Friday, March 09, 2007

The UBL Hunt is Back On

Apparently there have been new clues as to the whereabouts of America’s most wanted terrorist – Usama bin Laden. Since the Islamofascist Taliban and al Qaeda have taken over the Waziristan region of Pakistan, Perez Musharraf has abandoned any will to confront the radical Islamists.

It is thought that Vice President Cheney’s visit to Pakistan was used as an opportunity to deliver an ultimatum to Musharraf. That ultimatum being if Musharraf was unwilling to confront Terrorists within his nation he had better allow American assets (military and Intelligence) to enter the Pakistan territory of Waziristan.

The “or else” part of that alleged ultimatum being America would cease supporting Musharraf as the political power of Pakistan. I bet the Leftists are crying in their self-determination diapers whining about American Imperialism instead of being grateful America is going after the perpetrators of 9/11 on American soil.

Here are
Captain’s Quarters thoughts on going after UBL:

It seems as if Dick Cheney's visit to Pakistan meant something rather significant for Musharraf. With AQ more active than any time in the last five years, and with Musharraf sitting on his hands, Cheney's visit was meant as an ultimatum for action. If Musharraf won't fight terrorists, then we have less interest in preventing his destabilization. Musharraf responded by arresting two senior members of the Taliban outside of Waziristan, and his lack of response thus far to American operations in Waziristan seems to indicate acquiescence to the new American policy.

Expect a much greater latitude in American action across the Afghan/Pakistani border from this point forward -- a new policy that will cripple the Taliban's expected spring offensive, and perhaps force Osama and Ayman al-Zawahiri to flee their safety zone.

If American assets fail to apprehend the AQ cadre this time, where will they flee? Will bin Laden and crew go further into Pakistan or back to the mountains of Waziristan and Afghanistan? It would be quite the coup for President Bush if the old nemesis Usama bin Laden was captured before his term of Office ends.

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