Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mohammedan Hypocrisy Concerning Temple Mount Archaeology

Over the past weeks there has been a crisis created by the Mohammedans controlling the Mosques on the Temple Mount. The deal is the Israeli government is rebuilding an ancient bridge that was damaged by an earthquake and a snow storm. The WAQF that has the Mohammedan authority over the heathen Mosques on the Holy Temple Mount raised Cain that Jewish construction was too close to a Mosque. This has led to stone throwing by Mohammedans (youth and adult alike) while preparation for bridge building was occurring.

The Israel Antiquities Authority is taking the time to do some archaeological digging for when the bridge is built, the opportunity to look at Jewish history will end for some time.

Now the Mohammedans are all up in arms about the archaeological dig. This is an example of Mohammedan duplicity! The WAQF received a permit to build an exit from a subterranean Mosque below the Temple Mount in the 1990’s; however the WAQF used the permit to begin an extensive building program which trashed Jewish antiquities that were below the Temple.


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