Sunday, February 11, 2007

Christopher Sanchez Broke Chain of Evidence for Ramos and Compean

This is what I have found so far on the government framing of Border Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean: Christopher Sanchez was Aldrete-Davila’s handler that escorted the drug smuggler to an army hospital in which bullet fragments were extracted from his buttocks.

U.S. Attorney John Sutton used the information that Aldrete-Davila was shot in the back by dirty cops who wanted to shoot some Mexicans. But wait! The bullet was extracted from the Aldrete-Davila’s buttocks and handled by Christopher Sanchez. Homeland Security wrote a work of fiction for Sutton who vigorously prosecuted Ramos and Compean.

Congress got the goods on several Homeland Security agents and employees for it was revealed that the report used to convict Ramos and Compean did not exist. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General Richard Skinner testified under oath that his “deputies” lied about the existence of the Report. Furthermore the fragments held by the mysterious Homeland Security handler Christopher Sanchez NEVER were confirmed as being from either Ramos or Compean’s service weapons.

This is a scandal waiting to explode!

Aldrete-Davila was given a Pass that had high level clearance that allowed him to cross the border at whim. The Pass was given by Homeland Security. Aldrete-Davila was caught on the American side of the border by Ramos and Compean. When the drug smuggler was stopped by the Border Agent tandem, Aldrete-Davila fled to the Rio Grande. The testimony of Ramos and Compean is confirmed by the hospital records that Aldrete-Davila was shot in the buttocks, and then he crossed the border into Mexico to a waiting vehicle that sped off into the moonlight.

Now here is the thing! Homeland Security is supposed to be protecting American citizens from terrorism, drug thugs and gang lords from entering America. That is why it is called the Department of Homeland Security! It was DHS that gave Aldrete-Davila the Pass to cross the border at will with loads of drugs. It was DHS that framed Ramos and Compean as bad cops. Is the DHS in the drug business making money on the side to supplement their government income?

Man this is crooked looking. If DHS had another agenda with Aldrete-Davila, the Department needs to come clean NOW. Ramos and Compean need to be set free NOW. Ramos and Compean’s criminal record needs to be totally wiped clean NOW. Those in DHS that framed Ramos and Compean, whether for dirty greed or to protect operations at the cost of good cops, need to be disciplined NOW.

[Go HERE (or to view documentation links that damn U.S. Attorney John Sutton and the Department of Homeland Security.]

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