Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Cheney Resignation – A Rice Vice Presidency?

Could Vice President Cheney’s health be the Left Wing dream? There is speculation that Cheney might resign as Vice President. The resignation would not be because of Slanted Left hateraide rather it would be due to the heart condition that has plagued him ever since Cheney became Vice President.

Things change rapidly in the realm of politics, thus the speculation is possible; however Cheney has been touring the Middle East with a strong arm stop in Pakistan. This is not the picture of a person stepping down due to bad health.

If Cheney were to step down and President Bush selected Secretary of State Condi Rice to be Vice President for the remainder of this Administration’s term, it
would have ramifications on Republican candidates running for the Presidential nomination. I do not know what the effect would be, however the effect would be subject to Rice’s Choices of a post Vice Presidency.

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