Thursday, December 25, 2008

It’s Time for Israel to Take Back Gaza

Hamas unilaterally ended a temporary peace (hudna) with Israel and almost immediately began launching barrages of missiles into Israel.

Mubarak of Egypt remarkably requested restraint from Israel concerning a terrorist attack from Hamas with missiles undoubtedly supplied by Iran.

Think of that! Israel is attacked by ideologically violent Muslim Hamas and restraint is requested from Israel. If Mubarak seeks restraint then he should be pressuring Hamas with a threat of supportive military action against Hamas in Gazastan. Otherwise Mubarak, hush!

Caretaker Prime Minister Olmert has pleaded for Hamas to end the missile strikes into Israel with an “or else” at the end. The thing is Olmert screwed up the war with Hezbollah, is indicted for political corruption, is selling out Jews to establish a sovereign Palestine State AND is on his way out after the February 2009 elections.

So do you think Hamas is shaking in their radical Islamic boots?

Do you think sell-out Olmert will actually strike Hamas with a bloody invasion to teach the Theo-political cult a military/political lesson?

I suspect the answer is no to both questions. I pray I am wrong about Olmert. I pray he protects his people by following through with his caretaker threat.

Just an aside: The story I found this information was published by Yahoo News via the AP Wire. I found it disgusting that the reporter said that Israel had “… left Gaza in 2005 after a 38-year occupation”.

There was no occupation! There was
a DEFEAT of Egypt (and Egypt’s fellow Muslim-Arab accomplices) because Israel launched an attack due the amassing of Muslim military troops on Israel’s borders preparing to annihilate Israel and Jews as they attempted in 1948. That is NOT occupation. That is creating defensive borders to make it more difficult to launch future attacks of annihilation by the sea of Arab nations surrounding Israel.

I know it sounds harsh, but since the Hamastinians fully support the Theo-political goals of Hamas, Israel should feel no guilt for plowing through Hamastan/Gazastan and re-take the land for the Land of Israel. This should be followed with the ejection of Hamastinian-Arabs into Egypt even if it angers Egypt. After all Egypt has done little to diffuse Hamas other than to ask for Israel’s restraint in protecting its people.

JRH 12/25/08

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