Monday, March 05, 2007

The Mobile Phone Conspiracy

I usually write or post politics here; however I just read something that casual bloggers and Internet surfers should be interested in. Cell companies have an aim to ban free WiFi. That means if you are lucky enough to be in a location that has free hotspots via WiFi, Cell companies want to end your free access. Why? WiFi is cutting into their bottom line.

John C. Dvorak reporting for PCMAG.COM explains why the Cell companies will kill free WiFi.

As you read this article the thought that might come up is: Who owns the Internet? Is it private corporations or government? I am actually semi-ignorant on the history of the Internet; I am fairly certain the World Wide Web was a government and military instrument of communication. Then somehow Bill Gates invented the PC or at least its popular version.

That would make the Internet a public domain rather than something to be controlled by profit. It is the old question of the collective versus ownership.

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