Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The NRSC Pledge

The NRSC Pledge is a Blogroll of signers that oppose the Democratic Party’s cut-n-run appeasement policy to leave Iraq before victory is achieved. You should sign The Pledge!


There’s 100 seats
Where the Senate meets
To deliberate our fate
And the derrieres
That sit on those chairs
Should be good and wise and great

They should lead the land
With a steady hand
And be humble at the chore
For they hold the power
At this crucial hour
When we find ourselves at war

Will they lead the way
With a naïveté
That a sane man would condemn
Could it be thus?
They’ll stop bombing us
If we just stop fighting them!?

No, it’s time to rise
And to tell those guys
Not to hem and haw and hedge
For the undersigned
Have hereby combinedAnd we vow to take the pledge

If you retreat
And invite defeat
We consider that a crime
If you cast your lot
With this sorry blot
Then we won’t give you a dime

Pitfalls are rife
In the public life
And the pits are deep and vast
And the public gents
With no common sense
Could find they’re falling fast.

There’s 100 seats
Where the Senate meets
And they serve at our command
As the derrieres
That sit on those chairs
Had better understand


Here is an explanation of the pledge at WAKE UP AMERICA.

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