Saturday, February 24, 2007

India: Who is in Whose Camp?

When the Bush Administration approached India about strengthening ties, I presumed it was a good thing. When the talks turned to the topic of nuclear power exchange I thought, “Wow!”

The “Wow” was because India has had a history of enmity with Mohammedan nations (Pakistan in particular) and China. At the time I believed a potential America/India alliance could hold the future in a positive light as the inevitable clash between West and political Mohammedanism crashed into explosive conflict.

I was so confident of a future ally that I overlooked the old friendship between India and the former Soviet Union.

Last week
Russia, China and India held a Summit discussing geopolitics in New Delhi on how the three could enhance their presumed National Interests. Officially the Summit was a cumbaya get together to talk about how the three could influence world peace (blah, blah). However the topics included North Korea and the use of multilateral diplomacy to handle global crises (such as Iran).

This troika of friendship cannot be good for the good ole’ USA. If this troika embarked on economic and military cooperation it would definitely challenge American global influence and National Interests.

I still cannot get past the primary military purveyors to rogue nations and consequently Islamofascist terrorists and an India hook-up. As I have written these words India still is a huge target of Islamofascist terrorism. My guess is since the end of WWII India is second only to Israel in the frequency radical Mohammedans murdering innocent non-Mohammedans.

It was
Mohammedan Imperialism in India’s history that slaughtered Hindus in India and basically eradicating Buddhism in the land of its birth. Forced conversions occurred in India during the Mohammedan Imperialism. Hindus also faced extermination and torture for being polytheists; however the Hindus managed to survive extermination in India.

With all this in mind what boggles me is India getting into the bed of the suppliers of its loathsome enemies.

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