Friday, February 23, 2007

Impotent Muslims Pull Superiority Complex on Temple Mount

I cannot believe Israeli Jews give a flying flip to what Mohammedans think about Judaism most Holy Site The Temple Mount. Evidently Mohammedan superiority complex has won the day for the ideology of death for the Orthodox Jewish Mayor of Jerusalem has acquiesced to Mohammedan rioting and international Mohammedan oinking based on an unsubstantiated myth (Quran) compared to hard archaeological evidence of a Judaic presence on the Temple Mount.

The Western World pressures Israel because they also fear rioting and oil deprivation pressure. And they what? France and Britain without any help from America could push local rioters back to the land of their ancestors and blow up the impotent military infrastructures of the Middle East.

Sounds harsh huh?

I can’t help it. The more I think about the Temple Mount, how Mohammedans treat Jews and Christians, the absurdity of the Danish Cartoons (originally published in Cairo) and on and on; my blood begins to boil. When I think of the Westerners that capitulate to these impotent foreigners, I need to reach for an extra dose of high blood pressure pills.


Temple Tantrums:
Behind the Arab riots over the Mughrabi bridge project

by David Parsons
ICEJ E-Newsletter
Fri, 23 Feb 2007

Israel has suspended plans for a footbridge from the Western Wall plaza to the Mughrabi Gate entrance into the Temple Mount after preliminary archeological digs in the sensitive area sparked Arab riots in the Old City and Muslim protests worldwide in recent weeks. The pretext for the violence is an 80-year-old Palestinian claim that the Western Wall is actually the Muslim holy site al-Buraq named after the horse in Muhammad’s mythical ‘Night Journey’ to Jerusalem.

The footbridge was to replace a wooden ramp built on an embankment of fill material collapsing from heavy rains and earth tremors in recent years. The endangered ramp leads to the Mughrabi Gate, the only access for non-Muslims entering the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

The project first required archeological excavations to identify any antiquities beneath the proposed bridge, an area rich with layers from the Second Temple, Byzantine and early Islamic periods. Once excavated, the bridge pilings were to be anchored in such a way as to preserve any antiquities found.

Israeli authorities had quietly vetted and approved the project, even receiving a nod from the Jordanian-controlled Waqf (Islamic trust) that oversees the Muslim sites on the Temple Mount. But when the digs began in early February, hysterical Muslim leaders incited riots in Jerusalem after Friday prayers, charging that the work endangered al-Aqsa – the gray-domed mosque on the south end of the Temple Mount.

Israeli officials issued reassurances that the excavations were safely beyond the al-Aqsa compound. But Palestinian leaders countered that the Western Wall is “occupied territory,” as well as an exclusively Islamic holy site known as the “al-Buraq Wall.”Sheikh Raed Salah, the militant head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, urged Arabs to launch a ...

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