Friday, February 02, 2007

The Democrats prepare for anything, and advocate nothing

Victor Davis Hanson is awesome! Hanson explains the reasons as to why the Democrats will be bellicose against Bush, but will do little to actually stop the troop surge.

The bottom line is the hypocritical Dems are going to wait and see which way the fortunes of war turn so they can turn with it. The Dems simply wish to continue to transform America into a socialist morally relative nation. To do so the Dems have to maintain political power. To maintain political power they have to undermine Republican, Neocon and Christian Right successes by twisting the light into darkness.

The Dem alliance with the Mainstream Media (MSM) and fringe Left Wing organizations is all about American society transformation. The Dems will not talk about this transformation because when Joe Voter hears it the Dems know they will not like it.

Thus the Dem strategy is not to put forth solutions but twist truth or blacken Conservative Republicans. In today’s case it is this mantra: “if Bush said it or thought of it, it must not be good for America.” It is a hate Bush mantra, not solve problems mantra.

READ Victor Davis Hanson.

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