Thursday, March 01, 2007

O What a Wicked Web We Weave When We Set Out to Deceive

I was not a fan of ex-Senator George Allen. When the early spotlight was on him as a potential Presidential candidate he just imploded with public character flaws. These are not the kind of flaws the Republicans could afford in a future Presidential candidate.

In 2006 Allen became embroiled in an unexpected challenge from a Democrat who was famous as a novelist. Apparently Webb’s fiction writing skills did well for his campaign for he now is the Senator of Virginia, winning a very slim victory over Allen.

Now I say Webb’s fictional skills were awesome because Webb did not beat Allen on his character flaws, rather Webb weaved a tail of bad ethics in Allen reporting his income. The lie coupled with Allen’s character flaws cost him his Senatorial seat and possibly ruined his political career.

Democrats lie to win elections against Republicans. That friend is heinous and Webb should be called to the carpet for spinning a lie from laws that were not broken.

Cal Thomas agrees:

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