Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Navy Blocks WorldNetDaily Access

WorldNetDaily is being censored by the US Navy, i.e. the Navy has blocked access to all its Navy and Marine bases and ships at sea. When WND confronted the Navy about this the military branch stonewalled about an answer.

Apparently the Navy now owns up to the censorship. The official statement claims the blocking is not because of WND content but rather with security suspicions with WND’s server.

WND claims its server is operated by The Planet in Dallas which is one of the most secure server farms in America. WND questions why the Navy then has not blocked other domains that use The Planet?

Personally I believe some Left Wing bureaucrat with the Navy apparachnik was vindictive over WND reporting of the persecution of the
expelled Navy Chaplain James Klingenschmitt for praying in Jesus’ Name.

I know many people on the Left and on the Right consider WND an untrustworthy source of news; however the immense statistics of readership demonstrate there is a huge trust in existence.

Just within the last few weeks, Internet audience ratings service comScore Media Metrix said WND's traffic growth was No. 1 among all political news sources and No. 2 among all sites related to politics in any way.

WND's traffic increased 54 percent in January, according to the report, which said WND attracted more visitors in the month than the websites of any of the presidential candidates including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards.

WND has also been consistently ranked by several major Internet ratings agencies as the "stickiest" news site on the Internet – meaning readers average more time on it than any other.

By WND's own traffic counts, the site attracts about 6 million "unique visitors" (meaning different people) every month. It attracts between 50 million and 60 million pageviews per month. (

The statistics show that WND spanks the Mainstream Media (MSM) as an Internet source of News. That has to drive the Slanted Left nuts (hooray).

At any rate, WND has no intention on letting Navy censorship occur without a fight. WND intends to litigate and do so with monetary damages in mind. Now is a bruised Navy ego worth costing American tax payers money because WND reports the truth?

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