Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is There a Conspiracy Link Between the CIA and President Bush?

Jack Cashill insinuates a mysterious conspiracy possibility involving or I should I say revolving around Plamegate.

After reading “Joseph Wilson's Original Sin and how the Administration Washed it Away,” I realized I might have been a little slow connecting the dots.

Who sent Wilson to Niger? It has been verified that wifey Valerie Plame sent Wilson. Why did Plame send Wilson? This is the CIA connection I did not get until possibly now. Wilson was highly involved with French interests in providing nuclear material to Saddam Hussein. The CIA was against an Iraqi invasion by the Bush Administration.

Why was the CIA so dead set against an invasion that America’s Cloak and Dagger Company did everything it could to embarrass President Bush and the Administration?

Here is my guess. Iran has been an official enemy of America since Carter sold out the Shah and allowed the Iran Revolution to proceed. As is typical of those in the American bureaucracy that favor Arab assets to accomplish National Interests, I believe the CIA was working with Saddam to do something to a mutual enemy – Iran. In that work relationship, I sense the CIA (some how) schemed with the French without the knowledge of the Bush Administration or perhaps prior to the Bush Administration.

Why do I contemplate an operation was in place prior to the Bush Administration Agenda to take Saddam down? It is because America shipped out 1.77 tons of enriched uranium out of Iraq. The story was brief but mysteriously withdrawn. Now why would the Bush Administration not take advantage of this moment of vindication?

I sense the CIA was trying to sweep complicity to an Iraqi nuclear program that would also implicate France and Russia. By the time the Bush Administration connected the dots about CIA designs that ran counter to a Bush agenda, the invasion was committed to happen or happened.

President Bush had to decide whether to look like a weak President not in control of his own government and expose America to the embarrassment of a Clinton Agenda still moving in the bureaucracy or hide the dual opposite American government agendas to project strength.

I believe the President chose the latter. Unfortunately the less embarrassing choice set Bush up to be a target by unscrupulous Democrats that had only one agenda: to regain power in government at any cost. I believe there are Democrats that are privy to the knowledge of the CIA agenda. I believe Sandy Berger stole Classified Documents and shredded them to protect Clinton and various Democrats who might be traced to the CIA, French and Russian agenda. When those documents were destroyed, President Bush lost a smoking gun to be used against his political enemies.

Thus President Bush was at the mercy of the 2006 election in hope of perpetuating a Bush agenda. The Democrats exploited enough propaganda that voters were swayed to Democrat lies. I sense President Bush has lost his resolve to follow through and acquiescing to political enemies at the expense of American honor.

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