Saturday, March 17, 2007

Conservatives and RINOS in 2008

J. B. Williams has written an article that is worthy of examination by Conservatives. The essence of Williams’ theme is most Conservatives are Republicans but not all Republicans are Conservative. If the Conservative base of the Republican Party chooses a Presidential candidate in the belief of electability, then the Conservatives have diluted their ideology to defeat Leftist Democrats.

Williams posits if a Left oriented Republican is elected, what is the difference from electing a Leftist Democratic President? A Left thinking Republican would appoint liberal judges to the Judiciary, accommodate the homosexual agenda, look the other way when Christophobe secular humanist delete more and more Christianity from the American community and on and on.

The reason Williams’ essay caught my eye is that I was leaning toward looking at a Republican that could beat a Democrat at all costs. I was leaning to the thinking a RINO was better than Leftist Democratic Party hegemony.

Now I am leaning to the thought that a non-Conservative Republican President is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing.

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