Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Muslim Temple Mount Antics

Mohammedan elites are stirring up trouble by telling media outlets that Israel is desecrating al Aqsa Mosque. It has been a lie told over and over concerning the two mosques on the Temple Mount to incite a Mohammedan outcry and attacks on the Jewish nation of Israel.

The truth of the matter is the Israel Antiquities Authority is making a bridge connecting to the Temple Mount stable. The construction is not even taking place on the Temple Mount (which was Holy to Jews and Christians WAY before it was to Mohammedans).

Personally, if I was Jewish I would blow up those two heretical mosques on God’s Holy ground. It may stir a global conflict; however the West still has the might to subdue
the religion of peace. There is going to be a show down, it might as well be sooner than later. Let’s make Ahmadinejad and the Palestinian Terrorist groups happy and send them to paradise or hell, which ever one of us is correct.


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