Monday, March 12, 2007

The St. Petersburg Declaration and CAIR

A little summit has taken place in St. Petersburg, FL by people with a Mohammedan heritage. Granted the attendees of the Conference have left Mohammedanism because they became enlightened to the brutality and intolerance that modern Mohammedanism has achieved in the 21st Century.

The ex-Mohammedans called the Conference the Secular Islam Summit. The result of this Summit was a manifesto entitled “
The St. Petersburg Declaration.” I am betting this has not been a forefront issue of the Mainstream Media (MSM). On the other hand the Declaration caught the attention of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Instead of embracing the moderate aspects of “The St. Petersburg Declaration,” CAIR has rejected it on grounds that the Summit was financed by a cabal of neoconservatives. This is coming from the Mohammedan organization that is the self-proclaimed arbiter of moderate Mohammedanism in America and the protector of Mohammedan civil rights.

Here are Robert Spencer’s thoughts of the continuing Mohammedan intolerance by CAIR:

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