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Egalitarian Rights for All: Citizens, Illegal Aliens and Enemy Combatants

The Democratic controlled Congress is proposing legislation that will give rights to America’s terrorist enemies as if they are criminal suspects as opposed to being enemy combatants’ intent on destroying America. This is the same Political Party utilizing political double speak offering amnesty to an estimated twelve million illegal aliens in America. This is the same Political Party that will make it easy for an estimated forty million Latinos to enter America and transform the political scene in America.

Here is the problem that polarizes in America; viz., the Democrats refuse to acknowledge there is a War on Terror.

Definitely rules of criminal law are far different than the rules of war.

And what is most terrible is that America's terrorist enemy is not a sovereign nation. The enemy is stateless terrorists that have not signed nor intend to honor the Geneva Conventions. Yet Democrats and global Leftists expect America to abide by the rules of the Geneva Convention with an enemy that has not signed the conventions and indeed cannot for the Islamofascist enemy is not a sovereign nation.

Is appeasement and political correctness so ingrained into Western thought patterns that there is no comprehension that there is an enemy that intends to end our way of existence? I can understand this moronic thinking in European society in which morality is totally subdued to Secular Humanism; a Secular Humanism that looks to be so egalitarian that there is a termination of Western Standards to equalize culture with intolerant foreigners. I am specifically speaking of Mohammedanism.

But in America! The thought is Liberty and Justice for all according a standard rule of Law, i.e. the United States Constitution. The U.S. Constitution owes its philosophy to Western philosophical heritage and to Judeo-Christianity. Until the Democrats and Secular Humanists began making their move in the 1960’s, all immigrants were expected to assimilate to the American way of life. Americans are not expected to be a land of multiple diversity in there are divergent cultural fiefdoms afforded a laws to themselves apart from ONE RULE OF LAW.

Thus Left Wing Democrats are also proposing civil rights to Stateless prisoners of war who had been attacking American soldiers and military. Is this nut wing thinking or what?

Wheels of Justice and National Interests

The United Nations Security Council voted 10 – 0 with 5 abstentions to set up an international tribunal to prosecute suspects in the assassination of Lebanonese former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. All the suspects range from Hezbollah (clients of Syria and Iran) and Syria that could implicate the top dog Bashar al-Assad.

The Assassination took place February 5, 2005. Friends, as of this writing it is May 31, 2007. That is WAY over two years since any sort of justice has been even close to begun.

The FIVE abstainees were nations that have strong economic ties to Syria and Iran: Russia, China, South Africa, Indonesia and Qatar. This is the indication that National Interests rule the day of justice.


Supporters Cheer U.N. Approval of Tribunal for Hariri Assassination Suspects

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Associated Press
Fox News

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Supporters of slain former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri cheered and wept and some danced in the streets to celebrate the U.N. Security Council approval of an international tribunal to prosecute suspects in his killing.

About 200 people holding flags cheered as some cried near Hariri's downtown Beirut grave as a giant screen broadcast the Security Council vote live from New York on Wednesday.

The vote at U.N. headquarters in New York was 10-0 with five abstentions — Russia, China, South Africa, Indonesia and Qatar. Nine votes were needed for passage. The five countries that abstained objected to establishing the tribunal without approval of Lebanon's parliament and to a provision that would allow the resolution to be militarily enforced.

Holding back tears, Hariri's son said in Lebanon that the resolution was a turning point that would protect his country from further assassinations. Saad Hariri called it a "victory the world has given to oppressed Lebanon and a victory for an oppressed Lebanon in the world."
"Enough divisions. ... Let's put our energies together for the sake of the nation," he urged.

A massive suicide truck bomb in Beirut killed Hariri and 22 others in February 2005. The first U.N. chief investigator, Germany's Detlev Mehlis, said the complexity of the assassination suggested Syrian and Lebanese intelligence services played a role. Four Lebanese generals, top pro-Syrian security chiefs, have been under arrest for 20 months, accused of involvement.

The issue of the tribunal has sharply polarized Lebanon. It is at the core of a deep political crisis between the Western-backed government and the Syrian-backed opposition led by Hezbollah. The tensions have taken on an increasingly sectarian tone and has erupted into street battles in recent months, killing 11 people.

Current Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora asked the Security Council earlier this month to establish the tribunal. He cited the refusal of opposition-aligned Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to convene a session to ratify statutes to create the tribunal, already approved by his government and the United Nations.

The resolution gives the Lebanese parliament a last chance to establish the tribunal itself. If it doesn't act by June 10, a tribunal will be created outside Lebanon with a majority of international judges and an international prosecutor.

The U.S., Britain and France, who sponsored the resolution, expressed satisfaction after it passed.

"By adopting this resolution, the council has demonstrated its commitment to the principle that there should be no impunity for political assassination, in Lebanon or elsewhere," U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Zalmay Khalilzad said.

The tribunal will be established under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter, which deals with threats to international peace and can be militarily enforced.

The Russians, Chinese, South Africans, Indonesians and Qataris all objected to putting the resolution under Chapter 7, saying it was unnecessary because all Security Council resolutions are legally binding.

Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said the resolution "essentially is an encroachment upon the sovereignty of Lebanon." He said Moscow supports bringing the perpetrators to justice. But "given the deep rift in Lebanese society ... that should not lead to negative consequences."

Chinese U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya warned that only a tribunal supported by all Lebanese factions can be effective.

The council's move "will give rise to a series of political and legal problems, likely to add to the uncertainties embedded in the already turbulent political and security and situation in Lebanon," Wang said.

Syria's U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari criticized the resolution.
"Definitely this is something that goes against the interests of the Lebanese people and Lebanon as a whole," he told reporters after the vote.

Hariri's assassination sparked huge demonstrations against Syria. Syria denied involvement but was forced to withdraw its troops from Lebanon, ending its 29-year domination of it smaller neighbor.

Most of Beirut's other neighborhoods were empty after the vote as people stayed indoors fearing trouble. Lebanon was already in a state of heightened tensions because of ongoing fighting between the army and Islamic militants holed up at a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon. Scores have been killed in the violence, among them troops, militants and civilians caught in the crossfire.

Wheels of Justice and National Interests
John R. Houk
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Supporters Cheer U.N. Approval of Tribunal for Hariri Assassination Suspects
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What Makes a Good Citizen?

Check out these percentages of Arab-Israeli citizens’ hostility toward the Jewish State and ask yourself this question: Why would the Israeli government tolerate citizens that have treasonous attitudes toward their nation of citizenship?

Ask yourself this next question: Why would Arab-Israeli citizens FEAR deportation to Palestine areas of control when they loathe Israel?

I am in wonderment about the first question. The second question can be answered with extrapolated reason. If there was a deportation of Arab-Israeli citizens, they are fully aware that they would sacrifice the quality of life Arab-Israelis have become accustomed to in a land that actually honors the rule of law. Arab-Israeli citizens fear they could be thrust into a culture of abject violence. The Palestine-Arab culture is something Arab-Israeli citizens may honor with their lips yet would be appalled to be actually ruled by the corruption that exists in the violent Palestine Authority that is ruled not by Political Parties. The PA is ruled by a contingent of radical Islamist terrorist organizations.

Is White House Photo an Endorsement of Homosexual Unions and Parenting?

I am absolutely against homosexual parenting. It is a concept that legitimizes a perverted lifestyle and provides an environment for a child that would is counter-Christian morality. It is part of a Secular Humanist and Homosexual agenda to transform society into a godless moral relativist culture.

Having made my position clear on homosexuality I have another thought Christians and fellow homophobes should think about. I just read an article in
ChristianNewsWire entitled, White House Officially Recognizes Homosexual Unions and Parenting? The article implies that the congratulation to Vice President Cheney on his new grandson is an endorsement of homosexual principles.

I do not know Cheney’s personal stand on homosexuality; regardless of a pro or con stance I am certain he loves his lesbian daughter unconditionally. Is that not a Christian principle to love unconditionally even the heathen? A Christian purpose is to deliver the Light of the Good News of Deliverance in Christ Jesus. There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Unconditional Love is not a license to commit or endorse sin; it is an act of compassion to share the Christ Path without human judgment. There is a fine line that a Christian may have difficulty to discern which side to walk.

Christians are to associate with sinners to convince them by a Christ-like example of the Way of Christ; however Christians are not to associate with sinners in social camaraderie on the level carnal enjoyment. It is a line that is difficult to discern particularly when family is involved. Can anyone expect Vice President Cheney to surrender his love for his daughter because of her lifestyle choices? If I was in the situation I could not surrender familial love; however I would not compromise my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by not sharing my stance continuously with prodigal family.

So as you read the scathing news article from
ChristianNewsWire about the White House releasing an official photo of Vice President Cheney and wife welcoming his new grandson, remember it is the Love of Christ not the condemnation the Law That Jesus’ existence has fulfilled.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Who is Syria and Iran’s Fool?

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sponsors terrorism and his wishes for Syria's role in the Middle East are fundamentally at odds with the West, Barry Rubin writes. Give him an inch in negotiations and he'll take a mile. (

What is so complicated about holding rogue nations accountable for actions that destabilize peace? Until recently the Middle Eastern rogue nations militarily were mere popcorn (some doused in oil) nation only capable of making the sounds of many little pops. It was only through nations that have or have been military powers that these popcorn rogues had military weapons. Now due to the fear of the loss of oil Western nations are allowing rogue Iran to become a nuclear power with the capability to do something more than a little a pop. Iran is moving toward a thermal nuclear BOOM.

there is Syria: A rogue nation that is geographically smack in the middle of active Islamofascist terrorists without sovereignty. Syria has basically become a rogue sovereign nation client of Iran. Syria’s Baathist Party functions similar to Saddam’s Baathist Party. Saddam’s minority Sunnis ruled Iraq’s majority Shi’ites with brutality. Assad’s minority Alawite Mohammedan sect rules the majority Sunni sect in Syria. Alawites are somewhat cousins to the Shi’ites of Iran except they go beyond the reverence of Mohammed’s cousin Ali as the legitimate heir of Mohammed, they have deified Ali.

Assad’s Syria has become a bold rogue as the client of nuclear emerging Iran. Thus Assad has massively aided Shi’ite Hezbollah and Sunni Hamas and probably lesser known murdering Islamofascist terrorists. Assad has taken dead Yasser Arafat’s mantle of deceiving the West with the preferment of peace while telling the Mohammedan Middle East to resist the West violently and destroy Israel vehemently.

The America and the West tries appeasing negotiation with Syria and Iran the closer the globe comes to another to another all out World War.

Brian Morganstern HERO

In case you have forgotten the Fort Dix Six Islamofascist terrorists which were caught because they were stupid (Thank God!), here is a short YouTube reminder:

Here is the interview of Circuit City clerk Brian Morganstern who delivered the tip to Authorities that prevented Islamofascist terrorists causing the lives of potentially thousands at Fort Dix. The link is to Hot Air Blog which has the video of the CNN interview.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day - Grave Indifference - Cox & Forkum

Does anyone beside me and Cox and Forkum see the futility of negotiating with rogue Iran?


Cox and Forkum Editorial Cartoons
May 28, 2007

It's bad enough that the Bush Administration actually thinks talking with Iran is going to stop them from killing even more of our troops in Iraq. Worse still, these talks officially end our diplomatic isolation of Iran since 1979 when the Iranians took Americans hostage. But it is flat out obscene that the talks were held on Memorial Day. There are Americans at gravesides today mourning loved ones who were cut down by Iranian-backed militias.

Bush further demonstrates that he is more concerned about politics and diplomacy than he is about stopping the enemy using as few American lives as possible.

From FOX News:
U.S. Ambassador: Talks With Iran Were 'Successful' and 'Businesslike'.

The United States ambassador in Baghdad said he and his Iranian counterpart agreed broadly on policy toward Iraq during four-hour groundbreaking talks on Monday, but insisted that Iran end its support for militants.

During a meeting that U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker described as businesslike, the American said Iran proposed setting up a "trilateral security mechanism" that would include the U.S., Iraq and Iran. Crocker said the proposal would need study in Washington.

"We will consider that when we receive it," Crocker told reporters in the U.S.-controlled Green Zone. "The purpose this meeting was not to arrange other meetings," he said.

The U.S. envoy also said he told the Iranians their country needed to stop arming, funding and training the militants.

"This is about actions not just principles, and I laid out to the Iranians direct, specific concerns about their behavior in Iraq and their support for militias that are fighting Iraqi and coalition forces," Crocker told a Green Zone news conference. ...

Monday's talks, as predicted, had a pinpoint focus: What Washington and Tehran -- separately or together -- could do to contain the sectarian conflagration in Iraq.

"The American side has accusations against Iran and the Iranian side has some remarks on the presence of the American forces on Iraqi lands, which they see as a threat to their government," al-Dabagh said.

But much more encumbers the narrow agenda -- primarily Iran's nuclear program and more than a quarter-century of diplomatic estrangement after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.

Further, the Iranian Shiite theocracy fears the Bush administration harbors plans for regime change in Tehran and could act on those desires as it did against Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Washington and its Sunni Arab allies, on their side, are deeply unnerved by growing Iranian influence in the Middle East and the spread of increasingly radical Islam.

Compounding all that is Iran's open hostility to Israel.

Thursday Lugovoi To Provide Sensational News

I have been following kind-a following developments relating to the radiation poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko. Early accusations looked at Putin. Of course Putin denies any involvement in the old KGB Soviet style of assassination.

Then Britain thinks they know who the murderer is,
accussing FSB agent Andrei Lugovoi of the assassination. Of course the government of Russia is still outraged at the accussation that their premeir spy agency would cough assassinate an enemy of Russia.

The Strata-Sphere blog has reported that Lugovoi will hold a press conference in Russia giving his take on who assassinated Litvenenko.

A New Candidate for the Axis of Evil

The Axis of evil was at one time: Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Iraq was bumped from that list.

I guess the next Axis of Evil would be Syria, Iran and North Korea. All three are rogue nations destabilizing peace in their regions.

Now I am reading in the that Burma is preparing to join the Axis of evil club. Burma is already a rogue nation with a horrible human rights record. The nation is ruled by a military junta Dictatorship.

Apparently Burma is rich in natural resources and is prepared to profit on those resources. Who is paying for the natural resources? China, Russia and India.

Russia is aiding Burma in preparation of nuclear plants. Does that sound familiar?

China is buying oil and setting up naval bases on Burmese islands. This is part of the Chinese military strategy known as the “String of Pearls.” This is a reference to China’s growing military that is ever increasing Asian hegemonic power.

India is not happy with China’s emerging military via a nuclear navy in the Bay of Bengal.

India is competing for oil and gas exports from Burma by selling military arms. India is loosing that wooing game because Burma is allowing China into the Bay of Bengal and Russia is fulfilling a nuclear aspiration. This means India has a nuclear competitor in Pakistan and China and potentially Burma and Iran. India is being surrounded. India has been in Russia’s orbit for years. I am thinking this nuclear power encircling of India may force India to become a full partner of America.

The reports one other tidbit about Burma wanting into the Axis of Evil club. Burma has normalized relations with North Korea: The bad boy that relies on China and threatens South Korea, Japan and America.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hillary Allegedly a Lesbian?

Hillary Clinton (like hubby before her) utilizes a strategy to silence critics that have many ears to here. Apparently she uses dirty tricks to do so.

One of the things Kinkaid touches on is that Hillary allegedly is a Lesbian or Bi-Sexual. This goes a long way to explaining Slick Willie’s need to be a sexual predator of women.

I have to assert that this is the first I have heard of Hillary’s alleged sexual preference. Undoubtedly there is no smoking gun proof of such or the Mainstream Media would jump on the story (probably as apologists to excuse Hillary).

BUT THE SEX SCANDAL THE MEDIA WON'T TOUCH INVOLVES SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON'S alleged lesbianism. It is worth noting that our media, including Fox News, gave little attention to the explosive book, The Truth About Hillary, by Edward Klein, which raised questions about her "sexual preference." Conservative writer Jack Wheeler flatly asserted in a Washington Times column, based on his sources, that she is bisexual. This matter is as explosive as Senator Barack Obama's mysterious upbringing as a Muslim in Indonesia and his quick conversion to Christianity. Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein's book on Hillary is coming out in June and The London Sunday Times claims it will show how Clinton "has played fast and loose with the facts about" her life. We shall see what he digs up. Clinton, who was quick to condemn shock jock Don Imus for making disparaging remarks about the mostly black Rutgers women's basketball team, raised $800,000 with the help of Timbaland, a rapper known for his vulgar and profane lyrics. (Excerpt Cliff Notes)

In all fairness to the alleged sexual perversion potentially practiced by Hillary Clinton, Media Matters comes to her defense citing Left Wing sources that discredit the rumor.

If the smoking gun proof could ever be found Hillary knows that the backbone of America is still Christian Morality by choice (even if rarely by acts of the majority). Any proof would destroy her Presidential aspirations.

See also
Hillary’s Hit Man Strikes Again.

UPDATE 5-28-07: I found some Hillary humor relating to lesbianism:

An End Times News Perspective

Prophecy Update is an InJesus website dedicated to daily posts various news outlets (Mainstream and non-Mainstream) pertaining to what Prophecy Update senses will lead to End Times scenarios. Thus whether you agree with the conclusions or not of Prophecy Update the website is a rich source of information.

I often pick one of the sources that Prophecy Update posts and run with it adding my slant on the subject. The Sunday version this week is just to rich to do that. This Sunday’s version is a wealth of information that provides a snapshot of the path geopolitics is taking on planet Earth in this present time.

As you peruse the multiple articles you have to discern that the globe is cruising to catastrophic conflict that will force nations to choose sides and execute a confrontation. Old enemies will be at it again. Friends that have been riding the fence will be forced which side to fall toward. Some old friends will become definite enemies and some old enemies will become definite friends.

I cannot even fathom who will do what in the grey areas, but even John Q. Public can make an educated guess of the black and white divisions. I will delete Prophecy Update’s ads for support (if you are interested in support simply click the source link that points back to Prophecy Update). I may or may not delete ministry essays that are toward the bottom of the post. I will decide their relevance to the big picture as I go through the process of copy and paste.

Man you got to read all these articles to get a sense of how world decisions may affect your quality of life in the future. This is an IMPERATIVE!

Prophecy Update - Sunday Edition May 27 2007 12:07PM
Prophecy Update - News and Information for the End Times

Israel's Olmert: 'No one is immune' -

PM says push against Hamas will go on after rocket from Gaza kills Israeli

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday promised to step up attacks on the Hamas militant group after a Palestinian rocket attack killed an Israeli man in southern Israel. "No one is immune," Olmert declared.

Sunday's bloodshed signaled there was no end in sight for the latest round of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. A 10-day campaign of Israeli airstrikes aimed at halting rocket attacks has killed nearly 50 Palestinians, most of them militants. But the rocket fire has continued.

Another rocket slammed into the southern Israeli town of Sderot early Sunday, critically wounding a 36-year-old man with shrapnel, medical officials said. The man later died of his wounds at a hospital, Israeli media said. It was the second fatal rocket attack in less than a week.

'There will be no limit'

Olmert told the weekly meeting of his Cabinet Sunday that he had instructed the army to do whatever it takes to halt the rocket fire.

"There will be no limit in acting against the terror groups and against those who are responsible for the terror. No one is immune," Olmert said.

Israel has so far avoided attacks on Hamas' political leaders — a tactic it used at the height of Israeli-Palestinian fighting several years ago. It was not immediately clear whether Olmert's comments Sunday were aimed at the Hamas leadership. The group is now the senior partner in the Palestinian coalition government.

Olmert said there would be no time limit for the army, and that outside pressure would not stop Israel from acting.

At the same time, he acknowledged there is no quick solution for the crude "Qassam" rockets, which have baffled Israel's high-tech army for years.

"We don't want to create unrealistic expectations that it's possible to stop the Qassams totally," Olmert said. "These launchings are liable to continue, people are liable to continue to be exposed." He promised maximum efforts to protect and aid the residents of Sderot and other affected communities.

Hamas warns Israel

Sunday's rocket attack came a day after Hamas vowed revenge for a barrage of Israeli airstrikes that killed five militants in Gaza. Hamas rejected calls for a truce and promised more attacks.

It also warned that the Israeli air assault would jeopardize the release of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier nabbed last June by Hamas-linked militants. Shalit has not been heard from or seen since his capture.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a moderate from the rival Fatah faction, has tried in recent days to revive a cease-fire with Israel.

Under his plan, Gaza militants would halt rocket fire for a month to allow for negotiations on a more comprehensive truce that would include the West Bank. Abbas has long been a vocal critic of Palestinian rocket attacks, but been powerless to stop the rocket fire.

Hamas had said it would consider Abbas' plan. But after Saturday's airstrikes, Hamas called on its fighters to "direct painful strikes at the Zionist enemy." Hamas "will not offer a free truce to the Zionist occupation," the group said.

"If there is an end to the attacks, we can talk about a truce," said Abu Obeida, a spokesman for the Hamas military wing.

Michael C. Williams, the new U.N. envoy to the Middle East, met Saturday with Abbas in Gaza.

"I'm very troubled by the level of violence here," he said. "I think the U.N., the international community in general, have been very concerned about the level of intra-Palestinian violence, but also by the Israeli attacks which I know have caused civilian deaths, considerable numbers."

Israel has launched dozens of targeted missile strikes over the past 10 days to halt Hamas rocket fire at southern Israeli border towns. The army said it carried out three more airstrikes overnight Sunday, targeting Hamas targets in northern Gaza. There were no reports of injuries.

In all, the Israeli campaign has killed 48 Palestinians, most of them militants, and damaged many Hamas installations. The army also has arrested more than 30 Hamas officials in the West Bank, including two Cabinet ministers.

Despite the Israeli crackdown, Palestinian militants have fired almost 250 rockets have landed in Israel since May 15, according to the army.

Shooting in east Jerusalem

There also was a rare incident of violence in east Jerusalem late Saturday when two Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an Israeli security patrol near Israel's West Bank separation barrier.

Israeli border police at the scene fired at the attackers, killing both of them. A Palestinian bystander also was killed in the exchange of fire, witnesses and medical officials said.

Israeli medical officials said the two Israeli guards were in moderate condition Sunday.

An offshoot of the violent Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, which is affiliated with Fatah, claimed responsibility for the shooting, according to the Palestinian news Web site Maan.


'Hamas will be ready for us' -

Explosive tunnels, snipers, road bombs, all will be waiting should IDF decide to enter Gaza, says Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin. Palestinians may have lost faith in leadership, he estimates, but Hamas is far from giving up.

The escalating situation in Gaza and persistent Qassam salvo on the western Negev were at the heart of Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin's summary at Sunday's Cabinet meeting.

"They will be more than ready for us," said Diskin when faced with ministers calling for a ground incursion in Gaza, or at least a more forceful reaction on part of the IDF.

"They'll be waiting for us with explosive tunnels, snipers, road bombs and anything else they can think of, just in case we decide to go in," said Diskin.

The Shin Bet, he stressed, recommends, in agreement with the IDF, to continue the ongoing operation "in order to avoid hurting any civilians. We mustn't believe any fabricated calm," added Diskin. "We must keep hurting Hamas on a daily basis."

Changing the equation

"As much as I appreciate the efforts, the problem isn't with fortifications," said a livid Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer. "The equation needs to be changed. We need to make it clear to the world that we have reached the end of our tolerance, and we should respond harshly.

"I don't mean ground invasion. I'm talking about focusing heavy fire on the launch sites. We need special unit activity based on quality intelligence. This is the only way we can change the equation, not through fortification," he added.

"The way we operate has made things very difficult for Hamas," said Diskin when asked about IDF actions in the last few days.

"Rival Palestinian factions are talking to each other, trying to reach a ceasefire, and that shows us just how hard up they are," he added. "Hamas and Khaled Mashaal are very concerned by the despair and misery among the Palestinian public.

"The Palestinian public has lost faith in its leadership's ability to deal with the ongoing anarchy and worsening economy," said Diskin.

Hamas far from breaking point

Diskin went on to warn that even though morale at Gaza has hit an all-time low, Hamas has not necessarily reached its breaking point.

"They know they don't have public support, and they're sustaining serious physical losses," said Diskin. "They now face actual difficulties in moving their rocket launchers around."

The ministers pushed further, asking if Hamas was capable of increasing the amount of missiles launched at Israel. "They can make such an effort, but for no longer than a few days," said Diskin.

"They are limited by the difficulties in moving rocket launchers around, they can't make as many rockets as before and they have an increasing amount of casualties," he added.

"It's no coincidence they're not firing at Ashkelon. They may have the technical ability, but they know that would mean things have escalated further."

What of the current power struggle in the Palestinian Authority? "Hamas is nervous and Khaled Mashaal suddenly realized he needs much more than just Abu Mazen," said Diskin.

"He (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) is the peacemaker, but they don't see him as someone who can negotiate with Israel in their behalf," he added.

"Abu Mazen would like to see a ceasefire in Gaza first, and in the West Bank second," said Diskin.

"Hamas, on the other hand, wants a ceasefire in the West Bank first, where its infrastructure has sustained the most damage," he added.

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Hamas's new, extended-range, high-powered missiles go into service against Israeli populations

Their crews fired their upgraded weapons out of Gaza's Palestinian refugee camps Friday night, May 25, using their inmates as human shields against the Israeli Air Force, instead of exposing their operatives to Israeli air attack in the north.

Using standard explosives, the upgraded weapons pack an extra punch and reach deeper into Israel.

One of these upgraded missiles, which exploded Friday night in Sderot's Neve Eshkol neighborhood, blasted every flat in a four-story residential building, spreading fragments over a wide area with the effect of a cluster bomb. Every window was smashed, doors and windows wrenched out and ceilings collapsed. Many of the occupants were away else the casualties would have been greater than 4 injured and 10 in shock.

Israel air strikes have therefore focused on catching the vehicles of Hamas operatives on the move, "links in the operational missile chain." Overnight Friday and early Saturday, six terrorist targets were struck in Israeli air raids, described as "links in the operational missile chain." They included a position of Fatah leader, Mahmoud Abbas' Presidential Guard, supposedly fighting Hamas and committed to stopping its missile offensive against Israel. Instead these Fatah operatives are collaborating with Hamas in its anti-Israel missile campaign, which is why Egypt' mediation efforts, which continue Saturday, May 26, for a halt in the campaign are getting nowhere. Egyptian intelligence minister Omar Suleiman has invited the various Palestinian organizations' political chiefs for separate talks in Cairo Saturday, instead of a round table. He knows they have no control over the Hamas military challenge to the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority and the missile campaign against Israel. It is led by the maverick Hamas Executive Force chief, Ahmed Jabari and is orchestrated from Tehran. For Cairo, it is an urgent priorirty to restore its waning influence in the radicalized, embattled Gaza Strip.

DEBKAfile's military sources report: Israel's Northern Command has placed military units along the Lebanese and Syrians borders on the alert in case of a flare-up

Washington, Jerusalem and Beirut believe Syrian ruler Bashar Assad is pumping up war tensions in Lebanon to intimidate the UN Security Council which is due to vote Tuesday, May 29, on an international tribunal for suspects in the Hariri assassination. There are some indications that they could also ignite Israel's northern borders. In New York, moves are afoot to rephrase the resolution to avoid a Russian veto.

Assad has announced he will not recognize the tribunal. UN investigator Serge Brammertz plans to issue international arrest warrants for putting some of his close family members and high intelligence officers, stalwarts of his regime, on trial for murder. The upsurge of violence in the Nahr al Bared camp and two bombing attacks in Beirut this week are seen as the opening shots of the Damascus-instigated campaign of terror.

DEBKAfile's military sources report Syria is known to have trained terrorist teams to infiltrate Israel from Syria and Lebanon. The northern command is on the ready for artillery fire and the Israeli Air Force prepared for Syrian aircraft intrusions. The navy is braced for missile attacks on its vessels by Hizballah, which has just received a supply of C-802 shore-to-ship missiles from Syria, or even a ground incursion.

Jerusalem took careful note of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's threat to Israel from Isfahan Thursday: The Zionist state will be uprooted, he said, if it attacks Lebanon again this summer.


Israel emptied its smart bomb arsenal in under 2 weeks during 2006 war -

TEL AVIV — The Israel Air Force is revising its policy on the use of munitions against insurgency and low-signature targets.

The study was meant to learn the lessons of the war against Hizbullah in mid-2006 when the air force conducted a reported 15,500 sorties and failed to destroy the Iranian-backed militia's short-range rocket arsenal, Middle East Newsline reported.
Within two weeks, the air force depleted its smart munitions and most of its general purpose bombs.

"We were using smart weapons freely without any regard to our supplies," a senior officer said.

The air force study was meant to determine what weapons would be required for low-signature and conventional warfare targets. Officials said the air force would also seek to draft standards on collateral damage when battling insurgents in an urban area.

"If we had destroyed Hizbullah headquarters on the first day of the war, we would have killed the entire leadership," an official said. "Instead, we used munitions meant to reduce collateral damage. We were condemned anyway for attacking an urban area, and the leadership escaped to continue the war."

Officials said the air force has still not replenished its arsenal of air-to-ground weapons in wake of the war, which ended in August 2006. In April 2007, after a wait of eight months, the Bush administration approved the sale of 3,500 MK-84 general-purpose bombs to Israel.

The air force study was also meant to determine the optimal use of the Joint Direct Attack Munition, a smart bomb kit produced by Boeing. The 2006 war marked the first time Israeli F-15s and F-16 fighters deployed the JDAM in a combat role.

"There were lots of problems with JDAM and there were some major mishaps that by luck did not cause great damage," an official said. "This weapon requires lots of training and thought."

Lebanon gunmen dig in for 'two-year battle' -

Islamic fighters in the siege at Lebanon's Nahr al Bared refugee camp claim to have spent months digging underground bunkers ahead of a battle they promise will last "two years or more".

In an echo of last summer's war in Lebanon, when Hezbollah fighters used tunnel networks to inflict casualties on Israeli troops, militants at the camp north of Beirut say they have dug in for guerrilla combat with the Lebanese army. Shihab al-Qaddour, the deputy leader of the Fatah al Islam group, promised that his band of several hundred "battle-hardened" fighters had built extensive subterranean fortifications.

"We are prepared for a battle that will last two years or more," he said in an interview with the London-based Al Hayat newspaper. "We are ready to blow up Beirut and every other place in Lebanon."

advertisementThe bunkers could pose a further challenge for the limited capabilities of the Lebanese army, whose forces have been authorised to storm the militants' hideout after receiving new equipment from the United States last week.

The supplies, consisting of bombs, bullets and body armour, are also believed to include night-vision equipment, although it is not clear whether the Lebanese forces have had the necessary training to put the American military donations to good use.
Mr al-Qaddour's description of his men as veterans of global jihad tallied with the terrified accounts of Palestinians who have managed to escape their camp-turned-battlefield.

They have described long-bearded men in flowing robes roaming the narrow breeze-block alleyways of the camp on motorcycles, imposing Islamic law with beatings and summary justice since their arrival six months ago.

Women not wearing the veil were targeted as tensions rose in the camp between its 40,000 residents and the Fatah al Islam newcomers, those among the exodus have reported.

"Even if they were not very numerous, they still scared everyone," said Shawki el Hajj, 40, speaking at the Beddawi refugee camp nearby, where many of those who have fled are taking shelter.

"There were some Palestinians among them, but there were also foreigners, such as Saudis and Yemenis who had fought against the Americans in Iraq."

Others in Beddawi said the Fatah al Islam members spent much of their time reading the Koran, and despite not working had plenty of money.

Their obvious extremism and battle experience quickly subdued any opposition from the long-standing Palestinian militant groups, Fatah and Hamas, that police the 12 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, which are home to some 400,000 people.

Under a decades-old agreement, the Lebanese army is not allowed to enter the camps. But from positions around Nahr al Bared, it has been closely monitoring the fighters. Over the past few days Lebanese soldiers have been resupplying, having run out of ammunition. An assault is expected this week.

Report: Iran procuring cruise missiles in war prep for the U.S. -

WASHINGTON — Iran has been procuring and developing a range of cruise missiles to prepare for war with the United States. A study by the Marshall Institute asserted that Iran has made a major investment in cruise missiles in an effort to bolster military capabilities. The report, "The Cruise Missile Challenge: Designing a Defense Against Asymmetric Threats," said Iran has obtained technology, expertise and components from China and Russia.

"Iran is devoting additional resources to anti-ship cruise missile development and production toward the goal of modernizing its naval forces for potential employment in possible conflicts over control of Straits of Hormuz and U.S. and Western naval access to the Gulf region in general," stated the report authored by Jeff Kueter and Howard Kleinberg.

They said Iran has deployed such Chinese-origin cruise missiles as Silkworm, Seersucker and the advanced Saccade. They also cited Iranian procurement of the Russian-origin AS-15 Kent, a thermonuclear warhead-capable strategic cruise missile. The Kent was reportedly exported by Ukraine.

"Since both China and Iran are known reverse-engineering weapon proliferators, this is a strategically significant development," the report said.

Iran, with Chinese assistance, has developed an air-launched version of the C-802 anti-ship cruise missile. The report also cited deliveries of the Russian-origin SS-N-22 Sunburn supersonic anti-ship missile.

Teheran has been operating a serial production line for a range of indigenous cruise missiles, including the Noor, Kowsar-1 and Raad anti-ship cruise missiles. The Kowsar was tested in 2006.

Already, Iran has transferred some cruise missiles to its Lebanese-based proxy, Hizbullah. Hizbullah deployed the C-802 in the war with Israel in mid-2006.

"The acquisition of these systems by terrorist groups or their supporting states is inevitable," the report said. "Indeed, this is already a reality, as proven by Hezbollah's use of anti-ship cruise missiles in the July 2006 Lebanon war. These systems have already made their way into the hands of states hostile to U.S. interests, are readily available on the international arms market and can be improved through the acquisition of commercial navigational aids and other technology."

Report: Syria to transfer Russian air defense system to Iran -

LONDON — Syria plans to transfer advanced Russian-origin air defense systems to Iran.
Jane's Defense Weekly said Syria would supply Iran with the 96K6 Pantsyr-S1E anti-aircraft system. The Pantsyr-S1E was developed for the United Arab Emirates and is considered one of the most advanced short-range mobile surface-to-air missile systems in the world.

This year Syria approved a $730 million contract to purchase 50 Pantsyr-S1E systems from Russia. Jane's said Damascus would supply Iran with at least 10 of the systems.

The Pantsyr has an interception range of up to 12 kilometers and detection range of 30 kilometers. The system can engage two air targets simultaneously.

"The end user for 10 of the systems is Teheran," a source close to the deal told Jane's on May 21.

Iran helped finance the Pantsyr sale to Damascus and Iran plans to take delivery in late 2008.

In 2005, Iran and Syria signed a strategic cooperation agreement that increased the flow of technology and facilitated joint arms purchases. The agreement has been enhanced over the past few months amid the threat of a U.S. air strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Pantsyr-S1E, produced by the Tula-based KBP Instrument Design Bureau, is a close-in air defense system that can destroy fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, ballistic and cruise missiles, precision-guided munitions and unmanned air vehicles. In 2000, the UAE ordered 50 such systems in a project delayed by three years because of a request for further development.

The UAE has received the first enhanced Pantsyr with a new radar. Deliveries of the air defense systems, half of which would be mounted on Russian-origin GM-352M1E vehicles, are scheduled to continue through 2009.

Western intelligence sources said Iran has offered to finance Russian arms purchases for Syria, including the TOR-M1 short-range mobile air defense system, and plans to procure the S-300PMU1 air and missile defense system for both Damascus and Teheran.

"With Security Council sanctions on Iran, the only way Russia could sell weapons is through Syria," an intelligence source said.


Russia Promises 'Sword' Against U.S. Missile Shield - By The Associated Press

MOSCOW: The official considered to be a leading contender to succeed President Vladimir Putin criticized a landmark Soviet-U.S. arms treaty as being a "relic of the Cold War," and promised that Russia would have a "sword" capable of piercing a U.S. missile shield.

During a two-hour news conference Wednesday, First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov harshly criticized U.S. plans to deploy elements of its missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, saying that Moscow does not trust Washington's claims that they are intended to fend off potential missile threats from Iran.

"A radar the U.S. is planning to deploy in the Czech Republic will be capable of scanning airspace up to the Ural Mountains," he said.

Ivanov said that Russia was not going to build a strategic missile defense system similar to the one the United States is developing but would take "adequate steps" to respond to the U.S. move. "A more efficient sword can be found for every shield," he said.

Ivanov also criticized the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, signed in 1987 by the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan. It eliminated an entire class of midrange missiles then based in Europe.

Ivanov called the treaty "a relic, a rudiment of the Cold War," saying that dozens of nations had developed intermediate range missiles since the pact was signed and that many of them are located close to Russia's borders. But he stopped short of saying that Moscow would opt out of the pact.

Ivanov also defended Putin's move to suspend Russia's observance of another critical Cold War-era agreement - the 1990 Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty - which limits the number of military aircraft, tanks and other non-nuclear heavy weapons around Europe.

At the same time, he rejected claims of a new Cold War, saying that Russia and the United States have been cooperating productively in preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

"Russia isn't the Soviet Union. Russia isn't going to return to an arms race, and our military budget proves that," he said, adding that the country's military budget accounted for around 2.7 percent of gross domestic product, compared with one-third of GDP in Soviet times.

Ivanov made statements on a gamut of issues during the news conference, from global security to children's sports, in what sounded like a presentation of his election program.

Putin has not yet endorsed any potential contender for the election next March, and Ivanov has not declared whether he will run. However, he and another first deputy prime minister, Dmitri Medvedev, are widely seen as leading candidates being groomed by the Kremlin.

Ivanov, a KGB veteran like Putin, praised the country's growing economic might and military power, saying Russia ranks among the top 10 economies in the world.

"Russia is one of the leading global powers, and it will remain such, not only because of its powerful military but also because of its economy and intellect," he said.

Polish and U.S. officials met Thursday to discuss a proposed missile defense base in Poland, The Associated Press reported from Warsaw.

Foreign Minister Anna Fotyga said the talks with Washington, which began last week, were "interesting" but "we should not jump to conclusions as to their outcome."

Connecting the Dots — The Islamification of America Is Rapidly Accelerating - by Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst -

An analysis of the Pew Research Center poll on the Muslim population in the United States indicates that America is becoming increasingly vulnerable each day to a possible hostile environment within its own borders, especially as extremist attitudes among young Muslims increase support for suicide bombings and justify terrorism. Pew reports generally that "the first-ever, nationwide, random sample survey of Muslim Americans finds them to be largely assimilated, happy with their lives and moderate with respect to many of the issues that have divided Muslims and Westerners around the world." But this is a case where the devil is truly in the details.

Pew estimates the Muslim population in the U.S. at between 1.5 million to 2.35 million, while others estimate the population to be around 6 million. In other words, no one knows the true number of Muslims in America. Pew found that 8 percent of American Muslims believe suicide bombings can be justified "often" or "sometimes." That means 120,000 of the lowest estimate of the U.S. Muslim population believes suicide bombings are justified. If the highest estimate is used, 480,000 American Muslims believe in using suicide bombings. But Pew found that 83 percent of American Muslims believe suicide bombings are "rarely or never justified"; however, there were no figures released on how many Muslims in that category believe suicide bombings are rarely justified.

Pew found that younger Muslims between the ages of 18 and 29 are far more radical than the older generation. At 15 percent, younger Muslims are nearly three times as likely to believe suicide bombings are justified. While a large number of adult Muslims, 41 percent, think of themselves as Muslim first rather than American, an even larger number of young Muslims, 60 percent, think of themselves as Muslim first. The Muslim youth are nearly twice as likely as adult Muslims, 42 percent to 28 percent, to believe there is a conflict between devout faith and modern life. And Muslim youth are about 1-1/2 times more likely to attend a mosque on a regular weekly basis than their adult counterparts.

The young generation of Muslims in the United States is far more radical in its beliefs than is the last generation. And while, on the surface, Pew found that American Muslims are generally assimilated and moderate, 77 percent of them are dissatisfied with the United States as a country.

An Islamic revolution is brewing in America at a rapid pace, especially among the able-bodied and bold younger generation. When God pronounced judgment on Babylon, a country that looked very similar to the America of today, He said in Jeremiah 51:14 (NKJV), "I will fill you with men, as with locusts; and they shall raise up a battle cry against you."

The locusts are among us, and the battle cry is on the horizon.


Tactics of the enemy - Greg Laurie - and

Talk about having it made in the shade! When God created Adam and Eve, He placed them in a veritable paradise. It was beautiful to say the least, and they enjoyed direct communication with God Himself!

Adam's job description was to tend and keep the garden, discovering and marveling in all God had done and walking in fellowship with Him.

The first couple was told they could eat of any tree in the garden – except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And yet there was Eve, hanging out by that very tree.

Why is it that we are always attracted to that which can harm us? You tell a child to not touch a certain thing or go to a certain place and that's exactly where he will be when given a chance. It's human nature!

Satan was saying, "Eve, you can be a goddess! Adam, you can be a god – just take a bite and see."

That was the bite felt around the world.

Satan certainly knows how to package his wares.

But God told Adam and Eve, and us, not to sin for good reason.

In our warped minds, we think that God is keeping something good from us. Scripture, however, tells us: "No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly" (Psalm 84:11).

God gave them a warning, and they ignored it.

The book of Genesis records how our first parents ignored the warning, were fatally injured and had no one to blame but themselves (Genesis 3:1-13).

Of course, Satan, the devil, was there too, waiting for an opportunity to lead Eve astray. Here are three ploys he used to bring her to ruin.

Ploys, I might add, that he is still using today.

No. 1: He questioned God's word.

Satan didn't deny God had spoken. He simply questioned whether God had really said what Eve thought He had said. He wanted her to think that perhaps she had misunderstood God's command. He wanted to "interpret" God's words for Eve. It's the same in our world today. Satan still twists the truth to try to alienate people from God.

No. 2: He questioned God's love.

Satan wanted to make Eve think that God was holding something back from her. In reality, God Himself had placed this lone restriction in Adam and Eve's life to keep them from sin and its painful consequences! In the same way, the barriers God places in our lives are there because He loves us.

No. 3: He substituted his own lie.

Satan led Eve to believe if she ate of the tree she would become like God. At that point, Eve had a choice: She could take God at His word, or believe Satan's lie.

Satan knows that our minds are "command central." This is where we reason, fantasize and imagine. Through our imaginations we can reach into the future, and in our memories we can reach into the past. The devil will try to get a foothold in your thinking. He will attempt to make you second-guess what God has said in His Word, or try to get you to dwell on the "what ifs" in life.

Our counterattack is found in II Corinthians 10:4-5: "I use God's mighty weapons, not those made by men, to knock down the devil's strongholds. These weapons can break down every proud argument against God and every wall that can be built to keep men from finding him."

Having eaten now of the "forbidden fruit," something unusual happened to Adam and Eve: The Bible says, "The eyes of both of them were opened." That is, their eyes were opened to the earth, but closed to heaven.

So what happened next?

And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day (Genesis 3:3).

When God didn't find Adam waiting in their usual meeting place, He called out to him, "Adam, where are you?"

I believe there was hurt in that voice, but love as well, as a Father called out to His wayward son.

And there was Adam, the crown of God's creation, cowering behind a bush in fear. He then asked Adam and Eve a series of questions in that terrible moment.

Who told you that you were naked?

Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?

What is this you have done?

Obviously, God already knew the answers to those questions, but He wanted to be sure they understood their actions. He was looking for an admission of wrongdoing, an admission of sin. He desired nothing short of a full-blown confession.

Instead of acknowledging his sin, however, Adam offered the mother of all excuses – in fact, it was the first recorded excuse in all of human history. "The woman who you gave to be with me …" Adam was in essence saying, "This is Your doing. It's the woman You gave me!"

That's what sin does. It blinds you to reality. We dare to blame God for the stupid decisions we sometimes make in life.

But God wanted fellowship restored with Adam.

That would ultimately be accomplished through the death of God's own son, Jesus Christ, when He died on the cross.

God desires to walk with you in the cool of the day, just as He had enjoyed the company and fellowship of the first human beings. He wants to draw near to you, comfort you, instruct you, guide you and lead you into a life of abundance and joy. He wants to be an intimate part of your life.

Could He be calling out to you right now, just as He called out to Adam?

Where are you?

How did you get to this place?

Do you want to change?

If so, you need to come to Jesus, and ask Him to help you do just that. He's just a prayer away.


Maranatha ! - (Lord Come Quickly)

"On Christ the SOLID ROCK I stand, all other ground is sinking sand"


Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Simplistic Take on Illegal Aliens

I am hardly an expert on the controversy surrounding illegal immigration and illegal aliens in America. Leftists recognize it is a complicated issue to resolve. Democratic Party Leftists apparently are for a complete amnesty and some legalized flow of Latinos from Mexico into America. The Democratic Party motive is less than altruistic as much as it is delusional power grabbing. The Democratic Party knows a legalized immigrant is a potential voting future citizen. Since the Democrats are pushing for amnesty they believe they will dominate the politics of the America’s future based on pure demographics.

Total Amnesty I believe will not benefit the Democratic Party as we know it today. As Latinos become hard working tax paying citizens, the Democrats will find naturalized Latinos may not be as much as an ally as they believed.

African Americans predominantly vote Democratic Party because the dog does not bite the master’s hand that feeds it. The Democratic Party has managed to compassionately enslave African Americans with welfare and priority status with affirmative action giving non-Caucasians jobs based on race and not achievement. That is compassionate enslavement.

Latinos on the other hand come to America to seek a better paying job. That means the majority of Latinos have a work ethic based on achievement. That is not the Democratic Party paradigm. Current Latinos may vote Democratic Party; however future Latinos will vote for a political Party that does not rob the benefit of their work by taxation. That is of course the Democratic Party manages to subdue the Latino and execute compassionate enslavement upon them as well.

The Republican Conservatives just want a black and white solution. If an immigrant or alien is illegal, that means they have broken the law. If the law is broken, illegal status aliens should be deported.

I am a Republican Conservative and I do not buy this outlook wholesale. I also believe the excuse that deporting illegals will hurt the American economy, because they do jobs Americans won’t do. That is boulder dash! Who did the mucky jobs before illegal Latinos entered America? That is a class issue, not a race issue. If anything illegals take away job opportunities from lower class economic Americans.

The problem I have with illegal aliens is not that they are in America illegally, but that they enjoy benefits that some American citizens do not enjoy (i.e. a class issue not a race issue). Also if an illegal alien breaks the law there is a huge percentage of that are not held accountable.

• And so I believe illegal aliens need to be classified:

• Hard working illegal aliens with a good work ethic.

• Criminal felonious illegal aliens.

• Illegal Drug association whether proven or not (if proven they can go to prison, if not proven they can be deported).

• Illegal aliens with an anti-American terrorist bent. If they are not citizens, they have NO place being here.

Simultaneously the borders have to be secured even if it cost a ton of money. Only the top tier illegal aliens should be afforded amnesty (or whatever legal illusive word a politician wishes to use).


Immigration starts at the border or press two for compromise

The Patriot Post
Patriot Vol. 07 No. 21 Digest 25 May 2007

E pluribus unum (http://PatriotPost.US/alexander/edition.asp?id=472)? Out of many, one? That national motto, as proposed by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1776, is often cited as speaking to the “great melting pot” of American immigration. But our Founders were not referring to immigrants. Rather, they were referring to the 13 colonies uniting as one.

In truth, there was very little “diversity” among our Founders. The four major migrations preceding 1775 were from the British Isles, with the notable exception of forced migration—better known as slavery. The uniformity of our heritage was, in fact, a major factor in the successful upstart of what is now the world’s longest-lasting democracy.

The Federalist Papers (http://PatriotPost.US/fedpapers/), the most comprehensive explication and defense of our Constitution (http://PatriotPost.US/alexander/edition.asp?id=487), written by our Constitution’s author, James Madison, and Founders Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, affirms the accuracy of this claim in the second of its 85 essays, “Concerning Dangers from Foreign Force and Influence.”

In that essay, John Jay writes: “Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people—a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs...”

From 1675 to 1950, the vast majority of U.S. immigrants were English speaking and enjoyed similar heritage and customs, with the exception of some seven million Germans, Italians and Scandinavians who immigrated to the U.S. prior to 1930.

This is not to say that there isn’t room for ethnic and cultural diversity in America. It is to say that unless those who come here are fully integrated, rather than set apart as hyphenated-Americans, our United States will disunite.

After World War II, however, Latino immigrants began an illegal migration across our southern border. Between 1960 and 1990, that migration accelerated, and since 1990, the influx of illegal immigrants has reached critical mass.

All this brings us to the latest Senate attempt at so-called “immigration reform,” a 1,000-page tome ( called the “Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007,” which took off like a lead balloon. Democrats were pushing for passage of this monster only days after its release, but as Fred Thompson noted, “That’s like trying to eat an eight-course meal on a 15-minute lunch break,” so Senate debate will now extend into June.

The “compromise legislation,” which is the most comprehensive immigration legislation in 40 years, provides amnesty for between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens, giving them, and their families, a permanently renewable “temporary” work permit called a “Z” visa. Put another way, it grants these illegals probationary status and allows them to move toward citizenship. Those who apply for the visas will have to pass a background check and pay a $5,000 fine for entering the U.S. illegally (which can be paid over eight years), but no back taxes. Would that the folks at the IRS were so charitable to the rest of us.

This bitter pill was given a very thin sugar coating of promises, such as hiring 6,000 additional border patrol agents, constructing an additional 370 miles of border barriers, and establishing a computer identification database which will, ostensibly, enable employers to verify the legal status of new employees. Once those benchmarks have been accomplished, additional foreign nationals would be allowed to enter the nation at an arbitrary rate of 200,000 per year, on guest-worker permits.

This asinine legislation will be no more effective than the last “comprehensive” reform attempts—the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act and its predecessor, the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act—because like the previous legislation, the current version does not start by securing our borders.

Conservative estimates are that every day, about 3,200 illegal aliens (more than 96,000 of them each month) cross from Mexico into the U.S.

Any debate about immigration is useless unless it begins with a commitment to secure our southern border (http://PatriotShop.US/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=482&osCsid=426ced7bec3ca8bc75137125215a4be2) and coastlines. Moreover, as Ronald Reagan (http://Reagan2020.US/) declared, “A nation without borders is not a nation.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter, a longtime advocate of border security first, notes: “If we have border enforcement, we will be able at that point to start to regulate the internal problem. As long as you’ve got a revolving door—a 2,000-mile porous border, there is no way to regulate immigration. We need to build the border fence. We need to have a Border Patrol which is big enough to get the job done, and we need to demand [that those who] want to come into America, knock on the front door, because the back door is going to be closed.”

Of the 700 miles of border fencing Congress authorized last year, a grand total of two—yes two—miles have been completed.

But let’s just say, hypothetically, that Democrats and Republicans actually get serious about illegal immigration and work to close the border. Next, they will have to determine what to do about the millions of illegal immigrants already here. “Just round ‘em up and send ‘em back,” a page from Dwight Eisenhower’s 1954 “Operation Wetback” deportation playbook, has a devoted following, but does not take into account how socio-economically integrated five or six million illegals are now. And few politicians at the federal, state or local level have the political will to undertake another mass roundup and deportation.

Of course, the economic benefit case for retaining a large pool of unskilled agricultural and service industry laborers is overturned by the economic burden case (http://PatriotPost.US/news/highcost.asp).

Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at the nation’s premier think tank, The Heritage Foundation (, estimates, “This $2.5 trillion cost is going to come smashing into the Social Security and Medicare systems at exactly the point those systems are already going bankrupt. So the bottom line is that these individuals will make no net contribution in taxes while they are working. They will be a deficit. But when they hit retirement, they will be an astonishing cost on the taxpayer.” Rector warns that the Congressional Budget Office is providing only a 10-year estimate of costs, “but on year 15, it starts to cost a fortune. On year 30, it will bankrupt the Social Security system. It is a disaster, it’s a sham, and it’s a deception.”

Rector notes that of the estimated 4.5 million households of low-skill immigrants who pay taxes now, for every dollar paid in, those households receive an average of three dollars in taxpayer-funded services.

Responding to the firestorm over the Senate’s proposal, co-sponsor Ted Kennedy rebuts, “We hope that the voices of hatred and bigotry will silence themselves for this debate.” Here, we can only assume that Kennedy is talking about “haters and bigots” such as his Democrat colleagues Dick Durbin, Barbara Boxer, Byron Dorgan, Ben Nelson and Robert Byrd, all of whom have voiced objections to Kennedy’s legislation. (In particular, the moniker fits Byrd, a former Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan now heralded by his colleagues as the “conscience of the Senate,” who once proclaimed, “I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”)

If Kennedy and his ilk want to find out if Americans outside the Beltway want their “immigration compromise,” they should set up a toll-free number asking callers to press one for “bury it” and two for “pass it.” Of course, the Senate’s switchboard would probably greet callers as follows: “For English, press one. Para la prensa dos del espanol.”

Fred Thompson concludes, “There’s an old saying in Washington that, in dealing with any tough issue, half the politicians hope that citizens don’t understand it while the other half fear that people actually do... A nation without secure borders will not long be a sovereign nation. No matter how much lipstick Washington tries to slap onto this legislative pig, it’s not going to win any beauty contests.”

Newt Gingrich adds, “This is the most self-destructive bill for Republicans to be sponsoring that I have seen, maybe in my lifetime. You can’t imagine how bad this bill is going to be by the time people understand all of its details and how foolish its sponsors are going to look, at least on the Republican side, where there is some semblance of a belief of the rule of law...”

Far be it from me, though, to offer up all this criticism without serving up a solution.

As I outlined last year in an essay entitled “Insanity on bordering,” (http://PatriotPost.US/alexander/edition.asp?id=480) immigration legislation must first address national security issues (http://PatriotPost.US/alexander/edition.asp?id=285), meaning border security and enforcement are paramount.

Once border security has been established, the following priorities must be authorized and funded: immediate detention and deportation of those crossing our borders illegally; deportation of any foreign national convicted of a serious crime or seditious activity (http://PatriotPost.US/news/reconquista.asp); a guest-worker program (with reliable documentation as prerequisite) to meet the current demand for unskilled labor; penalties against employers who hire undocumented workers; no extension of blanket amnesty or fast-track citizenship (new citizenship applicants to the back of the line); the preservation and provision of tax-subsidized medical, educational and social services for American citizens and immigrants here legally, and the Americanization of new legal immigrants, including a national mandate for English as the official language and an end to bilingual education.

Additionally, the Supreme Court must affirm that there is no constitutional birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens. The 14th Amendment’s relevant clause reads “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Children born to those who have entered the U.S. illegally are not “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” (More on that subject next week.)

If immigration policy does not start at the border, our national heritage will end there. Please support the national campaign to stop the compromise (https://secure.PatriotPost.US/support/alert.asp?a=1) and secure our borders.

My Simplistic Take on Illegal Aliens
John R. Houk
© May 25, 2007

The Patriot Post
2007 © Publius Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jihad: The Musical (Richard Rivette)

Ok how many of you have seen the Wizard of OZ? When I was a kid (we won’t ask how long ago that was), I would watch the movie annually as it was broadcast in Prime Time by one of the (then) three major Networks – ABC, CBS or NBC – I cannot remember which.

Well a Yahoo 360 friend has put together some jihadist humor to OZ music and has an awesome commentary following.

I encourage EVERYONE to visit
Richard Rivette’s 360 blog. If you are an American Patriot and an anti-Jihadi person this is a must read. Richard even takes a jab at a few ignorant Leftists.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Will Anyone Stop Iran?

I find it amazing that the global powers that be have totally ignored what Iran is doing. Iran is even a detriment to the environment by the amount of trees wasted in Security Council Resolutions ignored and blown off.

It is evident that
Western impotence to taking action to prevent a nuclear Iran has led to Western acquiescence to the existence of a nuclear armed WMD Iran.

Bush has been rendered harmless by Democratic Party Congressional control in America. Olmert is harmless because he is incompetent in governing a strong Israel in both management and execution of Israel’s National Interests.

Conspiracy Theory or Shadowy Transformation II

I did not conceive I would do a part two of this speculation on the Bush Administration involved in transforming America into a tri-state entity with wide influence by the United Nations. Here I go again.

In part one sources report that the Bush Administration denies a concept of a “North American Union;” i.e. some notion of a federated union of Canada, America and Mexico. The notion as far as the United States is concerned is extra-Constitutional if it goes forward without an Amendment to the Constitution.

If there are proponents lurking in the shadows promoting geopolitical transformation, they are probably thinking of accomplishing such a Union via a Treaty ratified by the Senate. The problem is such a Union extends beyond treaty agreements between sovereign nations. Such a Union would affect Constitutional Law in America. I am saying a Union transformation would or could change traditional interpretations of American Liberty, Civil Rights, and Free Speech and so on.

I personally did not buy into the notion of a “North American Union” when I first read about it about a year ago. Yet there are things that have occurred that could have justified President Bush’s entrance into Iraq. Intelligence data widely implied the existence of WMD in Iraq prior to the invasion; however neither the radioactive nor the chemical cache of WMD was located. Bush made poor efforts to explain this phenomenon when there was
credible evidence that explained the WMD disappearance.

There is a
huge appearance that the CIA and Richard Armitage set up Plamegate and the conviction I. Scooter Libby. There is evidence that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald was full aware that Armitage was the person that leaked Valerie Plame’s name to discredit the WMD reason to invade Iraq.

Now here are
some names that are preparing a report for the Bush White House and the Democratic controlled Congress on “… the benefits of integrating the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and security bloc.”: “A powerful think tank chaired by former Sen. Sam Nunn and guided by trustees including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen and Henry Kissinger”.

Is it Conspiracy Theory or transforming geopolitics in the shadows?


North American union plan headed to Congress in fall:
Powerful think tank prepares report on benefits of integration between U.S., Mexico, Canada

Posted: May 24, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern
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WASHINGTON – A powerful think tank chaired by former Sen. Sam Nunn and guided by trustees including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen and Henry Kissinger, is in the final stages of preparing a report to the White House and U.S. Congress on the benefits of integrating the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and security bloc.

The final report, published in English, Spanish and French, is scheduled for submission to all three governments by Sept. 30, according to the
Center for Strategic & International Studies.

CSIS boasts of playing a large role in the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994 – a treaty that set in motion a political movement many believe resembles the early stages of the European Community on its way to becoming the European Union.

"The results of the study will enable policymakers to make sound, strategic, long-range policy decisions about North America, with an emphasis on regional integration," explains Armand B. Peschard-Sverdrup, director of CSIS' Mexico Project. "Specifically, the project will focus on a detailed examination of future scenarios, which are based on current trends, and involve six areas of critical importance to the trilateral relationship: labor mobility, energy, the environment, security, competitiveness and border infrastructure and logistics."

The data collected for the report is based on seven secret roundtable sessions involving between 21 and 45 people and conducted by CSIS. The participants are politicians, business people, labor leaders and academics from all three countries with equal representation.

All of this is described in a CSIS report, "North American Future 2025 Project."

"The free flow of people across national borders will undoubtedly continue throughout the world as well as in North America, as will the social, political and economic challenges that accompany this trend," says the report. "In order to remain competitive in the global economy, it is imperative for the twenty-first century North American labor market to possess the flexibility necessary to meet industrial labor demands on a transitional basis and in a way that responds to market forces."

As WND reported last week, the controversial "Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007," which would grant millions of illegal aliens the right to stay in the U.S. under certain conditions, contains provisions for the acceleration of the
Security and Prosperity Partnership, a plan for North American economic and defense integration with remarkable similarities to the CSIS plan.

The bill, as worked out by Senate and White House negotiators, cites the SPP agreement signed by President Bush and his counterparts in Mexico and Canada March 23, 2005 – an agreement that has been criticized as a blueprint for building a European Union-style merger of the three countries of North America.

"It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico, which will lead to reduced migration," the draft legislation states on page 211 on the version time-stamped May 18, 2007 11:58 p.m.

Since agreement on the major provisions of the bill was announced late last week, a firestorm of opposition has ignited across the country. Senators and representatives are reporting heavy volumes of phone calls and e-mails expressing outrage with the legislation they believe represents the largest "amnesty" program ever contemplated by the federal government.

Meanwhile, while many continue to express skepticism about a plot to integrate North America along the lines of the European Union, WND reported last week that 14 years ago, one of world's most celebrated economists and management experts said it was already on the fast track – and nothing could stop it.

Peter F. Drucker, in one of his dozens of best-selling books, "Post Capitalist Society," published in 1993, wrote that the European Community, the progenitor of the European Union, "triggered the attempt to create a North American economic community, built around the United States but integrating both Canada and Mexico into a common market."

"So far this attempt is purely economic in its goal," wrote the Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree. "But it can hardly remain so in the long run."

Drucker describes in his book the worldwide trends toward globalization that were evident back then – the creation and empowerment of transnational organizations and institutions, international environmental goals regarding carbon dioxide and agreements to fight terrorism long before 9/11.

Conspiracy Theory or Shadowy Transformation II
John R. Houk
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North American union plan headed to Congress in fall
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