Monday, December 29, 2008

Is the UK America’s reflection of Future Sharia Law?

Thank God for Act for America. Brigitte Gabriel’s activist organization enlists grassroots chapters across America to actively educate non-Muslims (called kafir by Muslims) about the dangers of an encroaching violent Theo-political death cult in American society. Act for America has delivered an email alert concerning the dhimmi appeasement in Britain might take place in America.

Britain actually has cities that allow judicial components to operate specifically in the jurisdiction of Muslims residing in Britain. This means
Sharia Law is utilized in contradistinction to Britain’s Western Culture rule of law.

If you don’t know it, Sharia Law is one of the great evils developed by mankind to successfully keep practioners of Islam to tow the Islamic way and to viciously discriminate against non-Muslims (AKA kafir).

As for Muslims,
Sharia Law also utilizes harsh punishments for breaking Islamic cultural mores such as leaving Islam, reducing women to chattel or sex-slaves, death for moral deviancy such as homosexuality, death to women victim’s of rape, (in Middle Easter areas) the loss of human appendages for theft, honor killings (primarily of women) if an action (such as dating a kafir) dishonors the Muslim family and on and on.

The Act for America email I received is a write up on a
Damian Thompson blog entry of Britain’s Telegraph. Mr. Thompson’s title, “Exclusive: over 60 per cent of Britain's Muslim schools have extremist links, says draft report.”

Can you imagine that? Sixty percent of Britain’s private Islamic schools have “extremist links.” Since we live in a PC world let us be plain as to whom “extremist” refers to.

The “extremists” are Islamic terrorists from the Middle East, Islamic dominated nations and/or extreme Muslims within the West.

That should shed some clarity on the PC reference of “extremist.”

Basically here is the warning from Act for America: What happens in English speaking Britain in a cultural or legal framework oft times makes it’s way across the Atlantic Ocean to America. That being said – my fellow Americans – you should wonder how many private Islamic/Mohammedan schools (or even public schools with an Arabic/Muslim culture) has ties to Islamic extremism both here and abroad.

Here is the Act for America email:

    60% of UK's Muslim schools linked to 'extremists'

    Act for America
    Email Sent: December 29, 2008 9:32:32 AM

    Dear …,

    We frequently refer you to what is happening in Great Britain because there we have a road map of what is coming to the United States, if we fail to act or choose to act as Great Britain has acted over the past 30 years. Seldom in life do we get the opportunity to see so clearly what does not work so that we can avoid replicating what does not work.

    The bottom line is that Britain’s approach to dealing with the threat of radical Islam, no matter how well-intentioned, is proving to be an abject failure. Britain’s politically correct attempts to appease and accommodate Islamic militancy, in the hopes of mitigating radicalism and terrorism, are not only failing to mitigate those threats, they are accelerating them.

    For instance, two different polls released over the past few years reveal that Britain’s Muslim population is increasingly clamoring for the imposition of Shariah law – which is now officially recognized in numerous cities across the country. These polls also reveal that second-generation Muslims, the children of the immigrants who came to Britain, are likely to be more radical than their parents.

    The latest evidence of the failure of Britain’s approach is revealed in the commentary below.

    As dangerous as Islamic terrorism is, to focus on that threat to the exclusion of the many ways that “cultural jihad” is being advanced in the West and here in America, is in itself dangerous. What will America be like in 30 years if we have 2,000 Islamic schools and madrassas in this country, a majority of which have links to extremists, teach extremist doctrines, and isolate their students from the world at large?

    This is what the chilling study referred to below has found in Britain. This is cultural jihad at work. We are watching the transformation of Britain take place before our very eyes.

    If we fail to act…or if we choose to act as Britain has…we are next.

    Rest assured ACT! for America will do everything we can to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Do God in Heaven! Do Americans want Extremist Muslims teaching the American-Muslim population to hate America, the U.S. Constitution and Judaism? Think long and hard before you think this is a freedom of religion issue. This is an issue of Muslim Supremacists utilizing American laws to warp an exclusivity right for a specific religion (or as I prefer – Theo-political death cult).

JRH 12/29/08

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