Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Mecca Accords and Israel

I have found a kind of scholarly version of the Mecca Accord. I provide it as an alternative to the DEBKAfile analysis I posted on February 11 at I still agree with DEBKAfile assessment that Saudi Arabia is re-asserting influence over the Palestinians via money and a mutual affinity of the Sunni Sect. The Saudis were beginning to view Shi’ite Iran as usurping Saudi preeminence.

MEMRI analysis I am posting does not mention Iran specifically as does the DEBKAfile; however MEMRI does imply that the Saudis created Hamas as a counter to Iran client terrorist group Hezbollah.

I encourage all to take the time to
read the MEMRI analysis. You will come away understanding that the Mecca Accord and the Saudi government will continue to remain hostile to the existence of a Jewish nation known as Israel.

Once you have that understanding, keep it in mind when you read praise from the Mainstream Media (MSM) and beaming congratulations on the efficacy of diplomacy over guns and military might. The Mecca Accord is merely a Mohammedan duplicitous move to end Israel’s existence.

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