Monday, March 05, 2007

Supreme Court Spanks Left Court – Again

Remember the news story in which then High School student Tyler Chase Harper attempted to exercise his free speech right with an act of civil disobedience? The Left Coast High School was forcing its students to attend homosexual awareness assemblies. Harper chose to protest by expressing his Christian view of homosexuality.

Poway High School of San Diego chose to punish Harper rather than uphold his Constitutional rights. Harper sued. The case ended up in the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which represents the Left Coast.

Guess what the Left Appellate Court ruled? It ruled to the favor of Poway High School. Fortunately there is a Supreme Court that
often spanks the decisions of the Left Appellate Court and once again that is what happened.

The Leftist lawyers representing Poway High School tried to get the Supreme Court to dismiss the challenge to the Left Appellate Court by suggesting the case is moot due to Harper’s graduation. The Supreme Court liked idea however did not rule to the immoral Leftists expectations. By an 8 - 1 decision the Supreme Court ruled the whole package as moot including vacating the Left Appellate Court’s ruling.

That means the Left Appellate Court’s decision cannot be used as a precedent against anti-homosexual freedom of speech.

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