Thursday, March 01, 2007

America Agrees to include Iran and Syria in Iraq Diplomatic Effort

There is an apparent move to have an international diplomatic meeting pertaining to stability in Iraq. Check this out: Iran and Syria are expected to be part of this meeting.

With all the counter saber rattling from America and Israel about a military attack on Iranian nuke locations, this is big news. If this meeting that is scheduled for March 10 moves forward; it is an implication that there will be no military action between now and March 10. Or at least no military action would occur by America. Against all politically correct odds, Israel may use the opportunity for a surprise attack.

I suspect if these talks on how to make Iraq a stable nation goes sour because of Iranian and Syrian recalcitrance, America and Israel may act in tandem or separately against Iran.

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) presents an image of glowing diplomacy in progress. However CFR also proclaimed the deal North Korea was a break through moment and justification for diplomacy. North Korea’s deal was Clintonian, i.e. all talk and no verified accountability and lots of perks given to North Korea. If Iran and Syria participate in such a glowing diplomatic accord, expect the two rogue nations to strengthen their military prowess and funnel some military strength to their client terrorists. Look to Iran to become a Middle Eastern nuke power to export their Shi’ite Twelver Messianism among Mohammedans. Look for temporary instruments to cool off insurgents in Iraq; however the Sunnis will quash any deal Syria and Iran set out to monitor insurgency.

As one of the preconditions to meet with its regional rivals on Iraq, the United States had set a series of benchmarks (WashPost) for the government in Baghdad to meet, such as striking a deal on revenue sharing of oil profits. Shortly after Iraq’s deeply divided leadership agreed to such a deal, true to its word, the White House agreed to participate (NYT) in an international conference, tentatively set for March 10, which will include Syria and Iran on the issue of bringing stability to Iraq. The two sets of meetings, which Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced during House testimony and is expected to attend at the foreign ministerial level, marks the latest in a series of about-faces by the White House. (CFR)

It is becoming evident that a Democratic controlled Congress is compelling the Bush Administration to take the path of Appeasement (like Neville Chamberlain) for peace in our time. Just as in the past Appeasement failed, so it will in the present. My God, America needs a Churchill!

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