Monday, February 19, 2007

Radical Mohammedans Strengthen Terrorist Networks

Mark Mazzetti and David Rohde writing for the New York Times, confirm a story I heard on Fox News: al Qaeda is growing in strength and reconnecting with its international network of Mohammedan murderers and thugs.

I was a bit surprised to read this in the NYT, but I am guessing the staff believes it is an embarrassment to President Bush. Really it is confirmation the War on Terror is the Long War. If a Democrat wins the Presidency in 2008, he or she will be publicly humbled by withdrawing troops from either Iraq or Afghanistan. A base of troops needs to be available to finally close the deal on nations harboring terrorists, even if they be old allies (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and the rest that promote radical Mohammedanism).

If a Republican is elected in 2008, he or she needs to finally decide to win this war even it is politically incorrect to do so. Ahmadinejad and bin Laden have attacked the basis of our culture with impunity and have asked the West to convert to Mohammedanism. Maybe it is time to let Mohammedans know that the West (can say) leave the West and Israel alone or we will begin to terminate the locations in the Middle East and Iran that you consider Holy: Mecca, al Aksa and Dome of the Rock come to mind in such a threat.

The Terrorism of radical Mohammedanism (Sunni and Shi’ite) is aimed at decimating civilian familial communal ties. The radicals believe the West and Israel’s devotion to civilians is a weakness; so they murder civilians of the West (and Israel) and hide like cowards in the midst of their own familial communities knowing how much the West finds it horrific to throw the baby out with the bath water. I say send a warning of what will happen, if it is not heeded, follow through forthwith.

How’s that for a politically incorrect thought? Let’s quit playing around and finish this.

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