Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Use of the Words 'Natural Family' Ruled Hate Speech

The Homosexual Agenda has succeeded in Europe and Canada to label speeches and preaching from Christianity as related to homosexuality as “hate speech.” That means in areas in which democracy predominates, thought police judge words which are offensive to a homosexual lifestyle. If a person of devout Christian faith publicly agrees with the Word of God condemning homosexuality as ungodly, that person can go to jail, pay a fine or both. In essence Freedom of Speech is abrogated to promote the immorality of homosexuality.

The Democrats have attempted this very same kind of legislation in Congress yet have failed to pass it to date. The Democrats keep trying! The Party of immorality currently has the majority caucus in both Houses of Congress and has
again proffered “hate speech” legislation.

As usual the Lefties have a back-up plan. The Slanted Left is using the Courts
to force homosexuality down the throats of heterosexuals and Christians.

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