Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I just read a most fascinating Paper written by Matthias Kuntzel concerning the connection to Hitler’s legacy and the current Islamofascism. Everyday people simply have NO idea on how much Adolf Hitler is praised and admired by Mohammedans influenced by strict adherence to Mohammed’s example and Sharia Law.

Kuntzel sets out to draw a line from Hitler to el-Husseini (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) to Hassan al-Banna (influenced by Wahhabis and founder of Muslim Brotherhood) and other Mohammedan Nationalists of the time.

The interesting thing that stands out is that the Mohammedan nations that spew the most hatred today seemed to accept a Jewish entity in the Middle East in the late 19th Century and pre-WWI era. It was the influence of these early Islamofascists that changed the thought patterns of the Middle Eastern Mohammedan to that of common hatred of Jews, Christians and Democracy.

The great tragedy of the successful Islamofascist propaganda indoctrination of the Middle East lay in extremely short sighted diplomacy of Western Victors of WWII to cuddle up to the Mohammedan of the period. Thus war criminal el-Husseini was actually permitted to escape and now here we are today dealing with the diplomacy of expediency.

This is the same kind of diplomacy promoted by the current Democratic Party, RINO’s and Appeasement minded Europeans.

You must read Kuntzel’s Paper for an understanding of the present. You can go to the source at
Think-Israel or I have it posted after this introduction at


Anonymous said...

And you have no idea how much Hitler and Mussolini were praised by the US. In fact Hitler rose to power in great part thanks to the help of the US. Roosevelt authorized US corporations to provide resources to Hitler. American capitalists loved fascism because it was very good for business. Many US corporations kept trading with Nazi Germany even after Hitler had declared war against the US

Theway2k said...

Mr. Anonymous you have hit the unfortunate nail on the head with this one. Many American Corporate Elitists were anti-Semitic and bought into Hitlers ravings. Henry Ford was one of these.

Nonetheless, collaboration with Hitler to actually exterminate Jews was not direct link to American Corporatists. Al Husseini on the other hand not only supported Hitler's Nazi ideology but aided Hitler in the "Final Solution" to exterminate Jews. Al Husseini actually recruited Mohammedan people to be SS and Gestapo. Oh yes, it is the SS and the Gestapo that were directly involved in murdering six million Jews.

Al Husseini promoted Hitler ideals in post WWII and American intelligence let him get away with it to schooze Mohammedan oil. What a horrible mistake.