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Moral Relativity – The Great Internal Cancer

Great Nations have more often than not found their demise not from the outside but from the inside. Moral deprivation has too often weakened the greatness of nations like a cancer within weakening the moral fiber allowing an outside virus to invade.

In Western culture the Greeks eventually succumbed to the ‘Romans. The Romans experienced moral depravity amongst its ruling elites depriving first of its Republic then its Empire.

Hundreds of years of internecine strife between European ruling Elites ultimately led to the likes of Napoleon and Hitler attempting to enforce humanism by the former and a genocidal State Cult by the later.

In the East China evolved into a huge empire under varying dynasties including one of the most feared descending from the Mongols of Genghis and Kublai Khan. Even that empire descended into a dark age of War Lords that ended with the most recent dynasty – Communist China.

The largest of all empires became subjected to the immorality of slavery, theft of children and blood thirsty devastation of populations that often had a choice between conversion and the second class citizenship of a Dhimmi. A Dhimmi was a life of humiliation and it was the compelling reason for Christians to convert to Mohammedanism after their land was conquered. The immorality of entrenched non-change and intolerant Sharia Law caused the largest empire on earth to collapse with the final demise of the Ottoman Turks at the end of WWI.

Many would say America is the provider of global peace today. Many hate America for its police status while simultaneously many fear America withdrawing its global protection. America’s protection has allowed economies of Western lands to build the utopias of socialized medicine and is well because American money protected their livelihood and budget.

Now even America is facing the consequences of moral choices today. Secular Humanistic Leftists have succeeded in removing prayer from schools and the public domain, they legalized abortion as a form of birth control (not to save a mother’s life), they have allowed children the right to disrespect parental authority, and they have become Christophobes doing their utmost to demonize Christianity as an archaic anti-humanist way of life. One of the greatest moral confrontations to American morality is the homosexual agenda coupled with a secular humanist agenda to end the foundational precepts of Biblical Christianity.

Let us examine the homosexual agenda. I think you will be surprised on how pervasive and heinously successful it has been to date.

Below are the facts as set forth by Peter LaBarbera:


Gay Agenda - What Gay Agenda?
By Peter LaBarbera
Original Publication: November 26, 2007
“The agenda and vision that we must proudly articulate is that yes, indeed, we intend to change society.”–Matt Foreman, president of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Nov. 10, “Creating Change” conference

When it comes to chutzpah, homosexual activists have it in spades. They work their lavender tushes off revolutionizing the age-old Judeo-Christian definitions of marriage and family; fight for “gay/straight” clubs in middle- and high schools, and homosexuality-affirming lessons for all students–even toddlers; lobby for open homosexuality in the armed forces; oppose marriage-preference adoption laws based on the absurd proposition that a child having two “gay daddies” is no worse off than one having a mother and a father; make outrageous claims that esteemed historical figures like Abe Lincoln were “gay”; and radically reinterpret the Bible to change homosexuality from an abomination to a “gift from God.”

Then they turn around and ridicule the idea that there is a “gay agenda.”

Here’s an entry from lesbian blogger Pam Spaulding:

The Homosexual Agenda is an elusive document. We’ve been looking around for a copy for quite some time; the distribution plan is so secret that it’s almost like we need a queer Indiana Jones to hunt the master copy down. The various anti-gay forces are certain that we all have a copy and are coordinating a attack to achieve world domination.” –Pam Spaulding

Memo to Pam: you don’t have to risk being chased by a giant boulder in the Amazon to find a copy of that elusive agenda; just click this link for the 1972 Gay Rights Platform. Note the last two demands under “States” in the 1972 document: “Repeal all laws governing the age of sexual consent” and “Repeal all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit.”

Or try this link for the
1987 (Homosexual) “March on Washington.” No agenda here, other than the calls for:

  • “The government should provide protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment, public accommodations and education just as protection is provided on race, creed, color, sex, or national origin”;

  • “Anti-homophobic curriculum in the schools”;

  • “The government should ensure all public education programs include programs designed to combat lesbian/gay prejudice … Institutions that discriminate against lesbian and gay people should be denied tax-exempt status and federal funding.”

  • “A massive [federal] AIDS education and prevention program that is explicit, culturally sensitive, lesbian and gay affirming and sex positive”;

  • “Public and private institutions should support parenting by lesbian or gay couples”;
    All people must have access to free abortions and contraceptives on demand regardless of age.” (Strangely, abortion advocacy has long been part of the homosexual activist agenda.)

The truth is that there are multiple homosexual agendas, with the unifying theme that they all endorse the normalization of homosexual perversion (they call it “orientation”) as a “civil right.” The most radical of the large national homosexual groups is the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force (NGLTF), which combines leftist ideology with grassroots organizing. At the NGLTF’s 2006 “Creating Change” conference held in Kansas City, MO, Nov. 8-12, Executive Direct Matt Foreman laid out a seven-point “gay agenda” for the Task Force:

“So here’s that agenda…” –Matt Foreman

1 - “The floor of our agenda is, of course, that every gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered person is protected from discrimination — no matter where they live or work. But our vision insists that companies like Wal-Mart — that yes, prohibit discrimination - cannot be allowed to make billions of dollars every year while leaving one out of every six of their employees with no health insurance at all.”

Translation: The Agenda includes federal ENDA (Employment Nondiscrimination Act) and “hate crimes” legislation–both top priorities for liberals in the new Democratic-led Congress. Note that Foreman makes no exceptions for churches, Christian or religious ministries (e.g., child care agencies), or religious-owned small businesses, although exemptions are written into the ENDA bill.

2 - “The floor of our agenda is, of course, a country where a woman’s right to choose is inviolate and people’s sexual lives are their own business. But our vision is a country where sexual freedom is seen for what it is: a fundamental human right.”

Translation: The Task Force’s “gay agenda” is “anything goes,” including abortion, even though homosexual “couples” cannot conceive children. In one of the “Creating Change” break-out sessions, “sexual freedom” was defined, in part, as the right to signal one’s sexuality and to act on it without stigma.

At another “Creating Change” panel attended by an Americans For Truth reporter, a speaker asserted: “Choosing how many [sex] partners you have is a human right.” Thus the definition of “human rights” is expanded to almost complete sexual anarchy. Future articles on the “Creating Change” conference will reveal how the Task Force–through its alliances with even more radical groups–now embraces “sex work” (prostitution) as a “human right,” even for teenagers.

Don’t expect to read about that in the liberal media.

3 - “The floor of our agenda is, of course, that all of us can serve our country openly in the military. But our vision is a country where none of the lives and limbs of our soldiers — whatever their orientation or identity — are wasted as fodder to advance empire and economic interests.”

Translation: The leftist Task Force’s “gay agenda” adds a twist to the usual homosexual call for repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: contempt for the freedom-promoting aims of American foreign policy, thus trivializing the sacrifices of our men in uniform. The lives of the men and women who died serving their country in Afghanistan and Iraq were not “wasted,” Mr. Foreman.

4 - “The floor of our agenda is, of course, that queer and questioning kids are protected from bullying, harrassment and violence in our schools.”

Translation: The Task Force Gay Agenda capitalizes on adolescent confusion by promoting the notion of “queer” kids. The “gay” movement talks about “protecting” these children, but balks at the idea of warning them about the massive health risks of homosexual sex–especially for males. And regarding those “questioning kids,” do you think the “gay” movement wants to expose them to the pros and cons of embracing homosexuality? Not a chance. “Diversity” as employed in the service of Sexual Correctness is a sham.

As our undercover writers discovered (the Task Force bans conservatives at its events), some of the “queer kids” attending “Creating Change” were exposed to very extreme behaviors and advocacy. America’s teenagers need guidance and moral standards to live by. They don’t need to be led into dangerous (and illegal) sexual behaviors–including “sex work”–in the guise of advancing “sexual freedom.”

5 - “The floor of our agenda is, of course, the demise of America’s anti-gay industry and putting an end, once and for all, to their use of us and our families for cynical culture wars and political gains.”

Translation: That’s us, folks. This thinly-veiled slap at Christian and conservative groups betrays the intolerance that is at the core of the “gay” agenda. Homosexual activists are driven to verbally bash religious traditionalists because the latter stand in the way of the their goal of celebrating homosexual behavior and using the government to promote it. Again, don’t be naive: the same Task Force that compares Christian advocates of traditional sexual morality to racist fringe groups will have no problem one day pushing for laws that ban “hate speech” (e.g., Christian preaching against homosexuality).

6 - “The floor of our agenda is, of course, unequivocally fighting for and winning the freedom to marry — with, as Evan Wolfson says, all of its rights, responsibilities, and social significance. But our vision is a country where a person’s healthcare, support in one’s old age, or access to other vital benefits and entitlements are not dependent on a person’s marital status.”

Translation: It is not enough for the Task Force to seek to legalize counterfeit “gay marriage”; they want to destroy any societal preference toward marriage, thus dishonoring genuine holy matrimony itself.

7 - “The floor of our agenda is, of course, a country that not only honors and respects the amazing and wonderful diversity of the families we have built against tremendous odds, but a country that honors and respects the reality and the diversity of all American families.”

Translation: The Task Force demands that others honor and respect any group that wants to label itself family. And not just “gay” families: consider the Task Force’s “Creating Change” session (listed in the official program) on “polygamy/non-monogamy.” When sexual radicals talk “diversity,” don’t assume that means just homosexual relationships.

Matt Foreman said to an audience of over 1,000 homosexual activists attending “Creating Change”:

“We are strong, unbowed, unbeaten, vibrant, energized, and ready to kick some butt.”

Advocates of the natural family and real marriage had better assume a similar posture:

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”
- I Corinthians 16:13

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