Tuesday, March 13, 2007


There is the emerging appearance of a Watergate type scandal that may link to the White House. Is the scandal related to the Iraq War? Only in an off hand way is the answer.

The scandal has to do with the mysterious choice to allow prosecution of people who are obviously framed or set up to take a fall.

The first to come mind is
Scooter Libby. The purpose for his prosecution is ludicrous and had zero to do with leaking Valerie Plame’s name to the Mainstream Media (MSM). Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had a mandate to go after the person who leaked a useless CIA agent (Plame) to the MSM. Fitzgerald did not go after the person who he did know (viz. Richard Armitage); rather he went after a person that could embarrass the Bush Administration (Libby). Libby had zero to do with the leak.

The next judicial mystery has to do with
Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. At first I believed this was just Left Wing bureaucracy persecuting the Conservative agenda to favor spread favor to the benefit of the Democrat Party. These prosecutions are beginning to take on the image of President Bush having a hand in the prosecutions. He has not spoken publicly of the outrageous actions. Bush’s power base is calling for Executive Pardons for Libby, Ramos and Compean; however it is as if Bush has ear plugs and blinders on.

Is there a secret agenda that even the Republican base would be horrified with? Could the unthinkable be correct put forth about Bush? Is the Bush agenda more than a Conservative agenda? Will Bush prove this an insane speculation and
step up with the stones to pardon Ramos, Compean and Libby?

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