Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Time to Put English First

In Newt Gingrich’s most recent “Winning the Future” e-newsletter he writes that English should be the language of Citizenship in America.

Gingrich also writes that English should not be made an exclusive language in America. The reasoning behind NOT making English exclusive is America’s history of a melting pot. America had a generation or space of time in which immigration was actively promoted. During this time many Western Europeans immigrated to America: Irish, Scandinavians, Italians, Germans, Jews and Chinese (oops) and more.

Unfortunately there was also some forced immigration in the de-humanized marketing of Black slavery.

Most of the succeeding generations of these immigrants learned English as their primary language. It is called assimilation. That is the hall mark America should aim for immigrants to acquire citizenship: American cultural history and the English language. The American culture of the Revolutionary War period is what has set up the most prosperous and liberty conscious society the world has EVER known. This is a fact regardless of Left Wing America haters and the very reason Mohammedans hate America.

For an immigrant to seek citizenship, that immigrant should assimilate to what has made America great. A lack of willingness to do so should exclude an immigrant from American Citizenship.

Gingrich points out that Australia has already moved in the direction of the emphasis of Citizenship over validating multicultural validity. Canada appears to be exploring options to follow Australia’s path. These are friendly Western style democracies. America should move in the path of Citizenship more than multicultural diversity.

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