Friday, February 09, 2007

Temple Mount Update 2/9/07

Aroused by Mohammedan Imams and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, thousands of Mohammedans erupted in typical hatred toward Jews repairing a bridge that is the only connecting link of Israel to the top of the Temple Mount.

Radical Mohammedans and Palestinian Arabs have made crystal clear that they want Israel wiped off the map as if it never existed.

If Mohammedans cannot share the Temple Mount with Jews (in particular) and Christians, they should be disregarded from any connection to the Temple Mount. This is not an Islamophobic statement; it is a statement of the bloody hatred and intolerance of Mohammedanism toward two faiths that have a greater claim to the Temple Mount than the Mohammedans.

Again I say, IF I was Jewish I would cogitate the final clash over Temple Mount and get it over with. The Mohammedans will execute violence in the name of their so-called
religion of peace at any excuse. Thus, Israel might as well give the nut cake Mohammedans a true reason for violence: replace the two heretical mosques with the re-built Jewish Temple. I know the Christians that support Israel will not mind.

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