organisation’s humanitarian efforts do appear to have been appreciated in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the proselytising agenda remains central: the midst of what is being called a humanitarian crisis of major proportions, Samaritan's Purse has continued to reach out through its partners to the war-devastated people of southern Lebanon. "Right now," Isaacs notes, "we're supporting a network of six pastors and over 20 volunteers who are working out through the schools."

...Also, Isaacs observes, a number of Muslim families have asked for Bibles. "So, where people are asking us for it, we're making that available -- that's up to them," he asserts. "As I said, it's a very difficult situation, and resources are tight right now."

But Samaritan’s Purse is not just focused on converting Muslims; its website
adds that it is “helping provide food parcels to hungry Israelis living in the shelters”, and it suggests that we should pray for “Muslim and Jewish people to receive the Lord Jesus Christ and experience His peace in their hearts and homes”.

UPDATE: Jesus General offers some free
advertising advice.

Plus Ultra Blog: Ban Islam ...

Okay, so I went to a radical anti-Mohammedan blog today. It was in relation to the shooting at a Jewish organization in Seattle. Evidently the early blog speculation the shooting was related to Islamofascist terrorism. It is beginning to look like it was not terrorism:
Police identified the arrested suspect as Naveed Afzal Haq, 30, who until recently had lived in Everett. A law-enforcement source said Haq apparently has a history of mental illness. Haq, described as a studious loner, was raised in the Tri-Cities area and his family has close ties to the local Muslim community center. Court records show Haq has a charge of lewd conduct pending against him in Benton County.

Apparently this Mohammedan was a mentally nut.

Plus Ultra blog comments that point is irrelevant. All Mohammedans are "sleepers" ready to erupt into violence:
ALL Muslims are “sleepers”

We have read several blog postings speculating as to whether the Muslim who killed one and shot 5 others in Seattle was part of a “sleeper cell” that had been activated by Nasrallah. He probably isn’t a Hezbo, the thinking goes, because Hezbos want to do something more “spectacular”, like a pizzeria bombing.

We wonder why any of that matters.

This dissection of the current “specimen” is interesting on one level; we need to find out all the details of Naveed Afzal Haq’s history and who his contacts were. But on the most important level, it totally misses the point. Every Muslim in the world is a “sleeper”. Every act of Muslim violence against non-Muslims is part of the Jihad. If they can murder many, they will murder many. If they can only murder a few at a time, they will murder as many as possible.

As we have mentioned repeatedly, the problem is not with this or that “armed wing” of this or that “brotherhood” of this or that “sect” of this or that “school” of Islam. The problem is Islam.

We have countless “specimens” to study. They all have some information to add to the base of knowledge. But, the common thread is Islam. The main thing that needs to be understood, and the thing that is still being ignored, is that our country, our civilization is under attack, now, today, yesterday, for decades, by Islam.

There is no “moderate” Islam, any more than there was “moderate” National Socialism. There is only “Islam“. Ignorance-based, anti-progressive, anti-freedom, anti-intellectual, anti-rational Islam, dedicated to the destruction of everything non-Muslim. Every Muslim is the enemy.

Until Americans, Europeans, Australians, Scandinavians and all other westerners get their minds around that elemental fact, we will continue to flounder in answer to the threat.

UPDATES to story on:

Michelle Malkin
Planks Constant

I am beginning to agree with Plus Ultra. I know there are respectable humans that practice Mohammedanism, however that religion so-called holy writings are a manual for a death-cult. I am glad that some followers of Mohammed have made the choice to pick and choose which writing's of Mohammed to follow and eschew, however I am of the opinion those Mohammedans are emerging as the minority. The majority wish to follow the Quran, Hadith and Sharia Law.
UPDATE (7:38 PM 7/29/06)
I just read in the Jawa Report that a Mohammedan Doctor living in Texas shot randomly and the bullet discovered a person on a bicycle. Again as in Seattle it does not appear to be an act of organized Terrorism.

On the other hand, just as Plus Ultra would say: so what!
Mohammedans that practice their faith are trained to hate the kafir (infidel). They are all sleeper waiting to explode. Organized terrorism merely is a vent for the explosion.
Update 7/30/06 My Way News (AP)
The AP reports the Mohammedan murderer was a HATE CRIME.
Once inside, police say, Naveed Afzal Haq opened fire with two semiautomatic pistols. One woman, Pam Waechter, 58, of Seattle was killed at the scene. Five more women were wounded.

Haq, a Muslim, told authorities he was angered by the war in Iraq and U.S. military cooperation with Israel.

"He pointedly blamed the Jewish people for all of these problems," Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said at a news conference Saturday.

According to a statement of probable cause, Haq told a 911 dispatcher: "These are Jews and I'm tired of getting pushed around and our people getting pushed around by the situation in the Middle East."

Muhammad Ullah, a close family friend and a senior member of a mosque founded in part by Haq's father, described Haq as a quiet loner with few friends.

In a statement, the Islamic Center of the Tri-Cities offered condolences to the shooting victims and said "we disassociate this act from our Islamic teachings and beliefs."

Naveed Afzal Haq is a cold blooded Mohammedan murderer. The Islamic Center in the Tri-Cities (Eastern Washington State) is using al-Taqiyya (deception) if they are trying to convince anyone that this kind of hatred is not part of Mohammedan teachings and belief.

A Guide To Handle Bleeding Hearts

I was blog surfing this morning and came across some humor that every conservative needs to memorize. It is courtesy of
This is a guide that was sent to me today. This is a step by step program that helps to deal with these people who believe that the army is over reacting and overly aggressive in its reaction to the situation in Lebanon. These would be the resident bleeding hearts that feel that what we are doing is violent and senseless.

Step 1: Get into the conversation and ask whether he feels that a military solution is acceptable.

Step 2: When the response is a resounding “No”, ask why not.

Step 3: Wait until he gets to the part “it just leads to further violence and the killing of innocent people…..”

Step 4: While he is in mid sentence, slap him hard on the face.

Step 5: When he tries to hit you back, bring his attention to the fact “that this is against his principles and that this reaction is dangerous and can lead to an escalation in violence”.

Step 6: Wait until he agrees to your explanation and promise to stop hitting him.

Step 7: Ask him another question and again hit him, but much harder this time.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5 to 8 until he realizes that sometimes you need to fight back.

I may have actually read this some other time at some other place, however I sure did enjoy the humor of remembering. Too bad I do not have the courage to impliment the liberal training exercise in protection.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Annan Thy Name is Corruption

Kofi Annan is a joke as a person that is allegedly leading an organization that promotes peace. Jim Couri adeptly points to the horrendous flaws of Annan's leadership of the UN. Annan has nearly completed the UN's transformation into a total anti-American and anti-Semitic global organization that has successfully become the rubber stamp for left wing social programs in the West and radical anti-Semitic Islamofascists in the Mohammedan world. Did I mention that Annan was a Mohammedan from the Third World? Hmm...

Iran is Testing Weapons and Measuring Israel Via Hezbollah

When I had read that Iran is actually pulling Hezbollah strings to test their weapons systems and how Israel responds to those weapons, the light clicked on. This is why Iran and Syria pushed the Hezbollah button and is sending money to Sunni Hamas. Iran is preparing for war. That means Iran believes America is impotent to stop Iran.

This is something that might back fire on Iran. The Sunni dominated Arab nations might be placed in a decision in which they must choose to fight for Israel or against Israel. That choice will be heavily considered on whether Iran is a threat to the Arab elites maintaining rule in their corners of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan come into mind in this scenario. There are oil wealthy Arab States that might feel threatened by an Iranian orchestrated war on Israel. The Sheiks and Kings of the Arabian Peninsula come into mind in this scenario. The Arabian Peninsula is largely Sunni in religious demography. Iraq would probably split apart in Sunni-Shi'ite-Kurdish civil war in an Iranian initiated conflict against Israel.

If the despotic Sunni dominated Nation-States side with Israel to protect their own interests, my will the Middle East change.

If some or all support Iran in a war to eradicate Israel, then World War will ensue.

America cannot afford to be on the short end of the stick and must engage in a full scale assault on the Middle East to get a slice of oil. It is not in America's National Interest for an Israeli eradication on a geopolitical scale. It is not in Western Culture's interest on a Christian Godly scale for Israel's eradication.

Dearbornistan, U.S.A.

Sheikh Mohammed Fadlallah - Hezbollah & Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi - Dearborn(istan) U.S.A.

Brigitte Gabriel has been posting portions of Debbie Schlussel's on going exposition of radical Mohammedanism in America. Evidently the Detroit/Dearborn area of Michigan is becoming a hot bed of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. I like Schlussel's term for the area - "Dearbornistan."

The thing that is even more disturbing is the flagrant fraternization of the Bush Administration with this area:
"While it operates mostly as a banquet facility, the Bint Jebail Cultural Center is also used as a frequent meeting place for Hezbollah supporters and a locale for Hezbollah rallies that frequently feature anti-American and anti-Christian hate, not just anti-Semitism. (Despite all that, U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III--now a Bush nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals--is a frequent guest at this Hezbollah club, including last October, when he told its members that the club and the U.S. government had issues of common interest and concern.)"

What is up with that? I am a huge President Bush supporter; however when I read such things from people that is exposing the enemies of America I become absolutely speechless. This Stephen Murphy III dude fits the bill for a Democratic Party nominee to the Judiciary way more than a Republican Appointee. There is so much criticism of the Senate Judiciary Committee not sending Appointees to an "up or down" vote, that I have to wonder how the majority Republicans react when reading credentials such as Murphy's.

The real point that must be emphasized is that there are death-cult adherents that are American citizens. These death-cult members are potential homicidal suicide bombers if their affection for Hezbollah follows through its logical conclusion.

Cease-fire calls ring hollow in light of WWII history

Thomas Sowell has compared contemporary calls for cease-fire to be as affective as the cease-fire calls were in 1939 just after Germany invaded Poland. Hitler used the time to transfer his military machine to confront France. If France would have invaded right after their joint declaration of war along side Britain, their greater strength might have put a nip in the bud of Europe's WWII. Instead Hitler used the time to transfer troops resulting in the demise of France in six weeks.

Then Hitler proceeded to exterminate six million Jews.

Sowell's criticism of calls for "cease-fire" is well warranted. Frankly, I am amazed Israel has not set out to exterminate terrorist infrastructure much earlier. I am certain that which has restrained Israel is America and Western nations that falsely believe that talk with terrorists will work out a peaceful solution. If I am correct (I am), talk only allows time for terrorists to arm themselves and plan destructive agendas. Surely the West and America must awaken to the fact the one thing ALL Islamofascist terrorist organizations have in common is the utter destruction of the Land of Israel and the Jews that live there. The Islamofascist plan is a 21st century holocaust more brutally bloody than even Hitler's Final Solution of the 20th century.

As for the UN, HELLO! The UN is dominated in its Assembly by Third World nations that listen to the Islamofascist credo. Kofi Annan is a Mohammedan. The UN only agenda is to satisfy the constituent nations that dominate it. That leaves that organization a proven corrupt organization impotent to the Charter of its original founding. The only reason the UN has any political clout is the forum of the Security Council and the discussions of the real Global powers on that Council. If America was not that Council it would be a War Council to eradicate Israel.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Days of Piracy: Free Movies & Free Music

A few years ago I was a huge Kazaa fan. I thought Kazaa was the greatest thing since video tape. I watched movies more than downloaded music. I did not think of it anymore of piracy as did recording a TV show to watch later on video tape.

I became dissatisfied with Kazaa when I learned two things: spy ware and virus potential. That is when I terminated my honeymoon with free movies.

Alas Kazaa had greater problems than loosing a client. The Entertainment industry became insensed with lost revenue for CD and DVD and Movie Ticket sales. The Entertainment industry turned loose their pit bull lawyers to track down Kazaa and their clients to bring back distribution of the flow of capital. The Entertainment industry cried PIRACY.

Today I read Kazaa was spanked to the tune of $115 million Dollars:

The company behind software called "Kazaa," which made it simple for millions of computer users to download music and movies over the Internet, has agreed to pay more than $115 million to the entertainment industry to settle global piracy lawsuits, the industry said Thursday.

Sharman Networks Ltd., which produced and distributed the popular Kazaa software, also promised to "use all reasonable means" to discourage online piracy, including building into its software "robust and secure" ways to frustrate computer users who try to find and download copyrighted music and movies, court papers said.

The Black Beard of free media has been made to walk the plank mate.

Current Democratic Party Rhetoric Does Not Line Up

America needs to be reminded that the Democratic Party executes political accusations purely for the moment. There accusations have little relevance for they change with the wind. Ann Coulter lines up a series of Islamofascist terrorist attacks that ranged back to a Democratic Party controlled White House and House of Representatives, yet the Democrats did NOTHING to prevent the escalation of terrorism that led to 9/11. Now the Democrats (notably Kerry) are saying if they had the White House, Hezbollah would not have the military terrorist bite they have today. Does that make sense to anyone?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Beware! There is a Homosexual Agenda

I have been laughed and scoffed at by many liberal, moderate and homosexual visitors to this blog about the existence of a homosexual agenda. Today I have found that the liberal rag the Los Angeles Times has published a pro-homosexual slanted article indeed demonstrating such an agenda does exist.
They are not giving up on the courts. Washington's highest state court is due to decide today [*The homosexuals lost that one] whether same-sex couples can marry. Similar cases are pending in California and several other states; gay advocates are especially optimistic about their chances in New Jersey. But as they wait for those rulings, gay-rights leaders have refocused their agenda.

The top priority now: to step back and reintroduce themselves to America. After the recent setbacks, they see an urgent need first to convince the court of public opinion — and then, they hope, more and more courts of law — that their families are just like any other family, their children like any other children, their love just as deserving of official recognition.

"We really have to start at a very basic level," said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay-rights group based in Washington, D.C.

Working both independently and in coalitions, all the major gay and lesbian groups are cranking up their public education campaigns. They're also reaching out to straight activists — liberal clergy, union bosses, and leaders of black, Latino and Asian groups — in search of allies who can help them portray their cause as a broad social-justice movement.

Fellow Christians and enemies of Christ, this is an agenda that aims to transform morality in America. Homosexual activists have in the past utilized a liberal Judiciary to validate their alternate lifestyle. Homosexual activists have teamed up with leftist NGO's such as the ACLU to win court cases. Friends that is a huge monetary chest that tax payers end paying for. It is heartening that a Judicial equilibrium has began to emerge no thanks to the Democratic Party. When the homosexual agenda is defeated in the courts, they have to foot their own bill.

Note that the agenda is to go after the minds of Americans. Look for TV and Hollywood to come out with entertainment that vilifies Christianity and attempts to develop a so-called righteous indignation to the plight of homosexuals.

Look for liberal clergyman/women to debase Scripture and utilize humanistic moral relativity to reach your heart: Jesus is a myth, the Scriptures are outdated and loving couples deserve each other.

Christians it is time to stand your ground because homosexuals can be quite loud in their agenda to validate immorality. It is time to know and study your values to be prepared for the liberal entertainment and moral relativistic harangue that is imminent.

Start some where, read "Diversity or Perversity?" as a beginning process to confront the homosexual agenda.

Washington State Supreme Court Upholds Marriage Act

Washington State is one of the most liberal States in America. Although I do not live in the Great State of Washington any longer, I grew up on the East side and still consider myself a Washingtonian. It is quite gratifying to find a liberal State Supreme Court upholding the wishes of the voters. The Washington State Supreme Court upholds the State's Defense of Marriage Act enacted by Initiative. In a rare moment of moral perception the majority of voters passed a Marriage Act preventing homosexual same sex marriages. WOW! Even liberal Washingtonian voters comprehend what is natural and what is unnatural.

Child Custody Protection Act

Amazingly the Child Custody Protection Act has passed the Senate. All that remains is the Presidential signature. This is a victory for Christian values and a victory for Parental rights to determine how to raise, train and protect their children.

Here is the
Christian Newswire media release on the subject:
Fr. Pavone Applauds Senate for Passing Child Custody Protection Act

Christian Newswire/ -- Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, today praised the United States Senate for passing the Child Custody Protection Act.

"This will put another dent in the abortion business in this country, once it is signed into law," said Fr. Pavone. "Thank God we have a President who is willing to sign it."

"Abortion clinics will no longer be able to profit from those willing to bypass parental involvement laws. At the same time, I appeal to all those in states that do not have parental involvement laws in the first place to get busy passing them."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Islamic Morality

I just read an article written by a man you might think was a Christian, Jewish or atheistic racist; however that is so far from the reality. Not only was Anwar Sheikh a former Mohammedan, he was of the typical violent strain of Mohammedanism. Anwar Sheikh wrote this article from first hand experience of the true nature of the death-cult known as Mohammedanism.

You need to read
Islamic Morality! Here is a glimpse:
When Islamic morality is judged by universal standards, this Arabian religion fails to qualify as the friend and guide of humanity. In fact, it constitutes a major threat to the survival of human race. I have no doubt that the Muslims will protest against this point of view, and as usual, will produce far- fetched and irrational evidence to prove that Islam advocates love and brotherhood of mankind. This type of sorcery has worked wonders for Muslim fundamentalists in the past, but with the dissemination of knowledge, it is difficult to cloud the truth with the magic of misinterprelation, marvel of mesmerisation and mysticism of meaninglessness.

Islam has become a set of fundamentals which preach social segregation, hatred of non-Muslims and elimination of dissenters through dominance, death and destruction. These conclusions, no matter how true, cannot be palatable to the Muslims and therefore rank as fabrications, from their standpoint. I can do no better than quote from the Koran to decide the issue. Examine the following for yourself:…

Here is a short biography about the author Anwar Sheikh:
Those who follow monsters such as Hitler or Muhammad, are not psychopath themselves, but they are fooled. They are victims of lies that they have been fed all their lives. But are they innocent? Anwar Sheikh murdered three innocent persons when he was a young Muslim. Is he innocent? He committed a crime. Of course he is not innocent. What he did was horrendous and inhuman. He is the first to admit it. Anwar Sheikh is a good example. Now that he has left Islam, he is a changed man. He is filled with remorse. Now he is writing books trying to help others to save their souls and leave Islam. He has managed to salvage his humanness. he is trying to mend the harm that he did when he was under the influence of Islam, the memory of which haunts him up to this day. (Bottom of web page)

I usually go to sources related to Mohammedanism that are criticism from the outside who have studied the Mohammedan religion academically. Anwar Sheikh studied and abandoned Mohammedanism when the light came on regarding its true nature. Forsaking Mohammedanism by those entangled by its belief system is something I thought until now was nearly impossible to accomplish.

Spread the word Anwar Sheikh!

The Question is Why?

Dale Hurd of The Spectacle news blog asks an honest yet disturbing question:

We know why the Medieval Muslim Movement (al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, et al.) and its media sympathizers hate the West. A much more interesting question is why so many in the West hate the West.

Western Leftist are just beyond my comprehension as to WHY they appear to hate their own cultural background. I can understand Leftists marching to support issues such as homosexuality, socialism, abortion and even free speech issues such as pornography. I find the support for much of those issues highly disturbing, nonetheless in the West thoughts and opinions are and should be free and open.

I just cannot understand Leftist support for an ideology that has an ultimate goal to eliminate Western Cultural Liberty and Freedom. That ideology is Islamofascism. Its goal is to convert the globe to Sharia Law and kill those that oppose the goal or die trying.

The Leftist support appears to be in the quiet form of Appeasement or the out right support of terrorist organizations.

Dale Hurd makes this comment to a protest march he witnessed in London:
In London, thousands of British Leftists and Muslim radicals, all of them citizens of a democracy that safeguards their rights, march in support of the terrorist group Hezbollah and against the democratic states of Israel and the U.S. You can marvel at the pics on display at “” My personal fave is a protest sign that says “Iran Needs Nuclear Weapons.”

I’ve attended these joint Leftist/Muslim demonstrations in London’s Trafalgar Square, and I have rarely felt such a spirit of evil as I have at them.

Did you read that? Hurd actually felt the "evil" as European Leftists joined Mohammedans in the spewing of hate toward Jews in support of so-called Palestinians.

I am here to tell you there is one thing Leftists and Conservative Rightists can agree on: that is the protection of the ability to believe, speak and think without worry of getting their head lopped off.

Dude! It is the enemy of my enemy time in the West and we all need to wake up on the same side of the bed on this issue of Islamofascism!

Shi’ite Twelvers, Chaos and the Mahdi

I cannot believe people are missing this! Ahmadinejad is a Shi'ite Twelver. The Twelver's are an extremist Mohammedans that believe if the world is pushed into a little chaos the lost hidden Imam of the past will return in the present as the MAHDI. The Mahdi will bring global Mohammedanism and defeat (for those of you who have not figured out what defeat means yet - KILL) the enemies of Allah (the false god of the false prophet Mohammed).
"Iran's president believes Allah has chosen him to prepare the world for the coming of an Islamic ‘savior’ called the Mahdi.

But before the Mahdi's return, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes there must be global chaos – even if he has to create it himself."

It is this Twelver mentality that is going to create a global war:
"All Muslims await the appearance of the Mahdi; the largest branch of Shiites, those known as Twelvers, await his return. To the majority of Shiites, the Mahdi was the last of the prophet Muhammad's true heirs, his 12 righteous descendants chosen by God to lead the faithful. The Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam, the Imam of Our Times, was born Muhammad ibn Hasan and went into hiding around 878. Shiites believe he maintained contact with representatives until 941, when all communication from him ceased. When the time is ripe, they teach, he will reappear and, along with Jesus, will lead Muslims in a struggle to rid the world of corruption and establish justice."

Hello! Wake up!

David Frum, an AEI Resident Fellow, has written an essay that connects the geo-political dots to Iran. He does not specifically relate to the death-cult beliefs, he merely points in confusion to the obvious source of global disruption - Iran. If Iran is behind the Middle Eastern chaos that is occurring, I guarantee TWELVER theology is behind it. Look out for the nuke and chemical WMD to begin to emerge to enlarge the chaos. Ahmadinejad is looking for the Mahdi.

Pre-WW II Leftists Recognized Evil, Is There a 21st Century Leftist?

George Orwell is the famous pen name of Eric Arthur Blair. He was a noted novelist and essayist. Orwell's most famous book was "Nineteen Eighty-Four" which was published in 1949 one year prior to Orwell's death. That is a must read book in your life time. It is all about State control and where the term "Big Brother is Watching" came from.

Orwell was a Leftist that recognized an evil in the fascism of Nazi Germany.
His essay is in regard to pacifism, a word that could be interchangeable with today’s "Politically Correct" or "Appeasement."

I posted this aged Orwellian essay for one reason: the times are beginning to look tragically similar to Orwell's day. Islamofascism is represented by Sunni and Shi'ite terrorists in an ideology that is horribly dangerous to culture as we know it today. It is time for Leftists to recognize this and put away petty ideological differences and go whole heartedly to defeat and disable terrorism and rogue States that perpetuate terrorism.

Hat tip to
Klein Verzet.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Are Hizballah Sympathizers Sneaking Into The U.S.?

Are Hizballah Sympathizers Sneaking Into The U.S.?

Cavuto seems to discount Schlussel's report that American Shi'ites rescued from Lebannon are Hezbollah supporters. Not only are they Hezbollah supporters, but American taxpayer dollars are being used in the rescue.

In contrast Schlussel does a great job with fact and statistics in backing her claims.

I have to admit that most of the stories I have read relating to Schlussel's claims all source her. On the other hand this video demonstrates a confidence with the uncited (difficult to do on TV interviews) statistics she uses.

I do know about the convictions and the connections to Hezbollah and Shi'ite Iran.

Cavuto is trying to land on the realm of caution, because if Schlussel's claims are verified then Americans can tend to get cranky. Americans do not like to be given the sucker punch in their own back yard. I think if Schlussel's claims can be backed up, then Americans will begin to toss out the concept of "political correctness out the window.

That was Bush's fear after 9/11.

I think the old "pc" thinking needs to be replace by a good shot of realism. If indeed there are traitors in America's midst, then some kind of action needs to be taken. If it is not done officially, I sense bad things will happen vigilante style. That will make Americans look as bad as the terrorists. If the rule of law is tossed in favor of vigilantism, then Americans become terrorists.

So please, let us pray that the authorities of the land do not wait for laws to be forsaken because action was not expidited promptly and properly.

Lebanon: Innocent Civilians?

The Western media reporting the disproportionate causalties of Lebanonese civilians to Israeli civilians is very misleading. The Israelis attempt to live a Western style life respecting a culture of laws and respect for human life. Lebanonese Shi'ites live a culture of hate in which death is a sacrifice for the cause of Allah created by Mohammed.

Why is this important to understand? The reason is Mohammedans willingly and gleefully sacrifice civilian men, women and children to death to protect their murdering patrons. Mohammedan communities are like their death-cult. There is not a separation of government and private lives. Life is encapsulated as a whole: government, social activities and religious activities. These are all one without separation.

Western culture separates these aspects as links to a whole. The government is there to protect rights and laws of the people. People lead lives that is no business of the government as long as laws are not broken. Religion is a private matter in the West and may be varied personal yet a comforting of spirit if participated in.

I say all this to print this from Arutz Sheva:
BBC Admits Many Lebanese Casualties are Terrorists 15:22 Jul 23, '06 / 27 Tammuz 5766

( The British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) has admitted that many of the victims of Israeli retaliation in Lebanon are terrorists and not innocent civilians. A BBC reporter said he saw Hizbullah terrorists using a private home and added, "It is difficult to quantify who is a terrorist and who is a civilian."Media reports have emphasized that Israeli air strikes have killed more than 350 Lebanese civilians, prompting accusations that the IDF is carrying out "collective punishment" on the country.

Mohammedan civilians are a part of the problem, for a liberal media outlet as the BBC to admit that is momentous. I almost expect a retraction rather than to stand with the truth.

The Shi’ite Terrorist in America’s Midst

I recently wrote on the American Tax Dollars being spent to rescue Hezbollah supporting Americans in Lebanon. These are the people that Steven Emerson is writing about. Dearborn, MI is a huge Mohammedan population center in America. Apparently it is the radical Shi'ite brand that is the most dominant of the Mohammedans living in Dearborn.

The FBI and the CIA have been aware of a Hezbollah connection with Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization-USA Inc. for some time. Emerson reports the Shi’ite charity has gone through several name changes since its founding in 1991. Emerson also reports that the organization’s current website is down or inactive. All of this should give Americans pause for suspicion.

These are people who fund America's enemies on the War on Terrorism. Claiming to have American citizenship and sending money to causes that wish destruction on American allies and National Interests is darn close to treason.If Hezbollah is on the State Department's list of official global terrorists, then that makes Hezbollah America's enemy. So allow me to back up a step to re-word a statement. IF Americans support Hezbollah, then that is treason. If they are foreign born Americans, at the very least Americans supporting enemies should be stripped of their citizenship and deported. IF Americans by birth are supporting America's enemies they should be at the least be incarcerated.

Atlas Shrugs is even more pointed on Hezbollah in America.

Moreover, it is also interesting to consider in this context that
most Americans in Lebanon Are Hezbollah Supporters (funny, you never got that from the jihad media or that schmuck CNN poster boy Anderson Cooper reporting from Cypress so that he could meet the American muslims evacuating Lebanon for America. I sincerely hope people are seriously vetted);

There was a battle cry in 1776: The British are coming, the British are coming.

There should be a battle cry in 2006: the Islamofascists are coming, the Islamofascists are coming.

Liberals and the Islamic Death-Cult

I've been on vacation and I realize a comment on an Ann Coulter Article dated July 19 is a little dated; however it is still very relevant. Coulter comments that Americans have been glued to their TV watching the unfolding of events in Israel/Lebanon. Coulter believes that Americans are wondering why we cannot do that. The she criticizes the Democratic Party for whining about civilian causalities.

Israel is doing what it can aggressively to obliterate Hezbollah. Israel should do the same with Hamas. The other Palestinian terrorists are a little slicker about maintaining their existence. The other PLO umbrella terrorist are sitting back and denouncing Israel and praising Hamas and Hezbollah and providing anti-Israel propaganda to the West.

The main complaint you hear on liberal influenced media is all those Lebanonese civilian casualties. I am here to tell you that is poppy cock. The civilians in Lebanon that are collateral damage actively hide and act as human shields (the martyrdom ideal for Allah principle). They die for the death-cult not because Israel is killing them. These are people that are fed teaching to hate Jews and die for Jihad. They are willing human shield targets for Israel. That is the barbarity: these Shi'ite supporters of Hezbollah and Sunni Hamas (in Gaza) are willing to allow the death of their woman and children knowing the Western psyche finds it unthinkable. For Mohammedans it is a viable plan to kill Jews.

The Democratic Party under the leadership of Howard Dean validates the terrorists when Israel is denounced for killing these willing civilians. This is the nature of Liberal Appeasement and stupidity.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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The Truman Lesson of Winning

In my youth I began a transition from a liberal Democrat to a Christian Right Republican. A part of that transition was the philosophical concepts presented by Ayn Rand. She termed herself an Objectivist, however anyone could see the Libertarian slant she represented. I bought into it whole heartedly. Even today I reminisce about some Libertarian thinking. However I became a Christian, there is no compatibility between Objectivist philosophy and Christianity. Rand vilified faith as much as Marx did. Marx vilified faith as a tool to brainwash the "proletariat" masses; Rand vilified faith as illusory altruism that hindered the betterment of self. In Christ both are wrong.

That was my soap box on Objectivism. As I said though, there is a little pull that still makes sense. Professor John Lewis nails it in his essay
"The Moral Goodness of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima".

If Israel and America could just comprehend the theme: To win a war, the nation must transform beyond defeating the enemy to forcing the enemies will to utter surrender. That is when the war is over and nations and people move on.
… A defeat is a fact; an aggressor's ability to win is destroyed. Surrender is a decision, by the political leadership and the dominant voices in the culture, to recognize the fact of defeat. Surrender is an admission of impotence, the collapse of all hope for victory, and the permanent renunciation of aggression. Such recognition of reality is the first step towards a return to morality.

To achieve this, the victor must be intransigent. He does not accept terms; he demands prostrate surrender, or death, for everyone if necessary. Had the United States negotiated in 1945, Japanese troops would have returned to a homeland free of foreign control, met by civilians who had not confronted defeat, under the same leaders who had taken them to war. A negotiated peace would have failed to discredit the ideology of war, and would have left the motivations for the next war intact. We might have fought the Japanese Empire again, twenty years later. Fortunately, the Americans were in no mind to compromise.

It sounds harsh does it not? This is the reality of war. If there is not an utter and defiant victory, like a recurring cancer the problem returns sooner than later if ever.

CAIR-CAN (Muslims) Want to Bar Rev. Franklin Graham from Canada

CAIR-CAN claims that Rev. Franklin Graham has violated Canada's Hate Crime Laws and should be barred because the government has taken action to bar Sheik Riyad ul-Haq a known purveyor of actual hate.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada (CAIR-CAN) and the USA version - Council on American-Islamic Relations has been attempting to portray their organizations as neutral NGO's that promote the Mohammedan faith. The organizations are brother organizations. Both organizations have had links to Islamofascist terrorists such Hamas and Islamic Jihad. There have been even suggested links to Al Qaeda. The source for my vilification is Anti-CAIR (aka ACAIR). Everyone in North America should go to that Website for enlightenment about CAIR and CAIR-CAN.

Now that you have this tid bit of information, does anyone comprehend heinous it is to compare Reverend Franklin Graham to British Muslim Riyad ul-Haq? Graham represents the Prince of Peace and exposes the violent nature of Mohammedanism, Ul-Haq represents calls for violence to uphold a violent death-cult. There is no comparison! CAIR-CAN should be summarily rebuked by the Canadian government for filing such a complaint.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

American Tax Dollars Suspiciously Utilized

I have been alerted that a rescue of so-called Americans stranded in Lebanon is in progress. I say so-called because the group are Hezbollah supporting American (largely) Shi’ite Mohammedans from Dearborn, MI. Your tax dollars and mine are being utilized for this event. The expose’ is by Debbie Schlussel and my alert comes from American Congress For Truth (the founder of that American organization is a Lebanonese born Christian).

Ok so this essay is not about how to lower or raise taxes. It is about how your tax dollars are spent. It is about how insane Leftist concepts of being "Politically Correct" actually go to support the enemies of America.

Debbie Schlussel goes so far as to expose the Shi'ite Mohammedans in Dearborn, MI as threatening her life for publishing factoids of the activities for the public to see. My fellow American (the real Americans), the enemy is among us and your taxes and mine go to support near treasonous activities at home and abroad.

Give Israel Time To Smash Hezbollah

I have finally read an academic that has stated the obvious:
Israel should be allowed "a couple more weeks to really smash Hezbollah," said Charles Hill, a former director of Israel and Arab-Israeli affairs at the State Department, said in an interview earlier today.

Hill, now a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, said he was also wary that Hezbollah and Iran might give in to Russian pressure to release the two Israeli prisoners Hezbollah is holding.

"If that (happens) the general outside world will say to Israel, 'You've got your soldiers, now quit.' "That wouldn't give Israel the time it needs" to destroy Hezbollah, Hill said.

Charles Hill just became one of my academic heroes. It is only when organized terrorist infrastructures are destroyed will the world begin to experience security. This is not just an Israeli problem, Israel just has been dealing with Islamofascists longer than the rest of the world.

Arab Change of Heart?

Make no mistake about an Arab change of heart: Arab ruling elites are more concerned about maintaining two things.
ONE: Maintaining the power to rule.
TWO: Secondary is the management of oil wealth (i.e. those that have oil).

To most ruling Arab elites this is the primary concern. Islamofascism may have the infiltrated the ruling elites of Iran and Syria in the sense of radical religious interpretations, however that is not the case in a significant amount of the Arab world.

Now the populace is influenced by radical Mohammedanism and this may force a concession or two from the ruling elites; however when it comes to choosing the power of ruling and Mohammed's faith, most ruling elites will choose to rule. Anything that obstructs that rule may indeed influence despotic ruling elites to allow elements that threaten the rule or the money to be disabled.

Ironically this is part of the idealism of Islamofascist Wahhabist Osama bin Laden: he is disgusted with the primary goals of Arab elitist rule. Arab elitists have placed Mohammed's faith second to global politics and economics. That is a Western trait. For the true Islamofascist it is intolerable to incorporate Western thinking into the Mohammedan way of life.

If the Arab elites grow (secretly) weary of the religious goals of Islamofascists like bin Laden (a Sunni) and Iran's Clerics (Ahmadinejad and Khamenei ), they may actually aid the West in their demise. Make no mistake the Saudi's aided America in terminating Saddam Hussein's rule. Hussein was viewed as a threat to the House of Saud rule.

The problem the ruling Arab elites have is that the religious organ in the Arab Middle East has been allowed to vilify the West, America and Israel. The result has at been the very least Islamofascist sympathy of not out right support.

Time moves on.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Olmert's Self-Destructive Fantasy

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday that he hoped an "eternal covenant" could soon be signed between Israel and its neighbors.

Now That is a fantasy that will destroy Israel! The only covenant Mohammedans recognize is that of the violent establishment of a Caliphate. That will mean the death and destruction of the kafir or dhimmitude of Jews and Christians (their society needs slaves).

This is the kind of thinking Jews had in Germany and Eastern Europe as Hitler slowly transported them to death camps. Has Olmert forgotten the Holocaust? Israel needs a decisive win, not an eternal covenant with those that hate Jews, Christians and Americans.

Anti-Christian Homosexual Agenda?

It has been suggested to me that homosexuals do not have an anti-Christian or social agenda in America. That is poppycock. In fact the pattern of homosexual rights groups is to invalidate Christianity as an archaic system of thought. Why would homosexuals do this? The answer is quite easy. The Word of God (deluded homosexuals deny this incidentally) specifically pronounces the practice of homosexuality as a sin.

A few unintelligent homosexuals will tell you that the word “homosexual” is not in the Bible. Well duh! Neither is the word “automobile,” however it is just as immoral to steal a car as a cow.

Under the old Covenant (Old Testament) homosexuality was a high sin that required the price of death. You can look up the Levitical citations yourself.

Under the New Covenant (New Testament) it is still pronounced wrong. In the New Covenant Christ has redeemed those who have lived a sinful life by believing on the Risen Lord. That includes all of humanity. The penalty of sin is paid by Christ. However to be a Believer and to continue to overtly sin will separate you from God. I am not a “once saved always saved” kind-of-guy, but I do push the line into that crowd. I believe Grace is for all; even it is one’s dieing breath. I am a make it into Heaven by the “skin of your teeth” kind-of-guy. As a Christian I have done some foolish sins I am ashamed of, thank God there is now therefore NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (
Romans 8:1) The provision is to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. When you are calling on the name of Christ, you are in the spirit. I do not care how bad you are or have been. On the other hand do not think you can fool God with verbal affirmations. The Lord God KNOWS the heart of humanity if it is truth or a lie.

Here is a list of anti-Christian agenda homosexual rights organizations courtesy of
Wikipedia. These homosexual rights organization are openly anti-Christian and have an agenda to alienate America from Christian morality:

Now the bold liberal who chose to question me on my Christianity was from the MindSay blog known as mrfictitious. To mrfictitious’ credit he did not rant and rave in obscenities as most liberals, however due to my belief system he felt fit to call me a fascist. Below is my response to mrfictitious.

Friend if you are a Christian and a liberal I suspect you are under the left wing delusion that the Bible is irrelevant. That means your Christianity is challengeable. If you do not believe in Christian morality you are denying Christ and His Word. Because I believe that does not make me a fascist, however it comes close to making you a deluded communist. Either you believe in Christ is Risen or you don’t. Either you believe in the Word of God or you don’t. Attempting to humanize the Word of God is mere atrocity and effrontery to the Divinity of Christ.

I know that there are good sincere people that liberals and leftists; however that does not validate that way of thinking. Most liberals (the good ones) are deluded, the rest (the bad ones) are out right liars and manipulators.

I appreciate the civil tone in your opinion; however I do not appreciate you calling me a fascist because you disagree with my opinion. Of course that is the way of liberal leftist thinking. You can’t help it.