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One hears and reads of the panic that homosexuals feel toward gay bashing. That particular alternate lifestyle calls this homophobia. Literally the word homophobia implies fear of homosexuals, however today’s Western culture adds the Greek derivative “phobia” to anything to do with a human being and it is really to the political correct the word “hatred.”

(Another story is the word “Islamophobia.” Today the interpretation is hatred of Mohammedans. Really the original is more accurate, i.e. fearing the religion Mohammedanism. Ah, that blog is for another day.)

Now here’s the thing. If a Christian organization (or even secular) becomes frustrated with the antics of various boisterous and vocal homosexual rights organizations and blogs, an epithet might slip out. For example Gay parades commonly have effeminate males and transgender individuals explicitly acting or performing sex acts during such parades. To the majority of strait people (religious and atheistic) it is a sickening behavior to be paraded in a public forum much less behind closed doors.

I know I might become unhinged and use the epithets such as fag or dyke. Criticism would be correct to come my way. Anger only justifies this kind of immoral and ungodly behavior. It is the provocation that vocal homosexuals seek to massage a slanted Left justice system to validate this minority alternate lifestyle.

If a person of prominence made public anti-homosexual remarks, the entire power of Lefties would come down to denigrate and to try to discredit the prominent individual as prejudiced and a proponent of hate crime.

Now let us see what happens when a “hater” of strait people, particularly the strait heterosexuals that takes a stand for common morality whether it is religious or secular. The hater made vehement anti-strait epithets to the point of encouraging assassination.

Lesbian activist Pam Spalding on her reprobate blog entitled
Pam’s House Blend moved to such a point. She even published the address of Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth. A commenter on her blog who identified himself as Barry G. Wick added directions LaBarbera’s home with this quote: “Snipers take note.”

I have not heard any public outcry from either Democrat or Republican in Congress. I have not read or seen any public denunciation from the Mainstream Media (MSM) to Miss Spalding’s allowance of death threats on her Lesbo blog.

I found out about the incident because I am subscribed by email to which is hardly part of the MSM. If you are a Christian and wish to read the news that is NOT skewed to the LEFT, you must find other sources to read. is one of those sources.

Mr. LaBarbera had promised to take this death threat behavior to the FBI and the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office. Like magic Miss Spalding sent an apology to Peter LaBarbera for the commenter’s post claiming she did not know it was there.

Here is
the apology:


That string of comments referred to as threats in the
CWA piece [”CWA: Pro-Family Leader’s Life Threatened on ‘Gay’ Website”] clearly violates the community standards of the blog (, and they have been promptly deleted once I was alerted. Those participating in that subthread have been notified as well.

I have never advocated for threatening physical harm to anyone, as I have been on the receiving end of the same treatment, along with having my home and phone information published. We may be on the opposite sides of the fence on most matters, but on this we can agree — our families (whether you regard mine as such or not) have a right to be safe.

I will also place a post on the blog to that effect.


Is Miss Spalding sincere? I doubt it! Spalding is the person on the blog that got the ball rolling: SPALDING PUBLISHED THE ADDRESS OF LABARBERA’S HOME!

Spalding was just covering her butt from a potential Law Suit or criminal charges.

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