Thursday, February 15, 2007

Neocons Criticize Bush on North Korea

Since Donald Rumsfeld has left the Bush Administration, there is the appearance that President Bush has been overwhelmed in a vigorous Foreign Policy. The President seems to have taken the 2006 election results as an opportunity to abandon being tough on rogue nations such as North Korea.

The President has made
a deal that nearly mirrors President Clinton’s deal in the 90’s. The deal is based on trust and I am not talking about America’s trustworthiness. Just as the Clinton Administration made a deal trusting Kim Jong Il, so has President Bush.

Clinton’s trust led to an insane nuclear micro-nation that utilizes WMD as blackmail to extort the Capitalist Western style nations into providing the necessities of life for North Korea. This is ridiculous for we all know that it is not the North Korean people that enjoy the largesse of Kim Jong Il.

So here is America with a decision that will bite her butt made by a Republican NeoConservative President of all people.

I have some good old fashion conspiracy thinking as to why President Bush has made such a horrendous deal: the North Korean deal is all about Machiavellian politics. Strike a deal to put off North Korea until another day, and then strike Iran.

This will free up a military already hindered by a cut-n-run Democratic Party controlled Congress.

Will Iran get the North Korea deal?

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