Friday, February 23, 2007

Unjustified Liberal or Muslim Criticism

Name: Justin

No doubt you're aware that investigators with the Salt Lake Police have found no evidence linking the killings at Trolley Square with any religious motivation. No doubt you have done some research into the facts of this case before you started talking out your ass. No doubt you won't let facts get in the way of your faith.

__________________________ Editor:

I doubt Justin is your real name, for the IP places you in Cherryhill, New Jersey. Justin you claim to be from Utah.

Here is the thing, if you read the Comment section right after the post, you would realize that I jumped the gun about connecting Talovic to jihad terrorism.

On the other hand the comment also points out how the Mainstream Media (MSM) does not even mention connections of the superiority complex Mohammedans display when they perpetuate acts of violence.
An example of this superiority complex is the belief that those who insult Islam (I prefer Mohammedanism) must forfeit their life.

Mr. Anonymous and whoever reads this rebuttal to fake Justin should listen to Robert Spencer. Spencer is a scholar of proven credentials that Mohammedans hate. Why? Because Spencer is one of the growing few in the West willing to expose the violent nature inherent in Mohammedanism.


Take note Spencer addresses the Mohammedan act of murder in Utah.

Left Wing
CNN describes the actions of murder and mayhem perpetrated by Talovic, BUT mysteriously cannot think of a motive. Knock! Knock! Hello! Talovic's family fled bosnia because Christian Serbs were exacting revenge ethnic cleansing in retaliation to centuries of Mohammedan ethnic cleansing. (NO, I am not alluding to justification for ethnic cleansing. I am just understanding the rage of the Balkan region.)

The mystery has a little more light shed on Talovic if you know his history. It is all guess work, yet I am willing to bet Mohammedan religion had more to do with a murderous rampage than a troubled teen going wacko.

Therefore Cowardly Anonymous Commentator you should look to your own ass crapping a bunch of bull, mine is clean.

More information not released or considered by MSM and the Authorities (local, State and Federal).

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