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Chamberlains vs. Churchills

Gary McCullough, the Director of Christian Newswire, has written a brief yet insightful opinion on the non-binding House Resolution condemning a surge of troops and proclaiming we lost in Iraq.

Chamberlains vs. Churchills

By Gary McCullough

OPINION, Feb. 16 /
Standard Newswire/ -- The following is submitted for publication by Gary McCullough, director of Christian Newswire:

"You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." -- Churchill's remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich Pact with Hitler

"You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." This was Winston Churchill's statement after Neville Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich Pact with Hitler.

Today, within the beltway of Washington DC, America's modern day Chamberlains won the day. With all the vigor and clarity of true zealots, supporters of the nonbinding House resolution said "we surrender."

Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said, "What we now have in Iraq is a defeat. We cannot achieve the illusions of the Bush administration that we will be able to create a stable unified liberal democracy in Iraq that is pro-American ... Instead, we have sectarian fighting, death squads and a disabled Middle East that threatens to be engulfed by the nightmare that we have unleashed."

As you read this the words of Waxman, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi fill the newspapers and broadcast airwaves of the Middle East (and North Korea).

Winston S. Churchill stated, "You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terrors. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival."

Churchill's foe, Arthur Neville Chamberlain, campaigned and led England under his firm belief that Germany had been wronged by his and other nations. His opinion was that the actions of Germany leading up to what became World War II were those of a victimized people. Chamberlain's words filled the newspapers and broadcast airwaves of Nazi Germany as Chamberlain defeated and mocked Churchill.

Chamberlain said, "We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analyzing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will. I cannot believe that such a program would be rejected by the people of this country, even if it does mean the establishment of personal contact with the dictators."

Today is the day the Chamberlains got back at the Churchills. Today is the day for "peace" at any price. After all, isn't that what we Americans voted for? There is little doubt that this past November we voted for our Chamberlains and sent many Chruchills packing. Now our new leaders, our Chamberlains, are telling us exactly what we want to hear.

I pray our bold Chamberlains are correct in their plan to not repeat history. But I fear that this is one of those times in which God's answer to our prayers will be that He gave us the freedom to pick our own path, even if that path leads to pain, destruction and

Democrats reject Bush troops plan

Feb 16 4:52 PM US/Eastern

The House of Representatives has issued a symbolic rejection of President George Bush's plan to deploy more troops to Iraq.

The 246-182 approval of a resolution opened an epic confrontation between Congress and Bush over an unpopular war that has taken the lives of more than 3,100 US troops and tens of thousands of Iraqis.

"The stakes in Iraq are too high to recycle proposals that have little prospect for success," said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who as leader of the Democratic majority controls the House agenda.

She gained power last autumn in elections framed by public opposition to the war.

"The passage of this legislation will signal a change in direction in Iraq that will end the fighting and bring our troops home," she vowed.

Bush's Republican allies argued against the measure and said it portended a Democratic attempt to cut off money for the troops.

"Their so-called slow-bleed approach is the bite that will surely hurt those fighting under America's flag overseas," said Republican Roy Blunt.

"This non-binding resolution is the first step in an all-too-binding spiral towards defeat in a fight that we cannot afford to lose," he said.


Statement on Non-Binding House Resolution on Iraq

The White House
For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 16, 2007

The House of Representatives has passed a resolution expressing disapproval of President Bush's plan to send reinforcements to Iraq. This plan enjoys the support of the Iraqi government and U.S. military leadership, including Gen. David Petraeus, Commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq, who recently was confirmed to his post by an 81-0 vote in the Senate.

The President ordered a new way forward in Iraq because he, like most Americans, believed the existing situation in Iraq was unacceptable. The President concluded that this new strategy was necessary in order to help the Iraqi government gain control over Baghdad, assume more responsibility for security, and pursue reconciliation of all of Iraq's communities.

The resolution is nonbinding. Soon, Congress will have the opportunity to show its support for the troops in Iraq by funding the supplemental appropriations request the President has submitted, and which our men and women in combat are counting on.

The President believes that the Congress should provide the full funding and flexibility our Armed Forces need to succeed in their mission to protect our country.

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