Saturday, February 03, 2007 interview with Paul (Dave) Gaubatz

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Okay I know that may enter the fringe of Conspiracy Theory, however every good theory has data to extrapolate a theory. A linguist in Arabic with a military background makes for high-end usage in Intelligence work. Such a person is Dave Gaubatz.
Gaubatz is legit no matter your thoughts on conspiracy theory.

Here is an Interview with Dave Gaubatz. Actually it is a summary of a June 22, 2006 interview. The date is important because it both disputes the Duelfer Report and shows the Democrats to be political deviants lying to the Mainstream Media (MSM) or in collusion with MSM to give the impression there was no WMD in Iraq.

In fact if you listen to a Leftie political pundit they always deliver this pompous indignant question: Where is the WMD? This is usually followed by a bunch of hyperbole criticizing President Bush (you know – Bush Lied, soldiers died).

Another aside about the
Duelfer Report unrelated to the interview is the Sandy Berger (Clinton Chief of Staff) shredding of classified documents relating to the War on Terror and possibly WMD in Iraq. We will never know what was in those documents because Clinton stooge Sandy Berger is not talking about the why. Berger’s only lame excuse is somehow the documents got tucked into his socks and he forgot to put them back then they mysteriously were shredded. Okayyyyyyyyy?

Another aside is an obvious
CIA set-up with Plamegate that the facts are now showing light that there were mysterious circumstances as to why Plame sent anti-war (proven liar) Wilson on a fact finding expedition to Niger.

Yada Yada.

You should read that
Dave Gaubatz Interview with

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