Sunday, March 11, 2007

American Students Could Face Charges for Desecrating Allah

What is it you think of when you see Mohammedans in America and abroad burning the United States flag? Most Americans would not be pleased but our heritage would view our flag desecration as freedom of speech or expression. Some Americans further down the Right side of the scale may even react with hostile anger. Some Americans further down the Left side of the scale may actually cheer the Mohammedans along (because Lefties tend to be America haters).

Recently some College Republicans at San Francisco State University stepped on the flags of Hezbollah and Hamas at a college function. These Republican kids did not burn Mohammed in effigy or even the flags of terrorist organizations that are not even sovereign nations; they merely stepped on the flags.

A Mohammedan placed an official complaint that the act of stepping on Hezbollah and Hamas flags was an insult to Allah. Further the complaint stipulates that the young Republicans were inciting violence and hate crime by “stepping” on the Hezbollah and Hamas flags.

SFSU is actually investigating the matter and considering punishment. Can you believe it?! Mohammedans protest in the most inciteful of manners even on American soil
yet stepping on the flags of the enemies of America is a hate crime, it is incredulous!

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